Path redirect import

Import redirects from CSV

This module allows to include path redirection in a simple way. Provides a simple way to bulk import redirects for Redirect (Drupal 7) or Path Redirect (Drupal 6) modules from a CSV file.

All the necessary redirections can be done at the same time from a CSV file.
Very useful module for moving your website from one path structure to another.

Drupal 6

CSV structure:
'old url', 'new_url', 'redirect_code' = 301

CTools Wizard Helper


Sandbox for some helpful functioniality in combination with the ctools wizard plugin.

* cache wrapper for object and id
* ctools_wizard_helper_step_exists
* ctools_wizard_helper_validate_requirements
* LogicClass (
* ctools_wizard_helper_extended_title


Domain Auto Menu

Gives the user the option of automatically creating a new menu when a domain is created via the domain access module including options to set that menu as the primary or secondary links for that domain theme.

- Set default options for the creation of automatic menus.
- Select which content types are assigned to the domain menu.

Better Updater

Better Updater is a small module that provides a functionality which allows users to install new modules into subdirectories of sites/all/modules.

Hosting Environments

This is a module for the Aegir Hosting System intended to scratch the itch of one particular developer; namely me. I hope you find it useful, or at least interesting.

Speech recognition

Examples of speech administration and usage of speech recognition.

Adds speech recognition to forms.

Allows site admins to enable experimental Speech Input API features on form inputs through a convenient user interface.

Speech recognition can, by configuration, be applied to all applicable form inputs, or enabled individually through a widget that appears next to form inputs. There is also an option to make a speech input automatically submit the form when it is used.


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