Cloudmersive NSFW Unsafe/Nudity/Inappropriate Image Blocker

This module integrates with the Cloudmersive NSFW Image Detecting API.

Uploaded files are forwarded to the Cloudmersive NSFW/Unsafe Image service and checked for NSFW (Not Safe For Work)/Inappropriate/Sexual/Unsafe content using advanced machine learning.

Unsafe/inappropriate/sexual/offensive is blocked in the validation routine, so that it cannot be saved - protecting your site.

Event Hook API

Coming soon.

Contextual Outside

We all love contextual links (✏️). Especially when they are placed outside our layout. This module does just that.

Why? This gives the following profit:

Events Logging

This module implements an out-of-the-box events logging system with standard content entities and config entities.
It also provides a standard drupal view of events, so you can track performed operations and create your own custom displays of tracked events.
It's also possible to log your own custom events using the logger standard service provided by this module.
Storage backends for logs are defined as plugins so you can easily extend this module to create your own logging plugin.

- Database Plugin (enabled by default)


This module adds extra features to Drupal 8 core's "tour" module.

  • add tours to paths and path aliases (instead of route names that core tour module does)
  • auto-launch the tour on that page by injecting some javascript, so that the user doesn't have to launch it
  • store information in the user profile (user-data) that the user has already viewed the auto-launched tour, so that it doesn't keep launching it

Site Load Optimizer

Site Load Optimizer was designed to optimize Drupal's HTML output with particular emphasis currently on pagespeed performance. It is intended to be a simple yet powerful module that generates HTML output that reduces render blocking elements such as CSS and Javascript while also minifying HTML so pages load faster!


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