Rest Menu Detail

Menu Rest Settings

This modile is responsible to get Drupal menu links information as a REST web service response.

After enabling this module enable the Service "Menu detail rest resource" in "admin/config/services/rest" page. It will provide a end point url to call menu service "api/menu_detail/{menuName}". Replace the the "{menuName}" with your actual menu name and get the response with all details of that Menu.

Toolbar Menu Clean

Toolbar Menu Clean

Clean up Toolbar Menu

This module used with Toolbar Menu allow you can disable Administration and Shortcuts Toolbar menu.

It help you can create menu per client's role, help the client don't mess with the default current Drupal Administration menu.

How does it work?

Follow instruction of to create new menu for roles you need with Toolbar Menu

Contextual Outside

We all love contextual links (✏️). Especially when they are placed outside our layout. This module does just that.

Why? This gives the following profit:

Menu Link Highlight

Menu Link Highlight is a module that adds a highlight-class to a menu-item with a simple checkbox.

There are other modules available to add classes and other attributes to menu items, but for some end-users that's a way to mess things up. A simple checkbox to highlight the menu-item is a clean solution for this.

A class is added to the menu-item 'li'-element.

Taxonomy Menu UI

Easy way to create menu items for Taxonomy terms

This module provides to create menu items on a Taxonomy term page in Drupal 8. This functionality similar like you create menu items for node. This module enables the "Available Menus" options on the Taxonomy vocabulary page. Then on the Taxonomy term add/edit form you can set the menu item for that term, just as you can do on the node add/edit form.
See screenshots.

Admin menu search

Admin Menu Search intends to help admin to search through the list of menus available in Drupal Toolbar providing autocomplete list. Providing a fast access to all administration links for keyboard lovers.


Optional - Enable Admin Toolbar Extra Tools module for a better experience .

Keyboard shortcut

Alt + M to focus admin toolbar Menu Search.


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