HybridAuth Social Login [D8]

Social logins for Drupal 8 using Facebook, Twitter and Google+


Vault is an open source solution for managing secrets, like keys or passwords.

This project aims to provide a Drupal-based integration for Vault.

Exploration will be evaluating the following features outlined as use cases:

Use case 1 - Integration with the Key module to allow Vault to be used for key-based storage.

Use case 2 - A field-based storage option

Use case 3 - Extending the Password Manager interface to develop a Vault-based password manager

Temporary login links

Temporary login link (D8)

Use case

Imagine you suppose to disable the regular Drupal username/ password login on your site in order to replace it with some other kind of authentication way, but time-to-time you still need to provide access to this from.

Role mixins / Subroles

Given you build something like a Drupal distribution containing of several submodules, for example managed via features, there is one major problems, how do you manage permissions.
Per default Drupal stores every permission of a given role in a single configuration. This makes it hard to have multiple features providing permissions. So for example a gallery feature would like to grant permissions to create images, and an article feature would like to grant permissions for editing articles.



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