Simplenews Advance Plugin

In the help of simplenews letter advance plugins user can manage our Newsletter subscription on account configure time and user registration page.

Config Ignore Keys


Allows the developer to ignore particular keys in the configuration and not whole configuration files.
Ignoring specific keys is the main difference between this module and Config Ignore.

Blizz Dynamic Entitylist

Screenshot of the field widget of blizz_dynamic_entitylist


This module provides a way to define dynamic lists of entities using a simple interface. The list definition is stored in a custom field, which can be attached to any fieldable content entity.

The field widget allows editors to enrich their list definitions with filters based upon taxonomy terms and provides a live preview within the edit form on the list result. This result is not static, so every time content matching the list criteria gets entered in the system the output of the list adapts subsequently.

Cloudmersive Anti-virus Scanner

This module integrates with the anti-virus scanner Cloudmersive Antivirus API.

Uploaded files are forwarded to the Cloudmersive Antivirus service and scanned.

Infected files are blocked in the validation routine, so they cannot be saved.

Administrator's can configure scanning preferences via the administration configuration UI.

Backup And Migrate Sanitizer (GDPR)

This module allows user to remove protected data from Drupal Content Entities. You can remove user mail, password, login, name and surname from database dump and provide this dump to your developers.
Protected data will be changed only in database dump. So this module won't damage data in your database

The development were started at Global Sprint Weekend January 27, 2018

Commerce Bulk

bulk create variations

Provides a service for bulk creation of Drupal Commerce entities. For now just product variations could be bulk created on a product add or edit form. Also, dummy products could be bulk generated if the Commerce Generate submodule is enabled. See more on the module's Github repository:


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