Comment API

An enhanced comment API for developers of comment modules.

Co-maintainers from other comment modules welcome.


Completely unstable and under heavy development.


Instant Filter

Instant Filter module in use on the admin/modules page

A backport of the instant filtering feature added to various Drupal 8 administration pages.

Don't you think the modules administration page is way too long? Can't you find the module you want to enable?

On entering a search term, the filter will immediately hide page elements that do not contain this term. The result is a smaller page that only shows elements that are relevant to the search term.


Empty Page

The Empty Page module is a simple empty page solution. It provides an interface that assists in managing "empty" menu callbacks, mostly used for pages that only consist of blocks.

This module could be considered a solution for this issue (but not limited to the front page):

At least once every project, I've needed to create a content-free page. There are times where I don't want to be limited to a views page, and creating an empty node page just seems dirty, since there is a node_load happening (an empty node that I never intend to have any content inside of) that is actually loading "nothing". An example of where empty pages are necessary are things like the home page, or a section landing page where you want several info blocks that you can freely move around if needed.




    A Document Management System for Drupal.



    Capsule CRM Webform Integration

    This module adds functionality to the Webform module to submit Leads into Capsule CRM.

    Capsule offers a free edition of their CRM platform for up to 2 users.

    You can find your Webform API key by logging into your Capsule Account, going to Settings, Integrations, Website Contact Form. Your Web to Lead form API key will be available on that page.


    Domain Migrate

    This allows administrators of existing Drupal sites to mass migrate nodes to their own subdomains. this module requires the Domain Access module to work.

    The module envisions 2 ways to migrate:

    • Choose books on your site, and migrate all nodes on each book to their own domain (this is tested and working well)
    • Choose taxonomy terms on your site, and migrate all nodes tagged with that taxonomy to their own subdomain (the code has been written, but it needs an extra push to get it fully functional - patches welcome)

    The book option allows for quite a few additional options:

    • Automatically change aliases and generate .htacess rules to ensure smooth redirection: very good for moving 'subfolders' to subdomains
    • Allows author of top book node to be assigned a role on subdomain

    Other options:

    • Set domain language and assign all nodes and aliases to that language
    • Make manual changes to domain prefixes and sitenames before final migration

    Note: please back up your database before attempting any migrations.

    Module developed by Vasudeva Server

    Drupal 7 version sponsored by Druler



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