Orbital Cache Nuke



Version / Author
1.0 Justin Slattery Justin.Slattery@mlssoccer.com

This module allows asynchronous remote cache invalidation between replicated Drupal environments. Available for Drupal 7.

See this blog post for details on how it works and integration.


Taxonomy manager 8

Sandbox project for D8 version of taxonomy manager http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_manager

Test Projetc

For demonstration on how to create drupal project.

Migrate Squarespace

Migrate Squarespace to Drupal

Advanced Formatters

A collection of esoteric formatters that extend field displays in interesting ways:

These are almost sure to expose various security issues if used incautiously. Do not provide these types of input to untrusted roles.


Standalone drush utilities.
Orphaned module cleanup utility for drush called wetkit_tool

Installation instructions:

git clone --branch 7.x-1.x git.drupal.org:sandbox/joseph.olstad/2430429.git wetkit_tool
cd wetkit_tool

place the module wetkit_tool in your sites/all/modules folder
enable the module
drush en wetkit_tool

then refresh your drush cache
drush cache-clear drush


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