Stock Info

The Stock Info module provides the means to present investor relations information about a specific publicly traded stock that is listed on one of the major international stock exchanges. Currently the module uses to acquire quote data.

The Stock Info module provides a stock quote block for the configured stock and a stock information page with a chart and graph of the stock's performance. Currently the graph is a daily graph but that may be enhanced to allow for other levels of granularity.

More to come...

Shared count

This module provides a block with a Shared Count service integration.


If you want to get the shares count for your content and additionally you don't want to have this data into your drupal; shared count module is your solution.

Additionally this module was provided of Mashable style design, it looks very good (thanks to @betovarg and @fedecrc for the theming).

CouchDB Statistics

This is a CouchDB backend for the core Statistics module

Latest release: 8.x-1.x-dev

- Requires patch from #1446932: Improve statistics performance by adding a swappable backend
- Only implements recordHit and fetchViews method
- Day count doesn't reset
- "Popular content" block won't work


Node Type count

This module is used to Show a count of nodes of a particular content-type
and also number of Users of particular role type.
This module will be used for statistical and dev purposes only.


1. Will count the number of published and unpublished nodes in particular content type which will be useful in content audit.

2. This module is used to count the number of users in particular Role

DROWL A/B-Testing Global (for Google Analytics Experiments)

DROWL A/B-Testing Global Settings

Module to execute global (in most cases design / theme) A/B-Testings using Google Analytics Experiments.
This module does not execute actions itself but provides a hook (see drowl_abtesting_global.api.php) to execute them
based on the currently active variation.

Monitoring Projects

This module uses the Monitoring API. It provides an update-checking sensor for each enabled contributed module and theme (as opposed to one sensor for all, as provided by the Monitoring module).


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