Health check

Simple end point for load balancers to check your Drupal sites health.

This module was developed initially to allow Amazon AWS Elastic Load Balancing to check health of application instances. See more here:

CiviCRM Message Templates, Features Export

Integrates CiviCRM's Message Templates with the Features module. After this module is enabled, you will see a new "CiviCRM Message Templates" section in the Features UI that lists the available templates.

block config export

This module allows users to export and import all blocks on the site. This module helps in migrating block content between various environments of a site.

High contrast for Drupal 8

This a small Drupal 8 port of the high contrast module for Drupal 6 and 7. Right now it offers basic functionality, but I hope to expand it further on the long term.

Jumper (Jump Anywhere)

Jumper provides a simple integration with Jump.js, a small, modern, dependency-free smooth scrolling library.


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