This module depends on the Group module.

GUser allows administrators of a Group entity to create, delete, and edit subusers and or members of the group. It aims to fully recreate the drupal user management system within groups so that users can be given permission to edit a selective list of users instead of all of accounts on the site.

Webform Submission Multiple Delete

This module provides the ability to delete multiple webform results at once using checkboxes, you can either select all or few as per your need.

How it is different from other modules:
1. It provides ability to select from the submission that you want to delete.
2. It provides ability to select all and delete all results at once.

How to install:
1. Login as admin.
2. Enable the module as explained here.


My Account JQuery Block


This module creates a Google like My Account block named 'My Account JQuery Block' which is pre-populated with details of logged-in user i.e. user name, account picture, login and logout links in drop down block with optional custom HTML. (see the snapshot)

User Changed Date

Module which adds a last modified date for users.

User Changed Date module integrates with Views

Hide Super User

People list before the module is enabled.

This module is for hiding the Super user from the Users list.
The objective is to restrict any other Administrator to edit or block the Super user account.

The two screen grabs show the People list, one before and one after this module has been enabled.


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