This module integrates BriteVerify Real-Time email verification into Drupal user registration system.
Module development is sponsored by OCAI online.


Restrict Role Login by IP

This is a minimalistic version of Restrict By IP module .

Restrict By IP module checks for IP restriction for every user on every page load. This module instead checks for such restriction only on login.

Use this module only if you have performance concerns over validating every request against whitelisted IPs.


OpenID Connect GitHub

This integrates with the OpenID Connect module to allow sign in with GitHub.

While GitHub does not implement the actual OpenID Connect protocol, it does provide a similar flow for obtaining user data based on OAuth 2.0 tokens.



logintoboggan role

This module is inspired by this topic

I needed a option to choose the role the user gets after validation. For example pre registered user. Additonally I cleaned up the logintoboggan form by adding the great vertical tabs.

After installation you can choose the post validation role and everything is fine.

View Own Unpublished

View Own Unpublished

Note: I created this module for a project in which I needed this, but probably I won't need it again so I hope there is someone who can take over maintenance. The code is pretty trivial though, it should keep working as long as the Drupal permissions API doesn't change.

OpenID Connect Extras

OpenID Connect Extras extends the functionality of the OpenID Connect module by adding two key functionalities:


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