Entity Flatstore

Setups db tables for entities that contains all field data without any joins.

Ubercart Credit Cache Refresher

This module implements the same changes as the patch provided in comment #5 of #2296541: uc_credit_cache returns wrong payment details.

Track Site Visitor

Track the site access.



Integration of psysh into Drush so that you can have a Drupal REPL.

Indian Postal Code Lookup

It's an utility module on Indian Postal Code where you can do the following things --

1. Provide postal code and it will return corresponding Postal Office name with address.
2. Provide latitude/Longitude and it will return postal code.
3. Provide postal code and it will return latitude/Longitude.
4. provide any address (Post Office name, Taluk, District, State) within India and it will return the area postal code.

Domain menu overview

Domain menu overview, domains per menu


This module enables you to have an clear overview per domain what the menu
entries are. In Drupal all of these links are on the same page and thus
it is not clear in which domain it is and the menus will grow
very big in time as well.

Another option is to create separate menus per domain. This could be handy or could be total overkill and very clumsy since you will have to change a lot of code probably.



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