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Request show

SEO, presentation, themes, they all depend on an understanding of who visits your site and what they use to view your site. This module helps you develop responsive themes by showing you your screen/window size and anything wider than your design width.


Replace all confirm() and alert() dialogs with SweetAlert ( ) .

Pseudo field

This module allows you to render an extra field as a real field (with field label).


The extra fields that can be attached to the entity using
hook_field_extra_fields() lack the overall look and feel of real fields because
real fields have labels and a theme around them while extra fields initially
look pretty bare (unless you theme them manually).

Just add "#pseudo_field" property set to TRUE to the extra field output render
array and it will look just like the real field!


Request desktop site

Web browsers on mobile devices can request the desktop version of a Web site. This module provides a simple function to respond to that choice within code or a template. You do not need Browscap or anything else.

The code is designed for performance, not all the fancy flexibility of Browscap based approaches.


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