Domain Traversal

Easy navigation between domains for logged in users.

Depends on the Domain Access module.

This module adds new menu items per domain to easily traverse between the domains. Clicking the link of another domain, as a logged in user with the correct permissions, results in being logged in on that domain.


CKEditor CodeSnippet

This module enables the CodeSnippet plugin from in your WYSIWYG. It includes the highlightjs library and all available styles for it. If you've ever wanted to drop code examples in your Drupal content and have it highlighted in a pretty format, this is for you. This project is available for Drupal 7 as WYSIWYG CodeSnippet. Since that project relies on WYSIWYG module, and this one only requires D8 core, it made sense to rename it.


Drupal 8 ships with CKEditor 4.5.x, so it depends on the ckeditor module from core.



Placeholder for a soon-to-be-released module for a Tinycontrol device. Stay tuned!


Responsive image batch

Responsive Image Batch

What Is This?

Responsive Image Batch is an opinionated helper module for Drupal 8 to speed up creating responsive image styles by providing a single interface for the following tasks:

  • Calculate image sizes in various breakpoints and multipliers.
  • Name and create multiple image styles and assign image effects to them.
  • Map image styles to a "responsive image style". This maps image styles to the breakpoints and multipliers of the picture element.

This module is opinionated in the following ways:

Contact Block

The Contact Block module provides contact forms in a block. It uses the contact forms that can be created using the Drupal 8 core Contact module.


Upload progress fix

Upload progress fix

Upload progress fix for anonymous users on sites with enabled cache. See original patch by Jamix.


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