Easy as hell jQuery plugin for video backgrounds.

  • All modern desktop browsers are supported.
  • IE9+
  • iOS plays video from a browser only in the native player. So video for iOS is disabled, only fullscreen poster will be used.
  • Some android devices play video, some not — go figure. So video for android is disabled, only fullscreen poster will be used.


Breakpoints Settings

This module grabs all the breakpoints from enabled themes and modules and pass them as an array to drupalSettings to be able to access them from javascript.


Transliterate Twig Filter

The module adds a twig filter for transliterating strings. For example:

{{ 'Hällo' | transliterate() }} becomes => Hallo



Classify will provide the ability to add classes (and other attributes) on any entity type.

Allow a user configurable field to allow adding custom classes/attributes to an entity.
Allow a predefined set of classes/attributes to be provided by a module/theme, allowing a user to select a class/attribute that already has 'functionality' attached to it.
Each type of attribute (class, id, title, data-x, etc.) should be setup via a Plugin.



This is D7 Twig engine function extension.

Bootstrap Paragraphs

Bootstrap Paragraph types

For content creators, attempts to use wysiwyg editors to create structured layouts typically lead to frustration and compromise. With this module you can easily position chunks of content (Paragraph bundles) within a structured layout of your own design.

This suite of Paragraph bundles works within the Bootstrap framework.



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