Image Lazyload

This module adds a field formatter for Image fields and text format that allows images to be lazy loaded. Lazy loading image can dramatically decrease the initial page load time.

FacetAPI Bootstrap Dropdown

Bootstrap Dropdown Image

This module creates a new widget for the Facet API that will place the normal Facet links into a Bootstrap Dropdown.


Fuel UX

Placeholder for Fuel UX Module that I am working on. This will work along with The Drupal Bootstrap theme.

Getting Started Pages:

Github Page:

RNG Quick

Provides a faster method to register for events.


Animated Socialbar

This is small module to implement sliding social page links in your site.
Yes, we are enhancing the module implementing new feature

We are trying to implement in below demo drupal module.

Font Awesome SVG


The Font Awesome SVG module allows you to display the famous Font Awesome icons
as inline SVG images. There is much debate about the merits of icon fonts versus
using SVG vector graphics. For an introduction on the topic, see e.g.

To submit bug reports and feature suggestions, or to track changes:



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