Preview API

Content preview system for Drupal which allows you view content as it will appear after publishing.


  • Headless Drupal
  • Previewing content in themes

Features including:

  • Previewing unpublished content
  • Preview using links which can be shared and do not require a login


miniOrange Active Directory/LDAP Module for Cloud Service Providers

Login to publicly/privately hosted Drupal sites using credentials stored in Active Directory, OpenLDAP and other LDAP servers. If the LDAP Server is not publicly accessible from your Drupal site, this module can be used in conjunction with the miniOrange LDAP Gateway, which is deployed at the DMZ server in the intranet. There is no need to have the PHP LDAP extension enabled.

Primo Discovery SSO


Allows Drupal to share user sessions with Primo.


1. Place the primo_sso module into your modules directory (sites/all/modules)

2. Enable the module in admin >> site configuration >> modules

3. Set up access permissions in admin >> user >> permissions for both 'administer primo'
and 'access primo discovery'.



TFA Rules

TFA Rules message

Two-Factor Authentication Rules is a Drupal module that provides integration with the Rules module to add a condition to check to see if TFA has been enabled for a user.

This module also includes a default rule that redirects users on login to the TFA security page with a message recommending that they configure it.


Social Authorization

Social Authorization stub text.



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