Menu Entity Index

The Menu Entity Index module builds and maintains an index of Menu Link Content entities and their referenced entities. It also provides some basic Views integration for Menu Link Content entities.


This module will import and export taxonomy in Drupal 8.

PoolParty Taxonomy Manager for Drupal

The PoolParty Taxonomy Manager gives you the possibility to export any number of Drupal taxonomies to a connected PoolParty project. The opposite way, to import taxonomies from a PoolParty project, is also available.
At the end the module helps you to keep the taxonomy terms up-to-date with an update mechanism.

Auto Recommend Content Tags (Thru Apache Stanbol)

Drupal 8 + Apache Stanbol + Socket.IO = Auto Recommend Content Tags!

Auto Recommend Content Tags (Thru Apache Stanbol)

This module utilizes Apache Stanbol to suggest tags, or search keywords while an editor is typing or creating new content.
It hooks with Apache Stanbol via a web socket to provide real-time tags recommendations when adding/editing content.

Taxonomy Widgets

Drupal 8 replaced Taxonomy Term references with Entity References. When managing the form display you can choose between four widgets provided by core that are generic for all Entity References. This module provides widgets specifically for Term references.

Taxonmy format

This is made by danlinn, I do not claim I made this, I simply started upgrading it for Drupal 8.


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