Field PgwSlideshow

A screenshot of a dark-colored PgwSlideshow with no maximum height, visible controls, active touch controls, and a visible list, which manually slides between images.


This module aims to let you use Pagawa's PgwSlideshow to display images in an imagefield.

Why another image slideshow? Why not use the The Field Slideshow module? It turns out that Field Slideshow doesn't do a great job of adapting to the width of the browser window (it's not very "responsive" in the "responsive design" sense). I needed a field slideshow that could do that.

Bootstrap Add Breakpoints

This module adds current breakpoint (xs,sm,md,lg) as body class depending on viewport width.


Elevator.js [ ] fixes those awkward "scroll to top" moments the old fashioned way.

This module aim to provide your users with a better 'scroll to top' experience


Vertical Tabs Config

Vertical Tabs Config visibility admin page

This module allows you to:


Devel form debug

This module adds a contextual link to every form that lets you easily find out form's ID, name of hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() hook and print out form's variables. The module is a successor of Get Form ID ( which is deprecated from now on.

By hovering over any form you will see a contextual link available. By expanding the link you will see the form ID. Click on the link and you will see a modal window with copyable form id and hook_form_FORM_ID_alter() hook suggestion.



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