Content Login

Normally a user gets login into the application by user name and password.
In our case, just by content url a user can login into the application.

This project is useful for demonstrating site for users.

Disallow Forgot Password

Disallow anyone from ever using the 'forgot password' tab of the user login system.


I am trying to port this module username_check from Drupal 7.x to Drupal 8.x. I used Drupal Module Upgrade,which analyse code and give us report what changes should need to do in module, which files get affected, modulation changes to be done in code etc. so far I do changes accordingly.

Taxonomy Autocomplete Permission

Defines which roles can add new taxonomy terms when using the autocomplete widget.

OpenID Connect BitBucket

BitBucket doesn't actually support OpenID Connect, but its authentication flow is similar. This module provides a client plugin for the openid_connect module, to support logging in with BitBucket.

This is not affiliated with or supported by BitBucket.


Login Here Block

The Login Here module provides a configurable block that generates a login link with the current destination as the post-login redirect. That is, after logging in via the link provided, you will be directed back to the page that you were on instead of being sent to the user page.


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