Entity Share

Entity Share is a all in one module allowing you to share some entities like node, field collection, taxonomy, medias etc between different Drupal instances.

How does it work ?

The principle of this module is to generate some export from one instance and to send this exported datas to a remote Drupal using a server that will import the datas.

Public Tags

This module provides an extra display field for taxonomy fields that allows users with the right permissions to edit the taxonomy terms related to a entity. This makes it easy for visitors to participate and extend your content.

There are 2 different cases:

Taxonomy delete link

This module provides a link which deletes taxonomy term.

In taxonomy overview terms table the "delete link" has been added at operations column
and display the available operations depending on user's permissions (edit, delete).

Also, the taxonomy_delete_link_views submodule exists and makes the taxonomy term
delete link available for use to views.

Taxonomy Sections

Create different sections of a website based on PURL (http://dgo.to/purl) and taxonomy terms.

  • Allows to specify a vocabulary to create purl modifiers from.
  • Adds a 'default argument' 'A term id provided by PURL' to views.

Each term in the chosen vocabulary has a path field.

Once a user visits a path from a certain term, this path persists.
Views can be filtered based on the term persisting in the url.

Taxonomy manager 8

Sandbox project for D8 version of taxonomy manager http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_manager

Taxonomy Wrangler

Taxonomy Wrangler overrides the default taxonomy overview page by providing collapsible terms for hierarchical vocabularies and autosave via ajax.



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