Eloqua Asynchronous Visitor Tracking


Integration module for Eloqua Asynchronous Visitor Tracking. The module add the Eloqua tracking scripts to all pages on the site. It also provide an helper function in PHP to push items in the _elqQ JavaScript object (eloqua_tracking_push()).

Configuration and usage

Basic Page View Tracking

$conf['eloqua_tracking_sites'] = array('site ID');


Email UTM

Automatically adds utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign, utm_term and utm_content query parameters to every URL in an email.

A UTM query parameters enable Google Analytics to tell you where searchers came from as well as what campaign directed them to you.


This modules requires hook_mailkeys from Mail Editor to be implemented in modules. Example:


Simple Reach

This module allows Simple Reach to run and associates the appropriate pub-id from simplereach.com. Users can pick which node types (categories) which SimpleReach runs against.

It also allows the user to choose a few other settings, such as whether to use the tags, channels, and domain options.

The original module was created here: https://drupal.org/sandbox/holyfire/2163477. Thank you for your time and effort!

social medias

This module gives you an opportunity to add social icons to your content and make it shareable.

Our module provides you with 11 social networks :
Twitter - Facebook - Google - Linkedin - Stumbleupon - Pinterest - Xing - Delicious - Reddit - Vk - Buffer.


Logs user activity time


Site Actions/Home Tab

SiteCommander is an interactive dashboard to manage and monitor your Drupal 8 site. It features a variety of shortcuts and visuals to help you quickly gauge things or perform routine tasks.

NOTE: While fully functional at this time, this module is still in development, and should be considered in a beta state.

SiteCommander features include:



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