Jump Menu Style Plugin

This is a Views style plugin for the Jump Menu that hasn't been included in Drupal 8.

No T-Rex

'No T-Rex' provides offline functionality to Drupal sites.

Functionality currently available:
- When a network connection isn't available, present users with a simple custom message.
- When a network connection isn't available, users can still access pages they have previously visited.

Functionality under construction:
- When a network connection isn't available, present users with complete page.
- Show a list of available links to cached content.
- [will add more ideas as the module evolves]

Broken Link

Broken Link module features:

  1. Tracking of 404 Page not found request and it hit counts.
  2. Can specify the redirection path by using regular expression pattern matching.

Module will be needy one to handle many inbound links after Drupal migration.


Pop-up Question Redirect

This module enables you to show a popup to your visitors. This can for instance be used to request them to fill out a survey.

When a visitor presses the 'Yes' button on the popup, they will be redirected to that page. For example the website where the survey is located.

End user functions

There are three buttons on the popup:


Registration Link

This simple module provides a "register link" to the user account menu, which is only visible if you are not logged in (anonymous users) or if you are logged in as the administrator.

The login and my account links are standard, the register button is missing! This module creates a menu entry with the appropriate settings.


Toolbar Themes

Toolbar themes animation

Provides themes for the Drupal 8 Toolbar module. The main purpose of this module is to provide compact, minimal themes for the Toolbar and allow the site admin to show or hide tabs and icons.


Install like all other modules, then go to: ~/admin/config/toolbar-themes/settings



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