Contact Save Remind

"Contact Save Remind" is a module that works with "Contact Save" to implement the ability to remind a user that he/she has outstanding unread saved contact form messages.

The "Contact Save" module ensures that a user doesn't miss any form submissions in the event of email failure, storing messages in the database. However, it requires the user to check if there are any new contact form submissions stored that they may not have received.


Community Media Field Manager

This module allows users to select fields to add to the Project and Show content types from field bases defined by a yet to be developed module/feature export.


Drush Download File

Drush Download File is a drush plugin that allows you to download files and place them in locations. This is behavior similar to what a make file can provide except you won't need to write a make file in order to get a file and put it in the right place.




Fancy select is a jQuery plug-in developed by Octopus Creative.

This module loads fancySelect jQuery plug-in, which converts simple HTML select DOM elements with a specified CSS class into a stylish select box. You may configure DOM CSS from settings form.


This module is an API interface only and requires additional coding or module to interact with the data.


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