Configuration Share

Configuration Share provides a curated collection of commonly needed configuration items for use in multiple apps, features, and distributions.

Note: If cloning this module, change its base directory name to config_share.

Aim and main use case

Configuration Share is built with the aim of making it easy to build interoperable Drupal configuration modules and distributions.

Saluto Webform Access

Saluto Webform Access restricts access to webform nodes with limited submit permissions

Field Group Tab Select

Field type "Horizontal tabs group"

This module auto selects the first tab with content when using field type "Horizontal Tabs Group".


Devgen is a module that with the supplied or additional plugins will allow a simple method to perform tasks. Such tasks could be to generate 10 random users, with different roles, etc.

Role Provisioner

This module provides a base for handling roles and permissions. The RoleProvisioner is expected to be extended through a another module. Your module will provide the configuration YAMLs and a class to ensure they're brought into scope.


  • XAutoload (PSR-4 autoloading)
  • Libraries (SpyC YAML parser)

You can make sure your site's roles and permissions are in proper configuration by running the ensurePermissions() method during an install, upgrade, or manual method call.


Behat Drupal Extension Remote Client

Drupal Remote API Client

The remote API client is a Drupal helper module that, in conjuction with the RestWS module, allows the Drupal Remote API Driver to run Behat tests against Drupal sites. This client module is only needed on remote Drupal sites where testing will occur.



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