Menu Lockdown

Stop site-building in production!

Drupal is many things including a powerful site-building tool. Site-building is commonly discouraged on a production site, yet there is nothing that formally prevents you from making site-building or configuration changes that can disrupt your site's development workflow.

Menu Lockdown provides a friendly utility for blocking access to specified paths on specific environments. This helps ensure certain pages, like site-building admin pages, will not be casually accessible when they shouldn't be.



Herald is a project/service for monitoring Drupal code quality.

Herald exposes a flexible API for monitoring Drupal projects (mainly Drupal modules and themes), create builds (like reacting when code is pushed to a Git repo) and running tasks on that build (like checking code standards or running unit tests using Docker).


Update Extended

Sample View

- Provides alternative updates.
It provides extra options for updating projects when other available releases area available for updates.

- Defaults to latest version.

Entity Share

Entity Share is a all in one module allowing you to share some entities like node, field collection, taxonomy, medias etc between different Drupal instances.

How does it work ?

The principle of this module is to generate some export from one instance and to send this exported datas to a remote Drupal using a server that will import the datas.

Advanced help hint

This is a small API module that may be used by other modules to generate a hint string intended for insertion into the project's hook_help. It has no adminsitrative UI and will not do anything by itself; install this module only if some other module tells you to.

The hint string may point to online documentation, the project's or README.txt, or help texts provided by Advanced help.


Copyscape check

The copyscape module integrates Copyscape API service and checks the originality of content.


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