This modules offers an easy way to create PDFs from OpenDocument (.odt) templates. The magic: Each template can hold a variety of placeholders/variables that can easy be replaced via rules.

This module integrates the free pdftemplate.eu service. No registration required!

Thos module is developed and maintained by Kommune3


Basic HTTP Authentication

Empty configurations

Module provides a possibility to restrict an access to every system path using basic HTTP authorization. You can configure, for which paths will be added an additional HTTP authentication before checking its accessibility through standard tools, using UI or programmatically.


Add basic HTTP authorization for a path:

basic_auth_config_edit('admin/config', TRUE, 'admin', 'passw0rd');

Check, that HTTP authentication enabled for a path:


Cacheable Cookie Handling

This module provides a framework for setting cookies that works well with page caching. It does not do anything on its own, but rather provides an API that other modules can use.


Simple Font Icon

This module aims to simplify the administration and rendering of font icons in Drupal. It provides means to add font icon packages, a form element and a field widget.



YouTube Data API V3 integration.

This module allow drupal developers to work with google YouTube API V3 easier. As this is an API module, it in itself doesn't do anything.

For Example, to search 'drupal' videos on youtube, You have just to call:

use Drupal\youtubeapi\YoutubeAPI\Search;

$api = new Search();
$api->addQuery(Search::q, 'drupal');
$api->addQuerys([Search::part => 'snippet', Search::type => 'video']);
$result = $api->execute();;


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