Image style per role

Image style per role is a new Image field formatter that allows to display image with a different image style for every role.
Module has a configuration for roles and styles available.

If the user has a multiple roles - the image style for role with a highest weight would be used as a priority.

Path Theme

Allows you to specify a different theme to use per path via a simple config form.

Glazed Theme Helper

This module contains features of Glazed theme that can't live in the theme itself.

Only install this module if you're using Glazed theme or Glazed Free theme.

Theme by author

Theme by author allows you to change the theme of a given entity based on its author.

It does not work only on nodes, but on any entity type, that implements \Drupal\user\EntityOwnerInterface. This module adds a new "theme" base field to the user entity. Upon visiting the canonical route (detail page) of an (EntityOwnerInterface) entity, the implementend theme negotiator will return the correct theme of the entity's author, if that user entity has a custom theme set.


Lory logo

Lory is a touch enabled minimalistic slider written in vanilla JavaScript.

Path to Body Class

Path to Body Class v0.1.0


  • Drulal 7.x
  • Pathauto

This module takes the Pathauto path of the given node, converts it into a string (replacing any slashes with dashes), and then inserts this as a class into the body element of the node.

This is useful when using CSS wildcards for styling sections of your site, but don't want to install and play with the Contex module.

Just install this module like any other, and then start the styling.


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