Interroedit lets you simply append "?edit" to a node alias when you wish to be redirected to the node's edit page.

For example, if node/123 has an alias of my/page, then your browser's address bar might contain "". By editing your address bar to "" and hitting enter, you will be redirected to "".

This could be useful if your template does not render the edit tab.

Multi-domain XML Sitemap

This is a simple module that builds on top of XML Sitemap module (v2.0). It allows generating sitemap.xml for multiple domains that point to the same Drupal site. For example, you might have,, that all point to the same Drupal site. Using this module will allow generating separate sitemap.xml files under each domain that point to the correct domain name. For example, will have links pointing to, etc.


Menu Link Weight


Replaces the standard numeric weight dropdown widget for menu links in the node form provided by Drupal Core with a tabledrag widget listing all children for the selected parent.

How it works:

Upon selection of a parent, a tabledrag widget will be loaded via AJAX that will allow you to reorder the weight of the menu link for the node you are editing relative to its sibling links. You can also reorder the sibling links themselves if like.



Menu Kit

The menu kit is an addon for the drupal menu system. Currently the menu system consist of 2 parts.
1) Main menu kit module allows you AJAX all of your menus in drupal for faster loading.
2) Single page nodes module allows you to Create Single Page Node sets attached to menus which can be used for splash pages or creating single page nodes


Views Linker

User Case

The user has searched or filtered on a Views generated page,
clicked on one of the found results, and navigated through to the
page for that result.

After reading the info on the result page, how does the site lead
the user back to the page listing all the other found results?

This module provides a link back to the Views listing page,
which preserves the filters the user applied.


jQuery ScrollIt

This module provides integration of ScrollIt library ( which allows for smooth scrolling from source items to target items on the same page.


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