Twig clone

Provides clone function to twig templates, this is required to copy objects such as attributes.

{% set attributes_copy = clone(attributes) %}

Background rotate

Add an interface to upload multiple background images to be changed with a set interval.


Non-Clickable Menu Items

Module 'Non-Clickable Menu Items' allows to have menu items which will not react on user's clicks. This could be a parent menu items which should behave as a containers.

Each menu item will have a setting 'Disable clicks' at edit page and also admin's settings page '/admin/config/user-interface/non-clickable-menu-items' where collected all selected menu items.

Support: GreyBox Technologies


Libraries Debug


This module will display which libraries are been loaded on every page request. This module uses Kint module to display variables nested. Once libraries_debug is been installed, clear cache and you will see your libraries information on every page request.


Bootstrap CDN

A simple module to add js/css through Bootstraps CDN service depending on conditions like pages or roles.

Nice login

nice login demonstration

Nice login is a very light and simple module which improve look of pages /user/login, user/register and user/password, by removing standards tabs Login, Reset Password and Create an account, and injecting inside each form the relevant links.

Nice login module provide basic css and wrapper for the login / register/ reset password forms. You should theme these forms according to your active theme.

For example, using a bootstrap base theme, you could add these following rules in your styles to center the forms.



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