Config Override Indicator

This module is especially useful for developers working on sites where there are configuration overrides in place depending on the environment. It prevents confusion that arise when changing a form setting, but appears to not take effect.

Toolbar Menu Clean

Toolbar Menu Clean

Clean up Toolbar Menu

This module used with Toolbar Menu allow you can disable Administration and Shortcuts Toolbar menu.

It help you can create menu per client's role, help the client don't mess with the default current Drupal Administration menu.

How does it work?

Follow instruction of to create new menu for roles you need with Toolbar Menu

Entity theme suggestions

This module provides a plugin which can define new theme suggestions for entities. It replaces hook_theme_suggetions_alter(). The module provides a base suggestions class, "EntityThemeSuggestionsBase", that can be extended by any plugin so that it inherits the most common theme suggestions.


Create a class in "Plugin/ThemeSuggestions" directory structure of your module,
that implements "EntityThemeSuggestionsInterface" interface. The
"alterSuggestions" function should return all the theme suggestions for your entity.


Panels-based plugin that wraps a Twig / REST JSON-schema-defined library of components.

This code will parse a pattern library (local or through REST endpoints) to generate a list of "content types" in panels that can be drag/dropped into panel variants.

If enabled, the configuration screen is simply an iframe wrapper of a simplified version of the PatternLab schema builder.

When pattern configurations are saved, the template is downloaded locally (to mitigate origin failures and lock in version at time of configuration.)

Form mode field extra

This module will help in adding custom classes and field wrapper prefix and suffix in form mode
You can use a different setup for different form mode.

How to use
1. Go to "Manage Form Display" of a node type
3. Click on settings of any field
4. Enter prefix and suffix wrapper elements or Enter CSS Class
5. Click "Update" button
6. Remember to click "Save" button after making necessary changes.

1. Title override for every form mode


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