port concurrent_users_notification to D7

Webform Email Triggers

Webform Email Triggers allows you to modify webform email text depending on the options selected by the user during submission.

For example, if you ask the following question in your webform:

How will you be travelling to the event?

  • On foot
  • By car
  • By air

A different set of directions could be added to the email for someone who chose 'By air', 'By car' or 'On foot'.

The module uses tokens so the layout of your email is still fully customisable.

File Download Tracker

File download tracker module is used to track the files which are getting downloaded from the site.It generates report for per file and per page downloads and details regarding the users downloading the files.

  • For per file, this will provide details like file name and number of times that file getting downloaded.
  • For per page, this will provide details like page name and number of files downloaded from that particular page.

Providing separate menu links for per file downloads report and per page downloads report.

Simple Feedback


This module provides a block with the text "Was this article helpful? Yes | No". If a user clicks yes, a +1 is recorded. If the user clicks no, a -1 is recorded, and clicking either yes or no will give the user some feedback text via AJAX.

I found a need for something simple like this, but I only found conversations that ended in "it's pretty simple, just create it yourself." Well, this aims to appeal to those that are just looking for a simple thumbs up or thumbs down on the helpfulness of a node.

Webform Yandex Goals

Таргетинг Yandex.Метрики для Webforms.
После установки настроить ID метрики тут admin/config/search/ytarget

Yandex.Metrics Goals for Webforms.
Enable module and set Yandex.Metica ID on page admin/config/search/ytarget


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