Membersuite SSO

This module enables users to access a Drupal site using their Membersuite login, upon login a corresponding user is automatically created on the Drupal site and is set up as an 'authenticated user'. Module creates Single Sign On between Drupal and Membersuite, once user logs into Drupal they are also logged into Membersuite.

Entity collection access

Defines an access checker for entity collection.

Country Specific Entities

Sandbox project for extending the Country Specific Nodes module to Country Specific Entities.


Prefinery is a complete launch platform for your web or mobile application beta. Manage signups, encourage viral referrals, generate invitation codes, and follow-up with your users.

This module only handles beta user login to Drupal site via invitation code generated by Prefinery. Beta invitation, beta code generation are handled via Prefinery. Since this module is likely short lives, no configuration UI is provided, configure by setting the variables.


OAuth2 API Tokens

Uses the OAuth2 Server module to provide API tokens.

Very primitive right now. It requires these two patches to OAuth2 Server:


Redirect on login

Redirect on login allows you to redirect users after they login.

You can set a global redirection active for every users like similar modules.

But you can also set redirections based on users uid or role.


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