Age Calculator

Age calculator user interface


Age calculator allows site users to calculate their age on any particular calendar day.

This calculator is based on the most common age system. In this system, age grows at user's birthday.

This calculator gives out age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

How it works:

It Provides a very simple Ajax-Based region(Block) from where users can calculate their age. Where user just needs to enter two things


Suppress Form Errors

The module suppresses the display of error messages (usually from validations) on Forms.

You can configure the form ids on which you would want the errors to be suppressed.

This does not mean that the form is submitted skipping validation. Drupal's validation still holds good. It is just that the display of error messages is suppressed.

In fact the error classes that Drupal adds to the form fields when the form reloads still exist.


CTools Pane Wizard

This module aims to cover some routine steps during development of new CTools custom content type.
Provides single pane type with UI for configuration of available fields and template, each step has separate permissions.


Better Email

This module aims to combine the HTML email modules that we all love, but are somewhat difficult (or requires a lot of work) to make they work together to send out nice emails.

This is not another module to send HTML emails! We already have enough overlap with Mime Mail module and HTML mail modules. This module does not fall into any group. Instead, this module allows you to treat all emails as HTML emails (with the help of Mime Mail module), and to upgrade your entire site-wide email appearance to an always-HTML one


This is a Drupal module for clearing Varnish and Akamai cache from admin screen, instead of command line.
Requires Varnish, Akamai.

Yellow Schedule - Easy Scheduling

Your client will then select a free appointment slot and enter their details.

YellowSchedule is the easiest and most powerful scheduling system in the world. YellowSchedule appointment booking plugin for Drupal brings an easy to integrate appointment booking widget to Drupal for the first time. This simple, attractive plugin places our lightweight javascript widget on your website. Allowing you to take client bookings directly from your website 24x7.

Additional Features


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