Video Training

This module is designed to allow you to attach video screencasts to any admin page within Drupal.

Immediate plans are to allow users to upload screencasts as Drupal managed assets and leverage the Video module to render the videos via an overlay.

Future plans are to allow users to upload and post videos from other services or CDN's using a secure delivery method in an effort to make these videos enterprise compliant.

Simple Analyse

Simple Analyse allow to integrate a site analysis code easily.
User can integrate a google analytics code, Piwik analytics code or any other custom code.
The integrated code will display on all pages.


To install this module, place it in your modules folder and enable it on the modules page.

GitHub Library

This module can to download any libraries from GitHub.
And It has UI for menage these libraries.
Of course only for *.js and *.css files.
In general the module provide UI to hook_library().



Resume is a front-end for the open source libresume library that helps you easily build resumes.

libresume allows you to build your resume once and apply any number of free resume designs.



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