Crowd Push and Provisioning

IMPORTANT: The main Crowd SSO module from 2016-04-29 or later is required. Please test against a recent dev snapshot of that module.

This module provides push and provisioning sync capabilities to send user data updated in Drupal to Crowd. The main Crowd SSO module is required.

OpenID Connect Windows AAD

OpenID Connect plugin for Windows Azure AD authentication

This small module is a CTools plugin for the great module OpenID Connect and focuses on integration with Windows Azure AD.


Admin settings page

MinFraud module integrates with Maxmind Proxy detection and Light GeoIp

You will need an API Key to use this module. To know more about Maxmind proxy detection.

Module Features:

User Registration Limit

This module allows to limit user registrations based on the configurations.
like, 50 number of user registration allowed.

Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module.

Visit admin/config/people/accounts, under 'Registration and cancellation' section, you will be able to enter the user registration limit value.


Invite Users

This module is used to send invitations to multiple people at a time.

Time Based Registration


This module is just a cherry on Top. allows admin to configure guest user registration between specified time.
Is helpful when admin don't want to allow guest user registration.



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