BMI Add Ons

The BMI Add Ons module is a sandbox project that provides additional blocks to to the BMI module by by Azri solutions (

It adds a number of blocks that contain forms that help to calculate various health indicators.

In addition to adding a BMI calculator geared towards users of the imperial system of measurement, the BMI Add Ons module provides the following for both users of the imperial and metric systems:

Libraries Registry

Central registry of library definitions for the Libraries API module (for admin use and debugging).


LoaderIO module provides Drupal users a way to test their website for performance.
This module, having an insight into your Drupal installation, generates an insight about your site using Loader.IO API

Sample API:

curl -X POST
-H 'loaderio-auth: API_KEY'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
--data-binary '{"test_type":"cycling", "total": 6000, "duration":60, "urls": [ {"url": ""} ]}'


Hosting DNS

Separation of the Hosting DNS part of Aegir Hosting as discussed in #2466989: Spin off DNS extension.

The 7.x-1.x version of this module is the (slightly altered) port of the module as it was in aegir 3.6.

The 7.x-3.x version of this module is still under heavy development and not yet ready for use.



RethinkDB for Drupal

The work contribution done in Github

This is an ORM for RethinkDB. Which mean the module does not intend to replace
the default DB drivers but to create entity representation of your RethinkDB in
your Drupal installation.



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