Taxonomy term fields manager

This module is useful for listing the custom term fields on taxonomy term page.
The module provides an interface for select the fields which you want to display on term listing page.

Taxonomy Term Deletion Check

The Taxonomy Term Deletion Check module checks if the taxonomy term is
associated to a node or a child term prior to deletion.

The checking occurs when you are in the edit term page. If the selected
term is associated to a node or a term, the delete button is disabled
(greyed out - as shown in the screenshot) with an explanation on the side.

Note: This module only prevents the deletion of a term in the UI, it will
not react to programmatically deleted terms.

SHS Extra

This module extends Simple Hierarchical Select to add more functionalities through the UI. I've created this module because there is an understanding that SHS should be kept simple. However, features that are added by SHS will be removed from this module.

Currently, this module adds the following features to SHS:

Uniclass 2015

Uniclass 2015 is a unified classification for the UK industry covering all construction sectors. This module brings Uniclass 2015 classification to Drupal 8.


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