Bootstrap Banners Widget

Bootstrap Banners Widget is basically designed to add slider/carousel content to site. Without adding any content type we can add slider anywhere on site. It basically depends on panels and created as panel widget.

Dependency Modules.

Disable HTML5 validation

Drupal's own form validation is way more flexible and accessible than the HTML5 validation your browser performs. Unfortunately, HTML5 validation is performed before Drupal validation, so Drupal validation never happens. This module disables browser validation in all your forms by adding the novalidate attribute to the form tag. Learn more why HTML5 validation is bad here:

Hopefully, once this issue is resolved, this module isn't needed any more.


Bootstrap Block Panels

A very simple module for making blocks as Bootstrap 3 panels.

Twig Pre-Render

Twig Pre-render is a twig extension that allows you to pre-render and preprocess Drupal render arrays so you can get at all the contextual variables inside.


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