Webform Help Text

Webform  Help Text configuration page

Module provides interesting option to give the users help information for each Webform field. As administrator or any given user with required permissions you can enter the text you wish the users to see, when the place there cursor over the info icon next to the Webform field. All this can be done from configuration form which can be accessed from a tab on Webform component adding page. The help text will appear in popup next to the info icon.

Webform conditional email

This is the supported module for webform. Webform's email tab will be extended with the condition options after installation of this module.
Admin users can send the emails based on the different component conditions.
User can add multiple conditions to send email to different recipients.
By default following operators are provided to create different combinations -
Is one of
Is not one of
Less than
Less than, or equal to
Greater than
Greater than, or equal to

Watchdog navigate

Adds buttons to watchdog entries. Very useful if you want to navigate to the next entry, because they are connected somehow.

This module was developed as part of developing Violinist. Keep your composer dependencies up to date. Automatically and all the time.


Consolidate effort into creating one D8 module

= Units API
= Units of Measurement
= Measured Value Field
= Unit Conversion Formatters

Enter a field value in any unit, display in any other unit.
Pre-computation of field display unit value if different from data entry unit (to avoid doing the same conversion on each entity display)
Allow multiple field display units (for example, you might want to show a length dimension in both imperial and metric units)
Provide UI js toggle(s) to switch between units.

Aegir - Hosting Task GC Extra

This is a small add-on module for the Aegir hosting system: http://aegirproject.org / https://www.drupal.org/project/hostmaster

This module will help to delete the older tasks and its logs. Adds extra power to the garbage collection.


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