Provides an Appointlet widget for your Drupal website.

jQuery smoothState.js

Provides an API for integrating jQuery smoothState.js with Drupal via the Libraries API.

"smoothState.js lets you add transitions to eliminate the hard cuts and white flashes of page loads that deface the beauty of the user experience."

Note: this module has no UI or admin section available. It's only usable in code, programmatically loading the third-party JS library.

Entity Overview

Easily visualize a sites Entites including their Bundles, Fields and Entity and Node references.

Feeds extensible parsers D8

Work in progress for a Drupal 8 port of Feeds extensible parsers.

The module is in a non-working state at this point. Do not enable it.

Menu Lockdown

Stop site-building in production!

Drupal is many things including a powerful site-building tool. Site-building is commonly discouraged on a production site, yet there is nothing that formally prevents you from making site-building or configuration changes that can disrupt your site's development workflow.

Menu Lockdown provides a friendly utility for blocking access to specified paths on specific environments. This helps ensure certain pages, like site-building admin pages, will not be casually accessible when they shouldn't be.



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