Claim on registration


Allows anonymous users to create content and then automatically claim it upon successful registration.

Inspired by

Create and register for Drupal 7.


It turns your Drupal 8 site into a Identity Provider using SimpleSAMLphp.

Remove Drupal Orphaned users (LDAP)

This module processes all users and checks if the user still exist in the remote LDAP server.
This module also works with multiple Ldap-servers (This doesnt work in the core ldap module).
Optionally removes the orphaned user at another Drupal installation (same host, using drush)

Account Unblock

Account Activation

This module was developed to give users a way to activate their account through dedicated URLs and a secure process. By default, Drupal doesn't offer a way to allow users to unlock their own account after it has been blocked for different reasons such as a forgotten password leading to too many failed login attempts, or others.

Twilio OTP

twilio otp

At the time of user register, entered mobile number on user register form have to verify using OTP facility before registration.
After enter mobile number user have to click on Send OTP button to get the OTP on entered mobile number and finally enter that OTP on the user register form inside OTP field.



RNG Contact

Provides a non-user contact suitable for usage with RNG v1.3 (unreleased)

See the quick start guide for setup instructions and basic configuration.


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