SecSign ID

SecSign ID - The mobile way to log into web sites

SecSign ID is a plugin for real two-factor authentication (2FA) for Drupal sites. 2FA adds another layer of security to your website by using a second token. In this case the physical token is your smartphone. If you seek for more information about about two-factor authentication have a look at

Message System

Replaces system mails (eg. user registration) with Message module messages - allows for SMS, fields, attachments etc.

Achieves this by declaring Message types for each user mail, then using hook_mail_alter to intercept those mails and send via Message instead.

Some user tokens (eg. one-time-login-url, cancel-url) require a patch to Token module to be replaced properly:


CS_Cart SSO is a small Drupal module to allow single sign-on with CS-Cart.
Tested with cs-cart 4.2.x and 4.3.x

Smart IP Ban

Smart IP Ban

This module leverages the IP blocking feature in Drupal core. Automatically blocks and unblocks user IP address if too many incorrect login attempt were made. If N number of failed_login_attempt_ip events were reported in flood table within some interval then IP address will be added to blocked_ips list for configured interval. Unblocking will happen on cron run when blocking time elapse.



iMoneza Logo

iMoneza is a digital micro-transaction paywall service. This WordPress plugin allows you to quickly and easily integrate iMoneza with your site. It will add iMoneza's paywall to your site and allow you to manage your iMoneza resources from within WordPress.

iMoneza provides:


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