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Steal Our Content is a module that displays a "Republish" button as a block on the site. The block is very configurable. When you use the republish button, you get a modal (provided by CTools) that includes the markup of the node being viewed.

It includes a "Steal Our Content Track" submodule which will also enable a tracking pixel in the provided code to do basic analytics on where the republished content is being viewed, and how much.



Settings page

About Webform2EspoCRM
Webform2EspoCRM is a rebuild of the module Webform2Sugar.
It extends the Webform module with the ability to capture webform results as a new lead/Contact/Account in EspoCRM.

The module uses the EspoCRMs rest api to make new records.
See documentation here

Besides this, the record can be attacted to a campaign.

NB! Currently no support for EspoCrm Enum fieldtypes.

Courier Slack

Adds Slack support to Courier.


Skyword - Migrate

This module integrates the cloud based content authoring platform Skyword with Drupal.

Facebook Instant Articles

The Facebook Instant Articles modules allow administrators to add content from a Drupal site to Facebook, to be viewed on mobile devices as Instant Articles.

About the Facebook Instant Articles service

Facebook has introductory information for publishers
as well as in-depth documentation for developers.



TeaChest is a Drupal 8 module for content as a service.



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