Entity display

Set the display of an entity by code.

Add and Remove CSS and JS files

Add Style

This module allow user to add and remove available CSS and JS file in project.

Please post your ideas and suggestions in the issue queue.

Twig Backlink

The Twig Backlink Twig extension builds a list of URL of the parents of the node based on the field name passed in the Twig twig_backlink extension parameter.


{{ twig_backlink('field_name') }}

This extension will automatically build a list of parents when an An Entity Reference field is used and referenced in the Twig file.


- An Entity Reference field added to a node.
- Access to a node twig file that the themer can edit.

Collapsible Drag 'n Drop

Managing drupal's menus relies heavily on draggable tables. Dragging menu items around to order them and manage their hierarchy is very intuitive.

But this system breaks down when your menu structure starts getting more and more elaborate, which makes it difficult to drag parent items with many children. It becomes almost impossible to handle an item if its sub-tree is bigger than your screen!

This module makes it possible to collapse these sub-trees to make the drag 'n drop action easy and intuitive again.

Modifiers Pack

Modifiers pack module logo

This module provides an starter set of Modifiers which will be helpful for basic and common modification use cases.


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