Redirect to Frontpage

Small module to redirect Anonymous users to the frontpage of the drupal site. This module redirects all the Anonymous users to the front page when they try to visit any other page except user pages like: user/login, user/register and user/password.

Use case:
1.) If you are building single page app in Drupal and have all the contents in frontpage, you wouldn't want the users to visit node/NODEID, users/1, etc.

2.) You have Intranet site where the user have to login first before accessing any content and the frontpage is by default a login page.


Typeit is javascript utility.

Typeit does work which you have to do with typeit javascript.

The advantage of using this module is you don't have to code js and you can simply enable the module and configure it.

After enabling the module , Configure it from

How to config it?

Please see the screenshot I have described it there how to add text.
And for another javascript values, there is description below the field.

After configuration, you have to put TypeIt block into the region you want.


A simple module that provides a block showing the current time.

  1. Time zone can be configured as: Site time zone, user time zone, local time zone and custom time zone.
  2. Date format can be configured using the preconfigured "short", "medium" and "long" date types, as well as any custom date types.
  3. The clock can be continuously updated via JavaScript

Support Mail

This module simply send an email from the website.

Eloqua App Cloud

Provides developer tools for using Drupal as a development framework for building Eloqua App Cloud applications.

Libraries in Profiles

This project pre-emptively checks for missing JavaScript/CSS Assets and looks in other locations - the active profile folder and a user configurable extra location.


Drupal 8 is required, Drupal 8.2.x or higher is suggested.


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See the Drupal 8 instructions if required in the Drupal documentation for further information.


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