Contact Block

The Contact Block module provides contact forms in a block. It uses the contact forms that can be created using the Drupal 8 core Contact module.


Upload progress fix

Upload progress fix

Upload progress fix for anonymous users on sites with enabled cache. See original patch by Jamix.

Paypal Method (Adaptive, Installment ) UberCart

Paypal Adaptive Method Module in Drupal UberCart

Module for Paypal Method (Adaptive, Installment) for Drupal UberCart

paypal_method is a drupal module to provide adaptive and installment paypal payment gateway.

Paypal Adaptive Method

When you can use this module?

Example: 1.



This API-only module is an atomic helper to provide a Drupal output handler similar to drupal_json_output, only for CSV files.

Since CSV delivery is still a frequently requested issue and views is not always involved, we decided to build a standard helper for lightweight export tasks.



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