About the Module


The Postsubscribe module give the visitors to your site the ability to sign up for email updates whenever new content is posted. It also handles comment settings, allowing site administrators to receive email when a new comment has been submitted. Administrative settings are available at Site Configuration - Postsubscribe settings.

Email update settings

When Postsubscribe is installed, a "send node to subscriber" option is added to all content near the bottom of the content entry form. The main Postsubscribe settings screen allows you to choose which content types should have this option checked by default. However, this option can be toggled on or off as each content item is published. For example, even if the box is checked by default, it can be unchecked if you would prefer a particular item not be sent to subscribers, or if you're making a minor edit to an existing item and would prefer another email not be sent. The settings page also has options for when to send, the from address, default text in the emails that are sent, and other similar settings.


Toggle Comments

This module provides a Drupal action by which users can toggle a node's comments between Read/Write and Read-Only. This action can then be attached to a flag, allowing the ability for users to lock threads without giving them the ability to edit a node. At the moment this is only an action which can be hooked up to Flag using Flag Actions, but eventually I'm going to make it a full-fledged Flag API implementation.


Css Dry

Css Dry allows you to write css without repeating yourself all the time.

The co-maintainers for this modules are Allain Lalonde and Kris Khaira. Allain wrote the core class of CssDry: CSSProcessor. Which he published at his blog and I then picked up, tweaked and made into a Drupal module.



This module provides developers with tools to deal with SASS/SCSS stylesheets. It uses phamlp as a base, but would be better if you used this updated version , PHP port of Haml and Sass, to compile SASS / SCSS files into CSS.

The process is entirely automated and does not require special access to the system, (i.e., can be used on minimal featured hosts).

The source files can be converted to CSS on every request (for active development) or can be generated once and included in the built in CSS aggregation (production mode).

Active Development: This project is currently under active development and will support first a Drupal 6 version and then a Drupal 7 version.

Alternative modules: There are other modules which attempt to provide the same functionality, however they seem to rely on having some sort of system command installed, which is not very friendly to limited access hosting environments, and have other limitations that are noted below.

  • SASS API only supports a single SASS file, no option to configure the path to the binary, and release version doesn't actually work.


Drupal Reset

This module deletes all database tables and files for the current site and redirect back to install.php so that one can reinstall Drupal from scratch. The purpose of this module is to assist in the testing of install profiles. It is only useful during development.


Tweet Board

Tweetboard integrated on

When you use this module you can use the following information to get an invite to tweetboard!


This module will integrate Tweetboard with your Drupal site without having to install any code (it'll do it for you). We've recently received access and are currently beta testing the module's integration on our homepage.

While tweetboard is alpha, this module is in a full stable release.



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