Custom Twigfilter

This module allows admins to create twig filter in PHP directly in the adminstration interface.

Domain Folder

The Domain Folder module allows the creation of domains with the same domain name using the Domain Access module (e.g. "", "").

Steps for using:

Migration Tools

This is a set of migration tools to make complex migrations achievable.


Nirror Logo

This module integrates your website with Nirror, the best customer support service available.

Nirror Live Support allows you to chat with your visitors and watch their screen in live.
Do not waste any more time trying to understand what process your customers went through before they asked for help. You just watch what happened in past visits and use this to forge a very precise answer your customer will love.

Panels curator

Admin configuration and front-end panel add form

Panels curator provides content administration tools for panels panes groups. This allows you to group panes into groups and remove items from those buckets to limit the panes that are available.

This module allows you to create and manage panels 'groups', which can be configured so that only specific panels/panes/views/etc are available to the content editors. This greatly increases the ease of use for the In-Place editor and back-end panels admin interface.



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