Hide this Term D7

This is a Drupal7 version of https://www.drupal.org/project/hide_this_term (D6) module.
Implementations are same.

Empty Page D8

Development of Empty Page module for Drupal 8.

Cluster Health Check

With this module you are able to control load balancers using health check "pages" (callbacks). Each callback registers all host names that has been used to call that single callback. Once hosts are registered to a database administrator can set each host status either "up" or "down" from Drupal administrator interface.

Queue Cleaner

This utility module removes all the tasks that older than a given time from 'queue' DB table.
Together with Ultimate Cron and its 'lease time' option it may help to mitigate running of non-idempotent queue tasks multiple times. To do so, set 'lease time' for the particular Queue Job (via Ultimate Cron interface) e.g. to 2 days and the Queue Cleaner timeout to 1 day. If cron is configured properly the queued task will not be fired more than once.

Angular Drupal

Angular JS module for Drupal

This is the companion Drupal module for the Angular JS module, angular-drupal.



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