Config Modifiy

This module provides way for a module to permenantly modify simple config and config entities provided by other modules.

There are several ways that core allows similar functionality:

Entity Dispatcher

This module isn't supported any more, please use Hook Event Dispatcher. It is a more complete module because it does not focus on entities alone

Twig Link Attributes

Simple twig filter to add attributes to link() item.url's in templates.

Has the advantage of merging attributes so modules like Menu Link Attributes do not have their attributes blown away in the template.

For example, current documentation encourages themers to do this:

{{ link(item.title, item.url, { 'class':['menu__link']}) }}



Dewy is a service that lets you know what your Drupal sites are doing at your higher-ed institution, multi-site organization or digital agency.

Once you load the Dewy module on to your sites and switch it on, your sites will report to Dewy. It doesn’t matter whether your sites live on a server running under your desk or on a Pantheon environment, if your site can be seen on the web, it can be used with Dewy.

Theme Shapes API

Theme Shapes API provides theme functions that help with the creation of different shapes for use in your theme. This creates div containers and classes based on inputs to generate different CSS shapes. These can be used for things like buttons, badges, backgrounds, and interface elements.

ELMSLN uses this to generate badges and in the future other course navigation visuals.

Image Link Attributes

The Image Link Attributes module extends Drupal's default image field so that when an image is linked, additional attributes can be applied to the link for "Target", "Class" and Relationship (ie: rel="lightbox-series").

Install the Image Link Attributes module, then navigate to the display settings page of the content type with the image field that you would like to adjust. When you set the image to link to content or file, the additional settings will become available.


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