Linkback comment

This module will do three things:

  • Alert author when new comment is being received on his nodes.
  • Create a new comment of type linkbacks when a linkback is received. And if the sending site has metainfo like microformats append to comment. (author, author url, thumbnail...)
  • Provide a block with semantic linkbacks statistics for each content. And optionally a list of comments grouped by semantic type.

Time Spent All

To track time spent for all users


What Is Ethnio?

Ethnio is a research recruiting tool for intercepting people that use your interface from your website or app, and then conducting some kind of research with them - moderated or automated - and scheduling them or paying them incentives automatically if you'd like. You can also email or tweet or post a link to an ethnio screener, but most people place our JavaScript on their site. Ethnio is not a recruiting agency or research consulting firm.

Visitor Tracking: Inbound Code

This is a part of the Visitor Tracking system. However, while Visitor Tracking is under development, this module is available for stand-alone use.

It allows you to configure request parameters to track in the current user session if they exist (including for anonymous users), and configure which fields to look for to populate the current values for the user at the time the entity is saved.

When this becomes part of Visitor Tracking, it will simple be a Data plugin that stores the request codes in the session and provides them to any configured Visitor Trackers.

Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking is the Drupal 8 continuation of the Form Tracking sandbox module for Drupal 7.

This new version introduces a plugin system that can be utilized to collect visitor tracking information of any kind, and display it in any number of places.

A common use case is to display data such as the visitor's history or time on the site along with their form submissions.

Remote Reports

Get update and status reports from multiple sites remotely. This module doesn't need AES.


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