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REST Password Request

Password Reset for rest.

New Rest Plugin to use REST for forgot Password Request.

We could not find a way that core Rest could send a password retrieval link via Rest resource.

This simply ads a resource to allow A New POST Request to
endpoint "/user/lost-password:"

with the key of "mail" (and optional "lang" for localization )

To Set up:

Please install Rest UI, then install the module in the normal way... then in rest ui -> find "Lost password" and enable.
lost password


Entity Reports

Screenshot of an node types report

The entity reports module provide users with insights about the structure of their entity types by placing reports on these in /admin/reports menu. It currently features:

1. Report about the field structure of all node types (bundles): field name, field machine name, description, cardinality and target entities.
2. Report about the field structure of all taxonomies and the list of terms
3. Downloadable report of each type above in JSON

Configuration selector

The Configuration Selector module allows modules and install profiles to provide multiple versions of optional configuration. For example, if you want to provide a view that lists content that integrates with search_api or content_lock or both or neither. The module allows you to provide 4 different views in config/optional and as different dependencies are installed views are enabled and disabled according to a priority set with the configuration.

This module currently has no user interface and is meant for use by developers who can manually edit their configuration.

Bring Postal Code

This module fills in localities on the client side based on results from Bring's postal code service. The Bring postal code service is free, but has a volume limit.



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