Unused files

This module allows to find unused files in public directory by scanning all drupal database tables.

Static Deploy

Add-On module for the Static Generator module.

Allows to deploy the generated static pages to the target host by using either FTP, SFTP or local copy.


TFA Rules

TFA Rules message

Two-Factor Authentication Rules is a Drupal module that provides integration with the Rules module to add a condition to check to see if TFA has been enabled for a user.

This module also includes a default rule that redirects users on login to the TFA security page with a message recommending that they configure it.



ChillBox based Galley

Install this module by downloading the module and extract it in “{Drupal installation}/sites/all/modules/custom” folder/directory. Next, log in to your Drupal site and go to Modules and enable the “ChillBox Gallery” module.

To change the configuration, click the “Configuration” link.

You will be able to add multiple images for gallery to Articles.

Cron Oracle

Using high tech time travel technologies, this project will predict when cron will run next.


  • Drupal 8 beta12 / beta13 (Module is incompatible with beta11 and older)




ClickSpark.js is an open source particle effect tool for the frontend. It’s based on JavaScript and HTML5.

ClickSpark.js adds beautiful particle effects to your JavaScript events. The special feature is that image files can be used as single particles. It’s easily configurable and flexible.

Dependencies: Libraries API

Demo: ClickSpark Demo


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