Super sexy Drupal JS behaviors.

API in a nutshell


It's a super simple, jQuery like, chainable API.

Before: The Conventional Drupal 7 Way

(function ($) {
  Drupal.behaviors.exampleModule = {
    attach: function (context, settings) {
      $('.myDOM', context).text('Who throws a shoe?!?');

After: Yeah, Baby Way!

jQuery is also passed in as the third argument. Yeah, baby!


I18n Migrate

This project is intended to provide classes for use with the migrate module, to help with migration of internationalized Drupal core content.

It's at early stage of developement but not useless, you can read README.txt to see what it is capable of already.


Webhook Slack

This implements the Slack Entity module and uses Webhook module to allow for push based integration with Slack. Whenever a new item is created in slack via the integrations page, you can have it pushed to your Drupal site implementing this module.


Routing Debug

Routing Debug page


Routing Debug is a simple module that provides menu routing table with additional information like:

  • name of the callback function,
  • filename and path of file where the callback is defined,
  • line number of function definition.

Intention of the module is to help developer to identify potential menu overrides. Module interface is accessible on devel/routing_debug URL.

Run Code

PHP Code Editor

This module provides a Code Editor, which accepts a piece of code(currently PHP only) and displays its output. To get an Idea, think of following editors.

  • W3School's "Try It!" editor.
  • writecodeonline.com's editor.

Inputs are Welcome !

Features to Expect in future:-


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