MMG Shuttlerock


# MMG Shuttlerock

[Shuttlerock]( is a social content platform used to integrate various social media platforms into a single resource. These sources can include photos, products, and comments, all of which can be voted upon or shared. The contest feature is particularly interesting, as it allows users to share their stories and experiences with others. Content can optionally be operated.

Webform prefill

This module makes it possible to prefill webforms.


Content Callback Views Filter Block

In Views, only when picking the "Page"-display you have the possibility to render the exposed filters in a block. Makes sense because the forms inside these blocks need a path to redirect to.

This module adds this functionality for "Content Callback"-displays. Just enable the exposed block setting and set the path of the form. Tokens are supported.

Backup and Migrate S3

This is an updated S3 compatible remote destination for Backup and Migrate 3.x.

Although Back and Migrate does come with some s3 support, it uses a very old, though stable, s3 php curl library that's pretty much hardcoded to use Amazon AWS.

By using this module you will be able to use the 2.x AWS SDK for PHP, as well as using any other S3 compatible services, like dreamhost.


Provides two additional conditions for the Context module based on using what is identified by Drupal as the current Default Theme and the current Admin Theme.

Deploy Add-on

Deploy Add-on is a suite of modules that provide a working implementation of Deploy including:



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