Megamenu Framework

This module provides a flexible framework for building a megamenu. Unlike most other Megamenu modules this one does not attempt to generate a finished menu, which can then be difficult to customize. Instead it provides the bones of a megamenu with almost no styling, making it easy to customize.

If you're looking for a plug and play solution, this is not the module for you. But if you're looking for an easy way to roll your own with full styling flexibility, this is what you're looking for.


Entity administration and history

entity_admin screenshot

The Entity Administration and history module displays all entities on a unique page, in a similar way that nodes can be administered on the 'admin/content' page.

This new page will help to :

  • easily access to your datas or configurations.
  • monitor changes on you site, thanks to the history tag.
  • perform mass update or deletion operations.


Environment Switcher

Environment Switcher module work as switcher between development and production environment. We can pre define modules which are enabled or disabled in environments. Also can identify in which environment we are working.


WP-like admin

Make the Drupal admin panel look a little bit like Wordpress.
This is useful for showing the aggregated sidebar menu for content managers and using the admin menu (or smth) for admins.



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