Auto Recommend Content Tags (Thru Apache Stanbol)

Drupal 8 + Apache Stanbol + Socket.IO = Auto Recommend Content Tags!

This module utilizes Apache Stanbol to suggest tags, or search keywords while an editor is typing or creating new content.
It hooks with Apache Stanbol via a web socket to provide real-time tags recommendations when adding/editing content.

Taxonomy Widgets

Drupal 8 replaced Taxonomy Term references with Entity References. When managing the form display you can choose between four widgets provided by core that are generic for all Entity References. This module provides widgets specifically for Term references.

Taxonmy format

This is made by danlinn, I do not claim I made this, I simply started upgrading it for Drupal 8.

Taxonomy Multi-delete Terms

Taxonomy multi delete terms

This module makes it possible to delete multiple term at one time. You need to select terms and click on delete button. All selected terms will be delete. You can also delete all terms at one time.


  • 1. Install the module and activate it.
  • 2. Go to Structure - Taxonomy - list terms (if you have added vocabulary).
  • 3. Select check-box (in front of the list item).
  • 4. Click on delete button

Entity view mode path

Create additional paths for a given entity type and choose which view mode should be used for rendering. For instance, if you want to show the teaser of a node at a specific URL.



On the configuration page you can add as many path patterns as you desire, path patterns are based on the regular entity url's/aliases.

Taxonomy Comment

Taxonomy Comments Image

By enabling this module there will be a comment form for a taxonomy term. There are some steps to follow for enable commenting for a taxonomy term.
Module Configuration


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