jQuery ScrollIt

This module provides integration of ScrollIt library (http://www.bytemuse.com/scrollIt.js) which allows for smooth scrolling from source items to target items on the same page.

Nouvo Toolbar

Toolbar Open


The Nouvo Toolbar was built to use with Nouvo theme.

Suggested Theme


Paragraphs Nav

Provides automatically generated in-page navigation blocks for paragraph items.

Node menus

Selected language

Drupal allows to add node link into menu which is okay, if you have one menu and/or few links. When you build a site with multilingual features and create a menu per language, then your select box might grow really long. This module tries to help with this use case.

In short, this module does the following - relates the primary menu links source variable and languages, so if you edit/add a node, you get the menu dropdown which contains links in that language.

To use this module, you need to create the menus and make variable "menu_main_links_source" multilingual.


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