Resume is a front-end for the open source libresume library that helps you easily build resumes.

libresume allows you to build your resume once and apply any number of free resume designs.


Commerce Behat

This module contains Behat contexts for the Behat Drupal Extension to make testing with Drupal Commerce.

AJAX Include

AJAX Include Pattern for Modular Content.


- matchMedia.js and Ajax-Include-Pattern
Download the library archives from the folllowing:


XML Sitemap Per Node Type

The XML Sitemap Per Node Type module provides the additional context for XML sitemap module that allows creating sitemaps per content type.

Leaflet: Zoom Home

Replaces the Leaflet's default zoom controls with the Leaflet: Zoom home plugin.

Check the file for the detailed installation steps.


Colorpicker form element

This module provides the colorpicker form element to be used in custom forms.


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