Uikit Slideshow

Uikit slideshow with navigation thumbs

This is a Views Plugin that provides a lightweight slideshow with thumbnail navigation. It requires Uikit, which has been adapted for Drupal 8 in the Uikitty base theme. The module comes with a view definition and an image style for out-of-the-box implementation.

flatpickr datetimepicker


The flatpickr module implements the flatpickr JavScript Library.

“A lightweight & powerful datetimepicker.”

Provides a date / time picker that integrates with the Date module.

@todo update description.

Link formatter social

Simple link field formatter wich adds different css classes depending on the social link url.
It works out of the box for:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Email

Also adds the link url domain as a class.

This module only adds the css class from link url, other modules bring similar functionality, check them out!
Social Media Link Formatter

Human Decimal Formatter


A tiny module that provides a simple decimal field formatter that displays decimal digits only if exist (because humans are not computersTM).

For example 3.00 will render as 3 (no digital digits) but 3.23 will render as 3.23 etc.

Initially I found it helpful to propose this formatter on core but until this happens it would be better to add this here as a separate module and get feedback from the community.

Scaffolding was made with Drupal Console.



This module provides an API and render elements to use icons within Drupal 8. It defines a configuration entity type for icon sets and a plugin type for Icon Libraries. But to make sure everybody won't start empty handed, a set of sub modules is included to integrate icons Icomoon and Fontello from the start.


Drupal 8 and the Options core module

Custom Menu Links (menu_link_content) core module.

Web components

See Drupal @ PSU Blog post

Web components are the future. Not layout systems, not template engines, not endless tpl files. Webcomponents.org is an emerging web industry standard to replace all of that. This module allows your front end people to develop exclusively in things like polymer and to have no knowledge of Drupal to do work for Drupal.


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