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  • Eliminate the guesswork of optimizing your website for more sales.
  • Watch recordings of real visitors to your website, and see why they did not convert.
  • Gain insight into all areas of your site's usability with Chat, Recordings, Form Analytics, Heat Maps, Polls, and more.

Nodeview Stats

Nodeview Stats allow to track node view per node.
Currently we support node full view mode.

To view statistics Create a view using "Nodeview stats" type.
Add relationship to node And users.

You can add a Nid as a contextual filter to filter out only selected node statistics.


This module integrates Drupal with Uptolike service.

Word Statistics

word statistics module

Have you ever wondered "How much I wrote"?
So, if you're worried about, this module is for you!
Word statistics provide some interesting statistics about your site like number of words, number of nodes, number of chars and some averages.
The results are split by users or languages.

After the install you can use this module on this page: admin/reports/wordstatistics

If there are bugs, requests or something else, please report in the issue section.


Adds the Hotjar tracking system to your website.


Redis Logging

Redis Logging

Redis logging provides a logging backend for the Redis key-value store, as well as a dblog-like user interface to view watchdog entries.



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