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The mulitstep_form module is a module that aims to ease the integration of multiple forms, into a multi-step form process. This process should be trivial for the downstream developer to implement. The aim, is to provide an interface where the the following code is all that's required to create a multi-step form from multiple sources:

Sinhala Unicode

Sinhala Unicode

Add Sinhala Unicode font style to Sinhala ('si') pages, and CSS class:
.lang-si *

Add to custom tags/class

Method 1.
Add css class .lang-si to your HTML tags.

Method 2.
Add SinhalaUnicode font family to your classes

div { font-family:SinhalaUnicode; }

AJAX Mini Panels for Pages

This module allows you to AJAXify a panels page by making links and form submissions on the page cause the specified mini-panels embedded in that page reload themselves via AJAX.

To use this module, simply download and enabled it, then turn on Panels Mini Ajax in the configuration for the panels pages you want AJAX enabled on.


Notification Bar

Notification Bar preview

Displays custom messages in fully themeable colored horizontal bars on top of the page.

Module Config form: http://example.com/notifications/notification_bar
Module Settings form: http://example.com/notifications/notification_bar/settings


Module Update Log

This module adds an update log tab to the modules administration page, allowing site admins to review each module's update history and current schema version.



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