List value alter


This module is used to change the list field values even if entities are created using it.

By mapping the list fields to new key|value pair, all the entities field values are updated and the allowed list value is changed.

Git clone URL:
git clone --branch 7.x-1.0

User data wrapper

This is a module that allows you to use the $account->data in a structured way. The use case for this module would be if you need to store small amounts of data against a user that needs no UI, then this would be a good fit. Do not user $account->data as a replacement for fields.

You can then use entity meta wrappers to get or set your defined data as properties.

You define properties using a user_data_info hook:



SmartQueue is a robust yet lightweight framework for queuing and processing long-running and resource intensive operations.


Simple Twilio

A simple module for sending SMS using Twilio's API.

Data integrity checker

By default Drupal provides ability to describe foreign keys through the Schema API, but it doesn't create them on database physical level. So data integrity could be corrupted.

This module checks database for data integrity issues.


1 Download and install this module.
2 Open page: Reports -> Data integrity (admin/reports/di).


Module provides hook_di_checker_info() hook, so other modules could provide their data integrity checks which will be shown on Data integrity report page. See di_checker.api.php for details.


Extra SiteInfo


Extra Site Information module provides Drush commands and UI level view to see the count of Nodes, Content types, Users, Roles existing in the site.
This module also provides the information about Currently loggedin users in your site.


"nodetypecount" command will return the number of Content Types present in the site, you can use command in following ways.
drush nodetypecount --help
drush nodetypecount


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