Simple taxonomy menu

A simple menu module based on taxonomy that uses blocks to show menu's that can have multiple levels.

The main reason for this module is to give people an alternative who are having issues with taxonomy menu.
This module will keep the menu active when users are viewing nodes, that way they can keep track of where they are in the menu, this works for people browsing through the website and for people landing on a node directly.


Taxonomy Icon Classes

Formatting settings

This module provides a formatter for Taxonomy term reference fields, that allows you to display an icon corresponding to each of the terms. You create taxonomy terms that correspond to your icon classes, minus the prefixes, and the module will spit them out as HTML <i> tags with the correct classes applied.

Concept Recommender Service (a.k.a Xowl Semantic Service)

Content enrichment using Xowl service

Ximdex Platform allow you to aggregate, edit, normalize, identify named entities, enrich content, transform, expand, retrieve, and publish data, from both structured and unstructured sources. You will be able to pull relevant information, share it, analyze it, and visualize it. See our demos at Ximdex Demo

Furthermore we have developed some clients for most popular cms platforms to consume our services. In this case for Drupal.



This module provides functionality to build a hierarchical biological taxonomy sourced from the ITIS database ( Dependencies:

  • PHP PDO Sqlite Module
  • Batch API
  • Libraries
  • Entity

Depending on the options selected, the created taxonomy could be enormous. Be aware that extremely large taxonomies can have adverse effects on Drupal.

Workbench Access IMCE

Workbench Access IMCE provides a function, workbench_access_imce_path, that can
be used with the directory specifications in IMCE profiles along with the
Workbench Access section assignment to give people access to the same imce
folders as Workbench Sections. It is useful when users need to have access to
the same folders as the Workbench Sections. This way you don't need to create a
role for each user in imce.

Vocabulary status

This module provide statuses for taxonomy vocabularies. It determines possibility of create, remove and change terms in this taxonomies.


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