Provides a way to display PHP variables in a pretty way.

By default, the module display the output in the message zone, just like the other common debugging modules.
If you enable the submodules (see below), you'll be able to "dump" in other locations like in a Drupal Block, the Drupal's watchdog or in the console.

Make sure to have the required Symfony libraries to get this module working.

See the examples below on how to use it, it's very easy to use.



Many PHP Traits for Drupal & Design Patterns


Drum is a Drupal Uptime Monitor utility that will ping a website to check if it's up, and notify you of any downtime.


Reporting Module for EPSCoR

This module calls into, a service to help sites self document, catalog, and understand visual changes. Other modules should include this as the base url generation and usage enforcement library, then either call these methods directly or as part of another module which provides a more wrapped/turn key usage pattern.

Unix Time Conversion

Date To Timestamp


Unix Time Conversion, This module allows site users to perform following conversions.

  • Unix-timestamp to Date conversion
  • Date to Unix-timestamp conversion

The time conversion happens with respect to standard epoch time of 01/01/1970 midnight.

How it works:

This module provide two different ajax blocks from where conversions can be acheived for any reference date or unix-timestamp.

The ajax blocks are mentioned below.



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