MLS Module

The MLS Module allows for Drupal sites to incorporate real estate listings provided by MLS services as CCK content. It opens the door for access to RETS and IDX based MLS feeds. Currently, you must also have VieleRETS installed in order to tap into RETS-compliant listings. For IDX based feeds, this module includes a simple API for turning csv-based feeds and their images into nodes.

There are a few major issues in the current codebase. I am slowly working to resolve the issues/put out patches/etc., but my workload continues to be very high which is preventing me from devoting much time to this project. I think all of the major pitfalls have been addressed in the issues for this project - please check them out to get an idea of what to expect and some of the necessary tweaks you might need to make.



Apture In Action

Apture helps you enhance your site with content you choose from 50+ different sources. With Apture, you can keep readers on your site and create more content in less time. When readers access the linked content, Apture opens miniature AJAX windows instead of making readers leave the page.

Add contextual Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Maps, Pictures, Music, Books and more. You can also Upload and Link your own contextual content such as images, PowerPoints, PDFs, and Excel Spreadsheets without making people leave your site to view.

Downloads Live Chat

Chat with your website visitors using your Instant Messenger client for free. No matter who you are, a web business owner, librarian, or a blogger alike, can do some slick and incredibly useful things for you.


Submitted By

Submitted by node edit fieldset

A small module that lets you control the format of the "Submitted by" information on your content per content type. It adds a fieldset to your node edit form called Appearance that lets you put in a tokenized pattern for the text you want to display.

Depends on Token module. Note: This module does not create any data; rather it relies on other modules providing that data through Token.

You might find the Custom Tokens module useful for things that aren't already provided.

How can you get involved?


Because Submitted by dynamically builds string, the only way we know to translate them is to use the settings.php technique.

Theme problems

The following themes are known to not properly honor theme('node_submitted'):

  • Artist C01
  • Nitobe
  • Acquia Marina
  • Orange

If you encounter any others, please let us know so that we can update this list.



Client Side Encryption

The Client Side Encryption (CSE) module is developed to provide a means of encrypting and decrypting sensitive information (such as computer IPs, non-public email addresses etc.) completely within the web browser. This means neither the network nor any server php code gets to see any plain text content that it shouldn't. Plain text can be intermixed with encrypted text on a page meaning only sensitive parts can be hidden.



FriendFeed Logo

Provides integration with FriendFeed.



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