Colorpicker form element

This module provides the colorpicker form element to be used in custom forms.

Atlas theme toolbar


This module changes the style of the core Drupal 8 toolbar making it a lot prettier.

This module is made to work with the Atlas admin theme but can be used with any themes.


- Browser testing
- rtl support
- Look into using libraries for web fonts.




Youtube Demo about how this module works.

There are Submodules in this module:

Watchdog to Slack

This module help Slack addicted people to send website logs into Slack, so that you can get notified instantly about what is happening on your Drupal installation.

On the settings page, you can specify the severity levels you want to be notified.

Probably this module will become useless when Rules module gets stable for D8, as you're probably be able to do this and much more with it.

This module depends on Slack module


Backup Database

This module provides database backup and export functionality. Thanks to the PHP version of mysqldump. This module is similar to Backup and Migrate without all the bells and whistles.


Profile Version

Small module that appends name and version of install profile to the name used by Environment Indicator



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