Restful Toboggan

Restfull Toboggan
Restful Toboggan enable authentication by email or username on Drupal 7, require RESTful-Drupal module ( Restful Best Practice )


Drupal 7.4



Resource Url


return X-CSRF-Token

Angularjs Client

Services Auth

Provides additional authentication for the services module

Profile2 Agreement

Module allows administrators to display an agreement to users of a particular profile.

CAS Destination Workbench


You are using CAS and Workbench and you want you users to arrive at "My Workbench" the way it works for site accounts. This module fixes that.

Form mode control

In Drupal 8, you can create "form modes" which are for any content entity a different organization of the form (show / hidden, order, form widget, etc.).

Issue is that you can't actually use them except for register / edit profile.


User Access Timeslot

This module allows administrators to limit access for users on specific timeslots depending on their roles.

If a user try to login out of active timeslots, he will be automatically logout.

When a user logon on active timeslots, an expiration date is set to automatically logout him at the end of the timeslot.


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