Notify Disable

It's automatically disables notify at inactivity.

After the module Inactive User marked an unser as inactiv, between one day the module disable the notifications from this user.

The module requires:

System Entity

System entity seeks to provide configuration and export on individual entities, dubbed "system entities", that should not be created by content managers and have unique functionality/appearance per entity. The module is based on a machine name field that provides a semantic unique identifier per entity. This opens the door for special purpose entities that do not have common configuration or content layout with other entities as provided with Drupal's entity type/bundle scheme.

Nice login

nice login demonstration

Nice login improve look of pages /user/login, user/register and user/password, by removing standards tabs Login, Reset Password and Create an account, and injecting inside each form the relevant links.

Nice login module provide basic css and wrapper for the login / register/ reset password forms. You should theme these forms according to your active theme.

For example, using a bootstrap base theme, you could add these following rules in your styles to center the forms.


Crowd Push and Provisioning

IMPORTANT: The main Crowd SSO module from 2016-04-29 or later is required. Please test against a recent dev snapshot of that module.

This module provides push and provisioning sync capabilities to send user data updated in Drupal to Crowd. The main Crowd SSO module is required.

Courier Slack

Adds Slack support to Courier.


SHS Entity count

SHS Entity count is an extension to the Simple hierarchical select module. With it you can display the count of any entities that have certain taxonomy terms associated with them. You can select which bundles should be counted and whether the children of the term should be counted also.



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