TMGMT Express Checkout

Reduce amount of clicking when creating multiple translation jobs.

This adds an express checkout form that is automatically presented when 2 or more translation jobs need to be checked out. The form allows a single name and translator selection to be used for a set of jobs that translate the same documents into different languages.

The form can be skipped to proceed to the standard form-per-job checkout.


This module requires TMGMT module to be installed.


Multimedia block

This is a simple module, allow to add the multimedia blocks: slideshow, image, embed-video easier by administrator.

1. Download and extract the ResponsiveSlides.js library into the libraries directory (usually "sites/all/libraries").
- Link: ResponsiveSlides.js
- It will become: "sites/all/libraries/ResponsiveSlides.js/"

Duplicate file fixer

The Duplicate file fixer module for Drupal 6 finds and, optionally, fixes duplicate file entries on your Drupal database.


IT Cookie Compliance

This module extends EU Cookie Compliance module to be compliant with the Italian
law, which requires the preemptive blocking of cookies when the user has not
still accepted the conditions.

How it works

This module adopts a lightweight fully server-side approach to exclude
Javascript files and blocks from any rendered page until the cookie policy has
been accepted.

SQL Buddy

SQL Buddy logo

This module provides integration with the SQL Buddy web based MySQL administration tool.


  • Create and drop databases and tables
  • View, edit, insert and delete table rows
  • Execute custom SQL and view the output
  • Import and export databases and tables to SQL and CSV formats
  • Add, edit and delete MySQL users
  • Ships with 47 translations (including Esperanto!)


webform imagepicker

Webform conponent image picker( quiz in action )

This webform conponent allows editors to upload X images in the webform component "IMagepicker".
An example usage is a webform where users choose between a pic of Britney spear, Shakira or the Rock.
The filename is saved in the database.

The end users can click on one of the images to select it and go to the next question or submit the webform.

In the analytics section you can see the vote count per image.
This allows webform users to create simple image quizzes.



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