Bootstrap CDN

A simple module to add js/css through Bootstraps CDN service depending on conditions like pages or roles.

Nice login

nice login demonstration

Nice login is a very light and simple module which improve look of pages /user/login, user/register and user/password, by removing standards tabs Login, Reset Password and Create an account, and injecting inside each form the relevant links.

Nice login module provide basic css and wrapper for the login / register/ reset password forms. You should theme these forms according to your active theme.

For example, using a bootstrap base theme, you could add these following rules in your styles to center the forms.


Better Module Dependencies

This module enhances modules list page and comes in handy if you have a large amount of modules installed on your Drupal website. In cases like that each module's requirements list becomes larger and larger, therefore it becomes very hard to read and work with module dependencies. So what this module actually does is making any module dependency clickable.


Bg Video

The Background Video allows you to add videos as background block for your website.

* This module does not require installation of additional modules.

* There are no recommended modules.

Component Libraries

Registers “component libraries” defined by your theme or module as Twig namespaces.

What are Twig namespaces?

Twig natively offers a feature called “namespaced paths”. Drupal core registers many Twig namespaces so that you can reference the Twig templates from specific modules or themes. For example, you may have seen this:


Webform Form Class

Adding classes to Web Forms form elements can be a pain. This module adds a class to the form element based on the webform title. Extra classes can be added in the advanced settings.


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