Term Content

Term content is a simple administration UI to manage (sort/filter) Taxonomy term's content

Why Term Content ?

There is no any way to customize the term content's order in drupal, most of the times we are using nodequeue module to order the nodes. It is very hard to manage the content in both nodequeue and taxonomy, This module might solve the problem. we can easily customize the node's order based on the terms and also we could list the nodes in views based on the custom orders.

For more details Check README.txt file.

Dynamic Tag Clouds

This module provides a Tag Cloud based searching of content.

Views Taxonomy Term Name Depth

We have a contextual filter from core "Content:Has taxonomy term Id with Depth".
Looking for a way to filter a view with taxonomy term name ? This module, on installation adds a contextual Filter plugin that allows a view to be filtered based on the taxonomy term name.

Vocabulary Condition

Vocabulary Condition used with the Context module

Provides a Taxonomy Vocabulary condition for block visibility.

This condition can be used when configuring visibility rules for blocks on the Blocks Layout page, or when configuring conditions with the Context module.

Entity Delete

Entity Delete module is for deleting content of any entity types in bulk.

STEP 1: Download and extract module to /module directory (/module/contrib if
using separate for custom and contrib).
STEP 2: For enabling navigate to /admin/modules and select 'Entity Delete'
and click on install.

For deleting content in a bulk need to navigate to

Select the Entity type for which you need to delete all available content.


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