Entity Pilot Git


Entity Pilot Git extends the Entity Pilot module by providing a transport mechanism that exports and imports via the file system.

This module is designed so that syndication of content between sites can be done entirely through a Git respository.


This module provides the possibility to integrate external DCAT providers and import the datasets those DCAT feeds offer.

The main module provides the following entity types:

  • Dataset
  • Distribution
  • Agent
  • vCard

All these entities have the neccerary fields to conform with DCAT-AP.


Webmention is a way to notify any URL when you link to it on your site. For more information: https://indieweb.org/webmention.

This module uses Webmention client library to send webmentions when a content is created on the site.

The module is under active development and not yet ready for production use.


A logo of Wikipedia, a data source for the Puzzler module

Puzzler makes it easy to insert bits and pieces of Wikipedia content into Drupal, keeping the information fresh as improvements are done by the community of Wikipedia editors.

Steal Our Content

screenshot of modal share dialog and republish button

Steal Our Content is a module that displays a "Republish" button as a block on the site. The block is very configurable. When you use the republish button, you get a modal (provided by CTools) that includes the markup of the node being viewed.

It includes a "Steal Our Content Track" submodule which will also enable a tracking pixel in the provided code to do basic analytics on where the republished content is being viewed, and how much.


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