Courier Slack

Adds Slack support to Courier.


SHS Entity count

SHS Entity count is an extension to the Simple hierarchical select module. With it you can display the count of any entities that have certain taxonomy terms associated with them. You can select which bundles should be counted and whether the children of the term should be counted also.


Entity Outline

Create an outline of the entities that belong to a site.

Ajax loader

The ajax loader module provides you alternatives to the default drupal core ajax throbber. When this module is configured, it overrides the default drupal throbber.
(the custom throbbers are pure CSS)


See the README.txt file for detailed installation instructions.


Double Entry Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping provides double entry bookkeeping inside Drupal. This can be integrated with any system via the API or Rules to keep track of the movement of money between accounts. Comes with a basic integration with Drupal Commerce.

This data can then be exported for import into out accounting systems.


Loading animation

This module shows a loading layer on page loading events. These may be triggered by form submission or clicking a hyperlink.

Hyperlinks may be excluded from trigger by adding a "no-loading-animation" class. Further "javascript" and "#" hyperlinks are automatically excluded. Loading and animation may be aborted by pressing "ESC".

It is possible to change the loading animation image and customize the layout by overriding the library.



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