EMS Event

Feature module that creates the EMS Event content type and corresponding taxonomy. This module requires the EMS API module.

Taxonony MaxDepth


Taxonomy Customizer

The module provides a feature to check duplicate term within a vocabulary and also check duplicate term within a term. And also provides some more features like, you can restrict for deletion of terms if it is using by any content. You need to do settings from setting form.

Vacation Calendar Project

Vacation Calendar

Contents of files:

* Requirements
* Description/Features
* Installation
* Credits

Drupal 7.0


This module gives the possibility of managing a Holiday schedule for a company,
it also gives an Admin UI to change status (approval/denied) of events in the
Management Menus and a mailing system integrated inside the view.


Simple Taxonomy to Menu

Provide similar function with taxonomy menu, but much different:

  • 1, create a sync form for each vocabulary, at:
  • 2, use menu link content entity
  • 3,provide weight support
  • 4,custom path pattern: for example /taxonomy/term/%tid, /category/%tid, /vocabulary/%tid/all

Both of these feature does not support for D8 taxonomy menu module, so I build a simple version for our use case.


Menu Breadcrumb with Attachment by Taxonomy

example of deep-linked page on menu

This module was under development during the period we were all waiting for a D8 implementation of Menu Breadcrumb. I wrote this to implement the same behaviour, but while working on a second module to breadcrumb articles by taxonomy (for the common Blog use case) I realised:

  • The simplest way to breadcrumb taxonomy members, as in the case of multiple Blogs, is with a breadcrumb trail which continues from the Blog page's own breadcrumbs.


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