Check Link

This module is intended to solve a very simple problem: if you have "secured" pages to which you want to link, but a user is not logged in, the menu will hide it. If you point a user to user/login?destination=the-page, the link will disappear for logged in users.

Point your users to checklink?destination=the-page to allow the link to show, but redirect users appropriately.

Custom Node Add

When a web site has a lot of content types, the node add can become counter intuitive and inefficient. It becomes necessary to group some content types together so that they make more sense for content editors.

This module will render the node/add page in a way that will allow showing the entire menu tree under the node/add menu with very little code. That way, you will be able to manually inject anything you want between and around the node/add/xyz menu items and they will successfully be reflected on the node/add page.

Crumbs Skip Specials

This module is for sites that use both of:

AND have a need to NOT display the special menu items in the breadcrumbs.

Related Menu

Adds a custom block that allows the admin to set a rule for what menu to display on the page based on the URL. Allows for a secondary navigation that is driven by the top level navigation choice.

Administration Language Negotiation

This module allows the users to browse particular pages in a specific language.
The classical use case is to allow displaying the frontend of the site in one language and still keep most of the backend in English (or another language of your choice), but it can have other usages.


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