Webform Redirect

Provides option to redirect the user to different page/URL depending on the submission data.



Integrate/import your well-structured style guide into Drupal.

Prefer to organize your styles into components? Want to use Handlebars as templates? Want to use an automated, living style guide (KSS) that's synced to Drupal? Now you can!


Ajax redirect

Provides a content pane for redirecting users based upon the results of an (uncached) ajax request.

Parse YAML

This is a tiny bridge module that implements an API function (named parse_yaml_stream) that tries to parse a YAML stream.

It is intended as a stopgap until the Drupal 8 class Yaml is backported to Drupal 7.

The project also contains a sub-module (named Parse YAML check) that can be used to check if a YAML parser is available.

This is an API module. Only install it if another module requires it.


UUID Extras

Adds UUID support for top 100 contrib modules. Each contrib module has a UUID enabling module. For example redirect has a redirect_uuid module.

The following modules aren't included in this project because they are supported by other modules:



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