Meta pager for Views

This module provide ability to activate metatags rel="prev" and rel="next".

This metatags are recommended by Google (eng version, others can be different).

Entityform Ctools

Module to help create entityform ajax, load in modals and so on.

Documentation, readme and main repo.

Contact Tools

Experimental module with helpers to Contact core module from Drupal 8.

Documentation and readme.

At this time module development only via GitHub. So, if you have any suggestion or issues, post them here.

Module is under active development and creation. It's unsafe to use it on sites, or disable update checks for this module, or install it via git as custom module.

Bulk Field Process

This module creates a framework for performing actions against field data. This all happens via direct queries which makes fast and also dangerous as none of the Drupal hooks are invoked.

Example use cases could include

- Updating data in every "text" type field
- Permanently replacing a token
- Updating any field value to a new default value

Select Box

Select Box

This module will change the look and feel of default select lists( text, integer, float) to new level with an admin configuration settings available at /admin/config/user-interface/select-box, from here admin can change the effect of select list globally.


* Drupal Libraries module (
* jQuery selectBox (


PoolParty GraphSearch for Drupal

The PoolParty GraphSearch (former sOnr webMining Content Aggregator) automatically collects content from multiple external sources and nodes from the Drupal-website and presents them in Drupal, filterable by date, geographic region and extracted tags of the content.


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