User friendly appearance on RSS feeds.
Depending on a users browser configuration, they can be presented with a page of XML when following links to RSS feeds. This could be considered to be un-intuitive to some categories of user. This module transforms the appearance of RSS feeds into a more intuitive html page without breaking the required RSS specification required for RSS reading software.

External CDN

This module allows to add external CDNs and manage visibility for each of them from the admin panel.


Pretend you want to integrate to your site some js framework, css library or some awesome fonts that you found in the Internet. How you can do this? Here is some ways:

Developer Module

Developer Module

This module enable theme debug option from admin. It will also enable caching disable and cache clear feature from admin section.

Currently, We are developing this project.

Colorbox Zoom

Zoom in on an image that has been loaded through Colorbox. This is great if you have a high resolution image that'd you'd like to show more detail.

Demo & more info:
This integrates Jack Moore's jQuery Zoom plugin with Drupal Colorbox.

Zoom is triggered on hover by default and can be changed to grab, click, or toggle - zooming over the part of the image where the mouse is at.

Social Book Plus

Social Book Plus provides a book navigation block for the social book module in the Open Social distribution.

In book navigation block core you have to click on the book page title in order to see its child pages.

With the Social Book Plus the user can expand each book page and navigate to deeper book pages without reloading the page.


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