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Provides a strong integration with Webdam. This project is under active development and doesn't do much just yet, but contributions of all kinds are welcome.

Cision Notified Pull

This module create a service endpoint that accepts HTTP POSTSs of a pure XML document. Then Provide this URL to Cision administration to set as service Endpoint.

Service Endpoint URL


Simple Podcast

Simple Podcast

Simple Podcast is just that - a simple module for quickly setting up one or more podcasts within your Drupal site, and immediately having an iTunes compatible xml podcast feed, no coding or extensive configuration required.

Alternatives to this Module

While we think this module is the simplest solution, there are other ways to achieve the same end goal:


json feed logo

Extends Views to provide a JSON Feed (an alternative or supplement to RSS or Atom) display plugin.

JSON Feed example feed output:

Domain GoogleNews Sitemap

Domain GoogleNews SiteMap
This module generates a Google News sitemap specific to each domain feed based on the content created
within the last 48 hours as default configration.

NOTE : The content whoes domain source is not set will not be visible as google new sitemap content.

* Domain Google News -compatible sitemap XML output.

* Selection of content types to be output is configurable.


Zhilagg is a module to gathering data form several feed(RSS) addresses and scrape data, convert them into custom entity type accessible via views.


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