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Per Role Picture

This module allows site administrators to set default user picture for each role. Site administrators can upload a picture and set the order for a role in which priority picture will be display for multiple role user. Role with lesser weight will be the higher on priority to display the picture. If a role with high priority does not have image associated with it then next role will be consider in order to display the image.

Better Email

This module aims to combine the HTML email modules that we all love, but are somewhat difficult (or requires a lot of work) to make they work together to send out nice emails.

This is not another module to send HTML emails! We already have enough overlap with Mime Mail module and HTML mail modules. This module does not fall into any group. Instead, this module allows you to treat all emails as HTML emails (with the help of Mime Mail module), and to upgrade your entire site-wide email appearance to an always-HTML one

User Single Role

Restrict users to having a single role.

User Revision D8 Port

#D8CX: Drupal 8 port of User Revision module.


  • Potential data loss! This module recreates users. Any users and user data can be loss.
  • This module recreates user db tables. It can take a long time.
  • This module cannot be uninstalled (if you want I can try to solve this problem).

CustomerICare Live Chat Free

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CustomerICare free live chat module for Drupal 6 and 7.

The module is a free application to chat with visitors on your website. The plugin adds a beautiful live chat box that allows text, audio and video, sending files plus web analytics.

More information Visit our website to learn how to get started.


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