Ever searched for the meaning of an abbreviation? Ever wondered what the letters PHP, CKK, ESS, FLIM stand for? Ever wanted a tool to manage abbreviations within a department, a project or a document?
The Drupal abbreviation modul helps you to manage abbreviations. You can search for abbreviations in a simple interface. New abbreviations can be entered easily. The abbreviations can be assigned to lists, so they can be grouped into categories or assigned to projects.
Abbreviation modul has the following features:

Overlay Paths

This is a simple module that enables site builders to use the built-in Overlay for non-admin pages.

This means that you can use the overlay for doing popups without adding yet more javascript libraries to your site.

This module provides a simple UI for defining paths to appear in the overlay, but developers can use it to define paths too, see the overlay_paths.api.php file in the module for details.

Hosting upload

This module will extend Aegir hosting system


Native aegir workflow requires system administrators to login to the machine and use wget or drush to get the platforms and extensions to the machine. At the front-end one must be very specific about the location where the platform is published.

The solution

At adding platforms this module provides uploading a platform, by any compression format supported by 7-zip, via the frontend.

Cache Clear

Provides the ability for users with "access clear cache" permission to clear Drupal's cache. Git Sync

Keeps a local copy of the most popular projects repositories.

Note that this script uses the --mirror option when cloning, so the cloned repositories will not have working copy.

Hostcare Server Management

This project was posted a year ago but we do not have time to come back as we been very busy. We come back to try push this project forward.

This is fresh Developer version of this module. We strongly suggest to do not use
it on live environment!!! This version is only for testing. We recommend use this
on virtualization software ex. VirtualBox.

We test it only on Virtualmin from 3.80 GPL.

Virtualmin require root access to remote API (!) and we not recommend use this on
live until Drupal community will confirm that level of security which we use is
enough. To protect root password and also Virtualmin accounts passwords we use
Encrypt module with AES 256 encryption, hostcare require it to can work.

At the moment we use cckpassword module to store root password and it must be set to
Plain Text but only to do not md5 hash already encrypted pass. Hostcare will still encrypt your password using Encrypt.

Implemented Functions:
* connect with Virtualmin by Remote API
* add/del/edit FTP and Emails accounts with very basic data as login, pass etc.
* fully integrated with CCK

Our time is very very limited to can work on this module as we do it for our self after work time. We test and set it only on OA only. If someone will have experience using it on standard drupal installation let us know.


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