Tracking code persist

This module detects specially-defined URL paths and/or query-string
parameters, stores them in a cookie for later, and strips them from the
browser location bar.

Such "remembered" codes may then be injected into arbitrary form
submissions on the site. Webform integration is provided too.

Audience Pixel

The Audience Pixel plugin easily installs and enables the tracking code on your Drupal website.

Webform File Private

Enforces the use of the private file system for Webform file field uploads.


Priovides integration with the service.

Aegir Site Audit

This module integrates the Site Audit extension with the Aegir Monitoring and Reporting systems. It allows all Site Audit checks to be run regularly against all sites hosted on a deployment of the Aegir Hosting System.

Aegir Reporting

This module provides a reporting framework for the Aegir Hosting System. It builds atop the Aegir Monitoring API to report on the health of hosted sites. It ships with some basic probes, but is intended to be extended, as with Aegir Site Audit.


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