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Link block

This small module helps the user to create a nice row of links.
It is very easy to use and it can be used in many situations.

you can make:
- unlimited links;
- internal or external links;
- different kind of links (text, buttons or images);
- direction of the row (horizontal or vertical);
- order of the links.

Text Sections

Text Sections lists anchor links to sections within a piece of content. More powerfully, it's been built to automatically generate these listings in a "Table of Contents" style based on the header tags within an associated text field. This replicates functionality commonly found on word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

Menu Link Fields

Allows fields to be added to menu link content entities. This is a partial solution for mega menus as you still need custom blocks, custom MenuLinkTree service and MenuLinkTreeElement classes, along with custom templates to output these fields.

Entity Pager

Entity Pager module

The Entity Pager modules provides next and previous navigation on any Entity (e.g. Nodes, Users etc..). The items and the order they appear are completely customizable via Views.

Anchors Navigation

In the issue
for Anchors Panels Navigation there is an idea to simplify approach.

We have a decision to create some universal approach and several submodules on the case of using Panels, Views etc.



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