Data Common API

Provide a simple and consistent means to interact programatically with entity data, form submissions and other Drupal data across projects and major versions.

// Create a getter for node entities
$n = data_api('node');

// Load a node entity
$node = node_load(4503);

// Use the getter to pull the first name or default.
// Do not include the language key; language is determined automatically.
$vars['name'] = $n->get($node, 'field_first_name.0.value', '{first name}');


Remote Drush


Remote drush (rdrush) offers drush functionality for drupal websites without SSH access.

Not server-side

Because rdrush doesn't use any actual drush functionality and doesn't need access to the database or code, it can be executed on the client side.


All commands and actions are executed via cURL requests. To make this work, rdrush needs the login credentials of an admin user in the remote drupal environment. It creates a user session and performs all drush-like commands via form requests and submits.



TEMPORARY SANDBOX FORK of Growl for Drupal 8

An unofficial D8 port of Growl - in a sandbox for gestation for maintainer review.

Config Modifiy

This module provides way for a module to permenantly modify simple config and config entities provided by other modules.

There are several ways that core allows similar functionality:

Entity Dispatcher

This module isn't supported any more, please use Hook Event Dispatcher. It is a more complete module because it does not focus on entities alone


Twig Link Attributes

Simple twig filter to add attributes to link() item.url's in templates.

Has the advantage of merging attributes so modules like Menu Link Attributes do not have their attributes blown away in the template.

For example, current documentation encourages themers to do this:

{{ link(item.title, item.url, { 'class':['menu__link']}) }}



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