Wowza module is to integrate drupal with wowza media server

Administration Actions

admin_actions displayed as unthemed buttons beside node content.


This features exposes more buttons for performing single actions upon a node,
eg, 'rebuild node alias' or 'set field value to x'.

These actions are most useful for non-core actions and custom actions, such as
'check for broken links', 'convert to page',
or 'set expiry date 3 months into the future'.

admin_actions - quick configure process

Commerce Jivosite

Module provides integration with online chat service Jivosite's javascript API.
It exposes basic customer information to your agent's app:

  • User's name (for logged in customers)
  • Cart order total amount
  • Cart order ID and admin area order edit link

You can expose more info by implementing specific -alter hook in your custom module.

You should have Jivosite script already added to you site for this module to work properly.


Hook Event Dispatcher

This module registers event dispatchers for several drupal core hooks. This allows you to use the D8 Event Subscriber system instead of the outdated hook system to react on certain events. The module includes event dispatchers for the most common hooks for the entity api

Currently this module contains dispatchers for


SimpleSAML Runtime Config

This module helps save time for developers who tweak SimpleSAMLphp configurations and metadata often. It allows defining some of the configuration in the Drupal database, from where it is exported to a file. A helper script is included to make it easy to use the contents of this file from your SimpleSAMLphp config/metadata files.

It lets you dynamically configure the following fields:


Better update

This module provides developers a possibility to execute updates manually,without manipulations with schema version (but they're also possible).
Update calls support sandboxes and other "updb" features.


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