Entity Pager

Entity Pager Module

The Entity Pager modules provides next and previous navigation on any entity (e.g. Nodes, Users etc..). The items and the order they appear are completely customizable via Views.

Using the modules you can add multiple different navigation blocks on the same entity. This module combines Views, Blocks, Tokens and has its own internal intelligent advice system with tips that are (optionally) published to Watchdog. It is designed to run fast with the minimum of processing and will happily provided navigation on 50,000 nodes in a fraction of a second.

Anchors Navigation

In the issue https://www.drupal.org/node/2510550
for Anchors Panels Navigation there is an idea to simplify approach.

We have a decision to create some universal approach and several submodules on the case of using Panels, Views etc.


Webform Redirect

Provides option to redirect the user to different page/URL depending on the submission data.


Prediction IO

A module to integrate with Prediction.IO which is a well known open source Machine Learning Server and a recommendation engine. The purpose of this module is a to build a scalable solution to get user recommendations within the data model of your website. The module will have the following features
1. Collect user ratings and statistics
2. Predict and Recommend other nodes/entities in your website that the user might like

Expire Menu

This Expire Menu module works with Expire to optimize the Drupal site for better performance. The module checks whether the menu settings are changed when node is submitted. If menu settings are changed, it clears cache for all sub-menu items. If there is no changing, it does not clear cache for sub-menu items.

Associate Entities With Users

Full Description coming. Allows you to associate entities on your site (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) with user accounts and displaying those associations on user information pages.



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