Path Blacklist

Path blacklist is a modest module with a very specific aim. Suppose you have paths in your domain that are handled further upstream (by Apache, IIS, etc.) and not by drupal, e.g., or You obviously don’t want your web editor mistakenly using these paths and, thus, creating nodes that will never be viewed.



Save To File

Ever wish that Drupal had a front-end code editor? Frustrated with using the space bar to indent code in textareas? Wish you could back up your node code to a hard file? Then Save-to-File might be the solution for you!

Save-to-File adds a link under a textarea to "Save to file". When clicked, some handy javascript moves the entire content of the textarea to a file, and replaces the textarea content with a short function that will grab the content from a file the next time the content is loaded.

Common Workflows:

Switching between Drupal and Your Favorite Editor

  1. You start creating your code in a node content's textarea and realize that you'd really appreciate some syntax highlighting and automatic tag completion.
  2. You click "Save to file" to save the content you've already created to a file via ajax.
  3. You save the node and view the page.
  4. You open the new file up in your code editor. Now you can work with the content as a static file. Changes will be reflected in the browser because it's drawing from the file contents.



Fapilicious is a collection of FormAPI goodies.

I hope to make it a repository of reusable FormAPI trickery and short cuts. Currently it has small collection of powerful FormAPI element validators.

Please submit your favorite tricks as patches so we can add on to this library.



Mapdir is a small utility module that provides a very flexible and general functional programming (read: easy) mechanism for applying functions to all (or selected) files and subdirectories in a directory.

Sample applications include data import, extraction or transformation.

Any time you are tempted to use PHP's 'glob' function, you might think about using this instead.



A collection of functionality to track golf scores for users. I would like to develop this module to include score tracking for each user and golf course information which can be shared throughout the user base.

We have a lab site up where we are discussing our goals, sharing our ideas, and testing the module:

Please send me an email if you would like to help in development of this module at


Cache Router

Cache Router Admin


CacheRouter is a caching system for Drupal allowing you to assign individual cache tables to specific cache technology. CacheRouter has an option to utilize the page_fast_cache part of Drupal in order to reduce the amount of resources needed for serving pages to anonymous users.

Drush integration #642544-12: Weird thing. Keeps happening.

NO DRUPAL 7 VERSION OF THIS MODULE WILL BE RELEASED. See #593238: Do not release Drupal 7 version of this and move the engines into separate projects for details.

Cache Router supports the following technologies natively:



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