SBA Geodata

Provides U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) geodata as a Drupal service.

Timezone clock

Set timezones

Timezone clock module provide a block having multiple clock's for different timezone. This module is not depend on any external javascript library or php library.


Catalyst Nagios customisation

catnagios logo

Makes some customisations to the nagios module.
* Alters the output format to be status:message
* Passes the ID from the URL into the status collection so as to allow URL parameters to control showing a specific status.

Config Filter

Configuration Filter swaps the service from Drupal 8 core.
The new service wraps the file storage and applies filters to it.
This allows other modules to change the configuration as it gets imported or exported both in the Drupal UI and with drush. (drupal console patch pending)

Text formats report

Provides a birds eye view of the usage of text formats, which is useful when analyzing this part of a drupal site's configuraiton.

Displays information around the usage of text formats available to the site, including:

  • Filters enabled for each format.
  • Custom blocks using the formats.
  • Entities using each formats.
  • Bundles using each formats.
  • Fields using the formats.

Also included:


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