Minify HTML


If you can not install MOD_PAGESPEED or other HTML compressor on webserver level, this module can help you reach a higher score on the speedtest, and eventually a higher pagerank.

The idea is that instead of looping through all the renderable regions to compress the HTML output, I duplicated the drupal_deliver_html_page method and minify the entire HTML output at once.


Defer Image

Speed up page loads by skipping images.

The purpose of this technique is to keep image resources from blocking the initial load and render of a page, which greatly speeds up time to page loading and improved UX... especially on limited bandwidth on mobile and abroad.

This technique works best for images that are "below the fold" or otherwise not shown in the viewport immediately on page load so that users don't notice the images coming into the page late.


Libraries CDN API

Libraries CDN API is an API module to query CDN services to automatically provides libraries on your site.

It is bundled with two CDN plugins: CDNJS and jsDelivr.
Check the very simple API to understand how to query a CDN and how to create your own CDN plugins too.


Reading Progress Bar

Reading progress bar

This will show the reading progress of the user on current page in top bar. Also known as Reading Position Indicator.
It can be installed on documentation, tutorial, blog sites where user can track the progress on top bar as how much content has been read.

Mica Migration

Select Studies to export

Module helper to export Studies/networks/datasets from Obiba's Mica 9.x Drupal distribution to Mica2 1.x server, the new version of the Mica studies catalog. It generates zip files of packaged .json files.
The Mica2 server have shell commands from which we can import studies :
mica import-zip -mk -u -p -pub

List value alter


This module is used to change the list field values even if entities are created using it.

By mapping the list fields to new key|value pair, all the entities field values are updated and the allowed list value is changed.

Git clone URL:
git clone --branch 7.x-1.0


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