WhyWebs Drupal Module Builder

Whywebs Drupal module builder will help you to build your own module in less time and effort.

-build all files needed to start a new module
-Auto build a new content type and new node to each module
-Ability to download the files as a package
--Each package includes your major 3 files under the name you picked
-Build your module depending on your editors php, which also you can use it instead of using external software (ex.sublime..)
-Free and it will always be free
-Always will be new features added to it


This module provides local based ip geolocation based on SypexGeo City database. It is fully free and has frequently updates.

How to use


At first you must download and install module as usual. Then you need to download SypexGeo PHP library and SypexGeo City database. You can do it in two ways:

First way - manually:

Site Map Entities


This module add ability to add entities to Site Map module page.

  • You can show only specific entities restricted by the boolean field.
  • All entity types will be available.
  • You can enable only needed bundles for each entity type. You also can define children link to the list and change settings per bundle.

SMS.ru integration for Drupal

Very basic implementation of SMS.ru API for Drupal with Rules integration.

For now only implemented method is - send/sms. If you need another, you can make it by yourself ;)


  • Download, extract and place it as all modules. Better to place this module to /sites/all/modules/custom.
  • Navigate to modules page and enable it.
  • Go to settings (admin/config/services/smsru) and set API key.


Meta pager for Views

This module provide ability to activate metatags rel="prev" and rel="next".

This metatags are recommended by Google (eng version, others can be different).


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