Timed node page

Timed node page module provides plugin types for displaying certain content on a page based on timing. For example if you have a content type for homepages with this plugin you can create a page (controller) that will always show the newest published one. It also supports time ranges so that content can have end dates as-well.

Simply put: the module enables you to display the 'current' content of type X on one page. This module is intended for developers.


This is the new version jreject implementation for Drupal 8

Just install it and select you options, that's it

Rest Menu Detail

Menu Rest Settings

This modile is responsible to get Drupal menu links information as a REST web service response.

After enabling this module enable the Service "Menu detail rest resource" in "admin/config/services/rest" page. It will provide a end point url to call menu service "api/menu_detail/{menuName}". Replace the the "{menuName}" with your actual menu name and get the response with all details of that Menu.

Toolbar Menu Clean

Toolbar Menu Clean

Clean up Toolbar Menu

This module used with Toolbar Menu allow you can disable Administration and Shortcuts Toolbar menu.

It help you can create menu per client's role, help the client don't mess with the default current Drupal Administration menu.

How does it work?

Follow instruction of to create new menu for roles you need with Toolbar Menu



Offers a simple API to fetch breakpoints information, support extra breakpoint settings and optional output to javascript settings.

Current state:

We didn't finish it yet because we decided to read values from the media string... if that isn't a good solution we'll continue to extend the XXX.breakpoints.yml by an "extra" group:

minWidth: 640

which was our initial plan to map slick responsive values.

Cloudmersive NSFW Unsafe/Nudity/Inappropriate Image Blocker

This module integrates with the Cloudmersive NSFW Image Detecting API.

Uploaded files are forwarded to the Cloudmersive NSFW/Unsafe Image service and checked for NSFW (Not Safe For Work)/Inappropriate/Sexual/Unsafe content using advanced machine learning.

Unsafe/inappropriate/sexual/offensive is blocked in the validation routine, so that it cannot be saved - protecting your site.


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