Username auto suggestions

Suggests username by defined pattern if filled username exists.


Install as you would normally install a contributed drupal module.


  • Enable module.
  • Go to admin/config/people/accounts if you need to configure suggestion pattern.
  • Override suggestion message template if needed (username_autosuggestions).


Account Settings Tab

This module will provide you tab and block will help you to use edit the account settings information like changing password, email address and user name.

Use Case

If you are adding more fields into 'admin/config/people/accounts/fields' and using that as default profile. By using this module you can separate account settings and use.


Missing Administrator Role Permissions

This module grants the missing permissions for the Administrator role in hook_cron.


User Import Entity Reference

Plugin for the User Import module, for handling importing entity reference fields from csv.

This plugin will also handle taxonomy term reference fields.

The plugin will match the text in the cell from the csv with any entities that could be used in the given field (if a suitable match is not found an error will be displayed and that row will not be imported).

User Import Date

Plugin for the User Import module, for handling importing date fields from csv.

Uses strtotime to import dates and convert them to the format allocated in the USER_IMPORT_DATE_FORMAT constant.


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