Override Field Settings

This module allows you to change uneditable settings for fields.

Polish accounting

This module's purpose is to have a very own accounting system complient with polish law.

Advance Currency Converter


Advance Currency Converter
This module was created for currency conversion. In this module we can select the
multiple currency which we are used in our websites. It provide a currency conversion


* Any currency can be enabled or disabled.
* We can select the Google Finance API or database to convert the currency.
* If we use Database so you can get the graph of the currency trends.

YouTube optimized formatter

Drupal 8 formatter for YouTube field which loads div with preview not iframe which can cause performance issues.

Panels Extra Styles D8



Porting of https://www.drupal.org/project/panels_extra_styles to Drupal 8 version
Based on https://www.drupal.org/node/2296437 (waiting for approve, module is fully worked, but required of implementing this patch)


Enable the module to find additional region and pane styles in Panels. Below is a list of those currently included. Please share and contribute your styles! :)

WaterFall Views Display


This adds a new display style to views called "WaterFall". Similar to how you
select "HTML List" or "Unformatted List" as display styles.

This module apply waterFall js from


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