Task List


  • Add task / mark task as completed, move up/down in the list
  • Different blocks to display own task list / all the team’s tasks
  • Keep simple per user to do lists, that can be crossed when completed and kept as a log.
  • The lists may be per user / per group, with the option of seeing other people’s list in the same space.
  • Tracker block for what people is working on on your team (It could show latest done tasks or the next task for everyone in the team)
  • Ability to view push tasks on other people’s task lists, they may be colored differently.


  • Simple ajax UI for adding/editing/move tasks on the list. We’ll assume the current task is the one at the top of the list.
  • The team task list just need to be refreshed on page reloads for now. We’ll see later about refreshing it automatically.



XAJAX Integration

!!! IMPORTANT: Currently there is a delay in CVS updates due to high workloads. A release will be added on asap but for now, please download the complete Vitzo Modules pack.


Contact profile

Adds the sender's username, email address and roles to the bottom of their email send from the site wide contact form.


Easy Translator

Main interface of the Easy Traslator module for Drupal
This module is abandoned due to a security issue the maintainer never fixed. See SA-2010-007 - Multiple vulnerabilities in multiple contributed modules for details.

If you want to achieve this functionality or use this module, your options are:

As the name suggests, this module makes I18N (Internationalization) easy!


  • Intuitive interface
  • Translations completely visible next to original text
  • AJAX provides immediate feedback without reloading the entire page
  • Mark translations as fuzzy
  • Commenting is possible (provide context for translators)
  • Inline spelling correction


Indic Script

This Module enables IME (Transliteration Input Method) for Indian Languages in Drupal Text Fields and Text Area Fields So that users can create their content in their own Language within Drupal without installing any additional software.

This module provides integration with Kanni IME Transliteration Javascript Library

6.x-3.0 and 7.x-2.x version has the integration for CKEditor (CKEditor.module and WYSIWYG.module) new

Indic Script module supports Type writer (TW) as well as Phonetic typing
for the following languages.

  • Tamil, Tamil Tw, Tamil 99
  • Hindi, Hindi Tw, Hindi Remington Tw
  • Malayalam, Malayalam Tw
  • Bengali, Unijoy, Bengali Tw
  • Gujarati, Gujarati Tw
  • Kannada, Kannada Tw
  • Oriya, Oriya Tw
  • Punjab, Punjab Tw
  • Telugu, Telugu Tw & Telugu Apple Tw

What it does exactly?

Phonetic typing: If the user type "ammaa" in English it will convert this to the Tamil word அம்மா (mother).
Type writer (TW): It will convert the keystroke with appropriate Unicode character in the selected Language.

The Keystroke F9 is set as Hot key for switching between languages.

Features in this release.



    Jammer partial configuration

    Hide or remove items from displaying including the node and comment preview buttons, node delete button, revision log textarea, workflow form on the workflow tab, and feed icon.



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