Web Experience Toolkit: Webform

Provides Webform functionality in [Drupal WxT][drupalwxt].

Key Features


Simple Analyse

Simple Analyse allow to integrate a site analysis code easily.
User can integrate a google analytics code, Piwik analytics code or any other custom code.
The integrated code will display on all pages.


To install this module, place it in your modules folder and enable it on the modules page.

User Status Tracker

Logs whenever a users status is changed, IE: when an account is marked as disabled, enabled or if the account is deleted.


Placeholder for a soon-to-be-released module for a Tinycontrol device. Stay tuned!


Google Analytic Agency

This module assists with Google Analytic Report that help send report for each
website,end summary report, create node for each website so that we can keep
report of each website as a node.


Download and enable module google_analytic_report first

download and Enable this modules that admin/config/development/coder/settings
works on, then view the coder results page at coder.


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