Strip 4-byte UTF8

This module helps in preventing PDO Exceptions caused by MySQL general error of incorrect string value. Enabling this module will have your site reject overly long 2 byte sequences, as well as characters above U+10000, and reject overly long 3 byte sequences and UTF-16.


Importer UI

A utility form builder that allows an admin to perform one-off structured data imports.

A UI handler for fetching, parsing, previewing and processing a data source in one go.

Similar to how Feeds module links pluggable fetchers, parsers and processors to create a feeds processing pipeline, this does something similar with one multi-step admin wizard-like form.
* Fetchers (including preconfigured services)
* Parsers
* a processor stage that will let you preview the results
* options to act on the results.

Entity Base Type

Spawned from Drupal Core issue: #1042822. I routinely need to handle entities and their fields in a generic manner but entities don't define their type (not bundle) in the object. This module adds a new property called "base_type" to an entity via hook_entity_load.



BlockAnimate admin interface

Block Animate module extends Drupal’s block configuration system providing new fields which let you leverage Animate CSS and WOW Javascript libraries to add CSS3 cross-browser animations to any block on your Drupal website.



When console.log won't cut it.

A Javascript logging module to allow the client to send logging calls via ajax to watchdog for both errors and general logging. The goal of the module is to fill the gap of logging on the client side to be able to catch and log errors on production environments. Secondarily it could be provide development and debugging tool when client data needs to be recorded for review.

Block Level Inline Contexts

Screenshot of an inline block context.

Block Level Inline Contexts allows you to manage block-placing contexts from the block configuration page. This means that editing a block will allow you to view and manage all the context conditions that place a block in one place. The goal of this module is to broadly make block and context management easier.



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