Steam Vent

Steam Vent is a module that connects to the Project Oberon REST server. Project Oberon is a REST server that acts as a middleman to Valve's Steam network.


Letter Avatar

An avatar generator plugin for Avatar Kit.



Provides functionality for GitHub-style organizations, through a new user bundle.

Organizations are like users, except:

  • they can be owned by other user(s)
  • they cannot log in
  • they can contain teams (provided through the organization_team submodule), which represent the organization's members

Access management is provided through a CTools plugin.

Under construction...

Avatar Kit

A view listing Drupal users and their avatar.

Avatar Kit is a avatar generator middleware for Drupal 8. It can be used to provide unique avatars for users when they have not uploaded one themselves. It is a replacement for Gravatar and User Pic Kit modules up to Drupal 7.


Smart IP Ban

Smart IP Ban

This module leverages the IP blocking feature in Drupal core. Automatically blocks and unblocks user IP address if too many incorrect login attempt were made. If N number of failed_login_attempt_ip events were reported in flood table within some interval then IP address will be added to blocked_ips list for configured interval. Unblocking will happen on cron run when blocking time elapse.


Registration Stats


The module gives you statistic of user registrations.



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