Test client setup

This package provides a command line tool to assist in the setup of a server for the automated testing framework located at http://testing.drupal.org. The package does all of the following:

  • Checks all server software dependencies.
  • Installs the Drupal codebase and supporting testing modules.
  • Configures PHP and an Apache virtual host for the website
  • Installs all necessary databases and configures access permissions for Drupal.
  • Installs a pre-built version of Drupal.
  • Creates user accounts for all testing administrators with SSH pubkey access.
  • Configures administrator permissions on the server (access to all Drupal-related files, ability to restart Apache/MySQL, etc).


Simple CDN

Simple CDN re-writes the URL of certain website elements (which can be extended using plugins) for use with a CDN Mirror service. Setup literally takes about a minute.

CDN Mirror services

  • SimpleCDN (Not related to this module in any way)

Know more? Let me know.



This is an API module for using the GeoLite Country or City databases. Unlike other IP to country code modules, this one does nothing on its own. It is an API/utility module for use by other modules.

As of 7.x-2.x the module also supports Maxminds GeoIP2 databases.

Modules that use this API:


Easy Login

Easylogin allows the admin to give a permission to users so they are able to log in via an url. Yes, I know what you're thinking, but wait! This could be useful for demoing, and allowing a simple login whilst devloping and prototyping alongside a client, etc.

Install, and it will create a random login URL for each active user.

By adding an optional ?destination=node/324 will redirect the user to the node/324 url after login. The default destination is <front>. The module will also adhere to the destination set with login_redirect.


Quickbooks Time Tracking

This module adds a handler for the Time Tracking module that can support importing and exporting time entries via the Quickbooks API. Both of these modules are also required.

With everything installed and configured properly, you can:


IP-based Determination of a Visitor's Country

This module uses a visitor's IP address to identify the geographical location (country) of the user. The module makes this determination and stores the result as an ISO 3166 2-character country code in the Drupal $user object, but otherwise has no effect on the operation of your site. The intent is simply to provide the information for use by other modules. A function is also provided for you to perform your own lookup, to use in your own manner. Features include automatic updates of the IP-country database and admin spoofing of an arbitrary IP or Country for testing purposes.



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