OpenID Connect REST API

A REST API for Drupal OpenID Connect module. (D8 only)

Login Trust

Beginning of a new module for establishing user trust profiles, and activities around untrusted/suspicious access.

The goal of this project is to create a system of trust around how users login to their Drupal accounts, and in the event that a login is deemed suspicious when compared to previous logins, it should notify the account owner.

PixelPin OpenID Connect

PixelPin Logo

PixelPin OpenID Connect is a module for authenticating with PixelPin using the OpenID Connect API.

PixelPin OpenID Connect allows you to connect your website to PixelPin and let users authenticate using passwordless pictures. With PixelPin OpenID Connect module, your user's to log in to your website using their PixelPin pictures. With PixelPin OpenID Connect, user's will no longer need to complete numerous forms for a successful registration.

Step-by-step installation instructions can be found on our dedicated developer site:

Admin Login Path

This is a simple project that alters the route for login to use the admin theme. There is no UI for the module, by enabling it you will have altered the routes for user/login, user/password, and user/register to use the sites administration theme.

Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer Registration Service

User Registration made simple for your Drupal Website! Let users register via email registration or social login as per their choice and manage their profile with simple LoginRadius Dashboard!

This plugin requires Paid Subscription of LoginRadius service...


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