CKEditor FakeObjects

This plugin helps to create a "representative" (image with styles) for certain elements which have problem with living in editable, it provides the API to transform an real DOM element into the "fake" one, and to restore the real element from the fake one on the output.

Adds FakeObjects plugin integration for CKEditor.

This is required by plugins that require fakeobjects to work, like PageBreak.


Config Direct Save

Config Direct Save
What's config Direct Save ?

This module allow you to :
- Make backup of configurations (when you check the backup checkbox).
- Override the sync (all files with old configuration) by the new configurations(replace all configurations files).

You should before using the module : :
- Give access ( chmod -R 775 sites/default/files/config_HASH, HASH= Random string) for overriding the directory sync and creating a new directories.

CKEditor PageBreak

This module provides integration with the PageBreak plugin for CKEditor.

This plugin adds toolbar button which inserts horizontal page breaks. This feature is useful for setting document printing sections.

Text entered in a browser-based text editor such as CKEditor differs from word processors because it is not divided into physical pages. In effect, this plugins lets you define pages.


Form Error Logging

This module allows you to log form errors for defined forms. This may be useful for active site building to gather information how to improve form experience.


On Screen Facebook LikePage

On Screen Facebook LikePage

OnScreenFacebook isFacebook likebox pouup widget for drupal. This allows your blog to displays FaceBook Likebox Popup Widget on screen with close button on entry to your Website/Page. This is configurable widget with option to set number of days,to display widget for user after every n number of days.This widget uses Lightbox jquery script for popup.

Entity Form Monitor

Adds a monitoring service to all entity forms to check if the entity on the form has been updated or deleted since the form has been loaded. If the entity has been changed or deleted, then it either reloads the page if nothing has been changed on the form, or prompts the user with a dialog to reload the page. Works for all entities embedded with the Inline Entity Form module. This helps give users a heads up that their form submission is out of date before they even submit the form.



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