Tag queue API


This module if a fork of Tag API module.
But instead of real-time tag processing on node edit form submit, all processing moved to Drupal queue.
Fully compatible with hook_tag_suggestion_info(). But hook_tag_ui_info() have different arguments.

You can use Tag queue API module with Autotag module. You just need to remove dependency to Tag API from Autotag module info file.

Google Product Taxonomy


Google Product Taxonomy module provides the following features:


Taxonomy manager lite

Taxonomy manager lite is a simple module that enables the easy management of taxonomy terms based on vocabulary and terms. You can re-assign terms as well as delete un-assigned terms easily using this module.

This module has two main features:


taxonomy geo formatter

Geocoder autocomplete provides an autocomplete widget for taxonomy via the Google Geocoder API. Save hierarchically like


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