Term name validation

These is very light weight module, and helps to validate term names with min/max characters, Blacklist special characters/words and unique term names. Current version only works in the taxonomy term pages (admin/structure/taxonomy/%/add or taxonomy/term/%/edit).

Validating the term name by

  1. Special characters/Words blacklist
  2. Length (optionally specify min and / or max length)
  3. Unique term names (for specific vocabulary)


Bettery Taxonomy Term UI

Term order page

"Bettery Taxonomy Term UI" module gives taxonomy managers ability to add, remove, order entities from the term page.

Node Order
Entity Reference Autocomplete


Simple Taxonomy block

Simple module, To show Taxonomy terms in a block


Drupal packaged distribution that powers up standards-based free and open access legal information websites.


The taxonomy module rewritten

Flat taxonomy

Provide a new option in vocabulary creation/edition form to force it to be flat.
Alter the term overview page to be sure it impossible to create a nested vocabulary.



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