Drupal QuillJS

Implements http://quilljs.com on Drupal

Views Custom Cache Tags


Views in Drupal 8 automatically adds cache tags to every view so that their content can be invalidated when it changes (and can be cached as long as possible until they do).

However, Drupal 8 only has a single list cache tag for every entity type. Every view that lists nodes is tagged with node_list and will be invalidated when a node is added, changed or deleted.



A project to integrate DOI into Drupal as entities

Webform Check-In

Inline editing of a flag for a Webform submissions table.
The flag is as a Webform component, so it can be displayed on the several results views (submissions table, Excel export, ...). Submissions editing are exposed as a tableselect.

A possible use case is to check presence of attendees for an event.
Multiple check-in access points is supported (concurrent editing of the same submissions list).

Download multiple images

This module allows to download multiple images at once.
It gathers the images from a node at render them on a block form, with checkboxes to select which images you want to download.


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