Monitoring Projects

This module uses the Monitoring API. It provides an update-checking sensor for each enabled contributed module and theme (as opposed to one sensor for all, as provided by the Monitoring module).


Markdown syntax parser with possibility to highlight source codes.


All that you need - is call the markdownizer function with string in Markdown syntax as an argument.

Expose Box

This module is an alternative to the collapsible div/fieldset field groups for hiding
and showing content when a link is clicked.

Expose Box is a light weight module that provides a simple js-driven mechanism
for wrapping field content in a "show/hide" box. It does this by providing a new
field group. Bundling fields under the Expose Box field-group will wrap it in the
Box. The Expose Box functions similar to a collapsible fieldset field-group except
for a couple of differences:


Better Login Responsive

Login page responsive browser emulator

Better Login Responsive is a utility that makes the page to login / register / forgot password graphically appealing in style professional sites. The template is responsive Mobile. All browsers are supported and work through jquery 1.8.

Install Better Login Responsive as a regular form of drupal. In version 1 does not require configuration. Once activated go to http: // domain / user or http: // domain /? q = user and that's all!


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