Spotify API for drupal

This is a sandbox project for spotify API. It will helps you bring the Spotify DATA into your work.

Business Rules

Business Rules project

Check Link

This module is intended to solve a very simple problem: if you have "secured" pages to which you want to link, but a user is not logged in, the menu will hide it. If you point a user to user/login?destination=the-page, the link will disappear for logged in users.

Point your users to checklink?destination=the-page to allow the link to show, but redirect users appropriately.


Provides an API for working with measurements.

AJAX assets plus



Robotslog module allows you check the specific user who has modified Robots.txt file.The Module allows you to download the robots.txt file from a list which shows you the previous details of robots.txt file. One can view and choose to restore any previous version from the logs.


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