[D8] Simple social share icons

A simple social share blocks to share node pages with Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter, etc.. . Icons can be configurable by font, icon size, radius, icon color, icon background and padding.

Note : Preview of icons currently not working in overlay of placing block section, so please configure them in block edit page.

Git clone command for dev version : git clone --branch 8.x-1.x https://git.drupal.org/sandbox/krishnakanth17/2663598.git _d8__simple_social_share_icons


Provides integration with bLazy to lazy load and multi-serve images to save bandwidth and server requests. The user will have faster load times and save data usage if they don't browse the whole page.


- bLazy library:



String Index API

This module instantiates an API into the string translation and theme processes to create unique indexes of string use instances, such that they can be invisibly attached to their appearances in the UI. This can then be used to trace the source (module, database, theme etc) of a string for translation or source replacement. Alternatively it can compile string use logs for offline analysis.

A couple of other use cases here are for interface translation where the same phrase and source string may need to be translated or replaced differently under different contexts.

US Map

Provides interactive map of the USA and States to your webpage without using Flash.

Profile2 Agreement

Module allows administrators to display an agreement to users of a particular profile.

Live Weather

A simple module provides a customized weather report using Yahoo weather API.


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