Waypoints UI

This module provides a user interface for adding jquery_waypoints settings to your site.
JQuery waypoints:




This Module is Upgraded version (D7) of https://www.drupal.org/project/background (D6).

Its allows to upload a background image in theme settings.
This works best in themes with fixed width, where a background shows

Choose a color
Attachment (Scroll, fixed).
file uploading to use as background.
Admin pages visibility option.


Drupbot :

This is a chat bot module.This will be like a Drupal assistant and will help in getting information about the website,technology and will also be a source of amusement.It will dance, chat with you and also give suggestions.


1)Animated and attractive UI using sequence of GIF.
2)An AI level 2 scripting to match patterns of chat and provide nearest response.
3)Will provide additional help.
4)Will provide information from web.
5)Will answer FAQ.
6)Character switching.

Remind it

Remind it
This is a reminder management system which seeks to provide the best way to keep a track of our daily tasks.

User Name Highlighter D7

This Module is Upgraded version of https://www.drupal.org/project/username_highlighter drupal 6 to drupal7.
Simple input filter that highlights each user name of with a unique background color.


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