Webform Answers

A simple module for building quizzes using Webform 8.x-5.0. Webform Answers allows you to specify correct answers to your Webform questions.

SzuBe API integration

SzuBe API integration module help to integrate Szube API to drupal sites.


SzuBe is a webmaster tools system allow to analyse monitor web sites (http://www.szube.com).



API activation (And config on SzuBe) : https://szu.be/szu/apiconfig
API documentation : https://szu.be/documentation/1002/szu-api

Piwik reporting API

Piwik logo

Provides an API to retrieve statistics from the Piwik open source web analytics platform. This module is intended for developers to integrate statistics in their projects, it has no UI for end users or site builders.


See the piwik_reporting_api_example module for an example implementation of a block that shows some Piwik statistics.

Coorrency - Currency Converter

Coorrency provides your website the ability to convert currencies with super updated rates.

Based on Yahoo Finances responses, Coorrency brings (via ajax or not) the rate conversion ultra fast.

This module provides:

  • A page to be accessed directly from the browser, calculating the conversion. /coorrency/convert/from/to
  • A block that can be placed anywhere

Message History

The Message History module adds "new" markers to messages created by the Message module.


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