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SimpleSAML Runtime Config

This module helps save time for developers who tweak SimpleSAMLphp configurations and metadata often. It allows defining some of the configuration in the Drupal database, from where it is exported to a file. A helper script is included to make it easy to use the contents of this file from your SimpleSAMLphp config/metadata files.

It lets you dynamically configure the following fields:


Restrict login to admins

Drupal 8 module. This module when configured , does not allow anyone except someone with an admin role to login . All other users will be given a message to go to One Login

User Personas

Personas is a simple module which promotes best practices when creating roles and permissions. With personas installed, configurable roles per user are replaced by a selection of personas. Personas describe a group of your users and personas can have many roles.

By breaking the direct tie of users to roles, developers and site builders are guided into following best practices when creating user roles. That is, roles should be capabilities, not job titles. This allows you to compose personas out of many roles.



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