Reaction module provides ability to react on content. Inspired by facebook reactions.

Content reactions

Composer deploy

The project is very similar to Git deploy but for Composer.

Normally inserts version information when a project is packaged. Packages installed via Composer do not contain this information in some cases.

  1. The required version is a dev version
  2. Composer runs in --prefer-source mode

Composer Deploy hooks into the Drupal update system and attempts to provide the version of modules and themes from Composer metadata.


[D8] Best reply

D8 version of

Git clone link :
git clone --branch 8.x-1.x best_reply

example best reply

Left pad

String left pad


/** @var ContainerInterface $container */
$service = $container->get('left_pad.default');
// Results in '00005'
$result = $service->leftPad('5', 5, 0);

Don't worry, it also includes an interface if you want to override the service!



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