360 Review

This module will do thorough review on your current website regarding all aspects like standards, security, performance, seo etc., and provide help tips to improve in those areas. It will show you the report as horizontal bar graph in percentages specific to each section, so that you can easily understand in which areas your website needs improvement.

External Logger

External Logger - WIP

TamTam External Logger module for Drupal is a module that utilizes hook_watchdog() to catch all log events on a Drupal based site. And send the events to a compatible backend. The module is designed to center log messages of multiple environments and sites in a single location. All environments can be grouped to form a practical overview. Saving the developer the time of looking up multiple logs and/or multiple machines.

Chartbeat Most Popular

Chartbeat Most Popular Logo

Chartbeat Most Popular


This module is designed to be used with Chartbeat. If you do not have a Chartbeat account, it will not work. If you do have Chartbeat and you're looking to present the Most Popular URLs on your site, this module will do that for you. It will create a Chartbeat - Most Popular block that you can add to your site.


Extra SiteInfo


Extra Site Information module provides Drush commands and UI level view to see the count of Nodes, Content types, Users, Roles existing in the site.
This module also provides the information about Currently loggedin users in your site.


"nodecount" command will return the number of Nodes present in the site, you can use command in following ways.
drush nodecount --help
drush nodecount
drush nodecount page
drush nodecount page article

Google Analytics Vimeo


A Google Analytics plugin for measuring Vimeo Player Events. The plugin supports Universal Analytics, Classic Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.


Enable Google Analytics Vimeo module and configure the various Vimeo player events you need to track.


Track all Vimeo player events.


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