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CustomerICare free live chat module for Drupal 6 and 7.

The module is a free application to chat with visitors on your website. The plugin adds a beautiful live chat box that allows text, audio and video, sending files plus web analytics.

More information Visit our website to learn how to get started.

Role Provisioner

This module provides a base for handling roles and permissions. The RoleProvisioner is expected to be extended through a another module. Your module will provide the configuration YAMLs and a class to ensure they're brought into scope.


  • XAutoload (PSR-4 autoloading)
  • Libraries (SpyC YAML parser)

You can make sure your site's roles and permissions are in proper configuration by running the ensurePermissions() method during an install, upgrade, or manual method call.



The basis use of this module is when you cancel a user the content belongs to this user can be assigned to other users from different roles.

Duplemail - Email Address Username Filtering

The purpose of this module is to provide for duplicate email address checking for domains that allow extraneous characters to be placed inside usernames and be treated as different email addresses. For example:



Use the OpenID provider of Scouting Netherlands (Scouting Nederland) to identify and authorise users.


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