Taxonomy Autocomplete Permission

Defines which roles can add new taxonomy terms when using the autocomplete widget.

Webform Simple Hierarchical Select

Provides a webform component which renders a shs field.

Sponsored by Kirk Monteux for


TagCloud Block


This module enables users to easily create and configure TagCloud blocks based on ANY vocabulary existed in drupal system.
Font sizes are calculated by logarithmic method, thus, output is quite beautiful.


  • Taxonomy
  • Block

There are no other requirements for this module's basic functionality.

Tax term ref widgets

More widgets for taxonomy term reference fields

  • Select list 2D lvl 2 - optgroups for 1st level terms, selectable 2nd level terms
  • Select list 2D lvl 1 - only 1st level terms, no 2nd level
  • Select list 2D lvl 1 | lvl 2 - both levels selectable, formatted like "Level one | Level two"

Web Taxonomy plugin for Language of Bindings

This module is a plugin for the Web Taxonomy module which allows terms to be collected from the Language of Bindings Thesaurus. This module is supported by Ligatus and the University of the Arts London.

Checkbox auto create

Checkbox auto create - Add new term on the fly.

Provides a widget for taxonomy fields with additional option to create new terms on the fly.

- New checkboxes are only saved to the database on node submission.
- No orphan terms in the vocabulary when the node with new terms was not saved.
- Only new terms which are checked, will be saved. E.g. when you add a new term with a typo, just uncheck the term and it will not be created on node submission.


Special thanks to Heipenberg for co-developing.


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