Sidr Menu Block

Sidr Menu

Sidr Menu Block integrates JQuery SIDR Framework with your Drupal menus.
Sidr Menu creates blocks per menu which can be configured and placed as normal blocks.

Branchee Block

This module allows the site builder to choose a menu with some options, and output a block that contains the menu with applicable branchee ( markup.

Branchee is a lightweight mobile navigation plugin with built in transitions. The menu is generated from a basic unordered list.

Menu Breadcrumb with Attachment by Taxonomy

example of deep-linked page on menu

This module was under development during the period we were all waiting for a D8 implementation of Menu Breadcrumb. I did my own port of that module, and while working on a second module (to breadcrumb articles by taxonomy, for the common Blog use case) I realised:

  • The simplest way to breadcrumb taxonomy members, as in the case of multiple Blogs, is with a breadcrumb trail which continues from the Blog page's own breadcrumbs.

Rest menu items

This module provides a REST endpoint to retrieve menu items based on the menu name.

When enabled the REST endpoint "/api/menu_items/{menu_name}" becomes available. When calling this url and adding the menu name to the url, for instance "/api/menu_items/main" you will get a full menu tree of that menu.

If you add a query parameter like "?max_depth=1" or "?min_depth=2" you are able to determine what levels in the menu tree you would like to output into the webservice.


R.B. Repository

R.B. Repository: Bibliography Reference Repository

This module aims to simplify the capture bibliographic information. The information is displayed in descending order by publication’s year. There are seven types of content:

  • Journal article.
  • Book.
  • Chapter Book.
  • Conference paper.
  • Thesis.
  • Patent.
  • Software.

There is a search option on the list of publications. This looks for matches between the words entered and title of existing publications.

Non-Clickable Menu Items

Module 'Non-Clickable Menu Items' allows to have menu items which will not react on user's clicks. This could be a parent menu items which should behave as a containers.

Each menu item will have a setting 'Disable clicks' at edit page and also admin's settings page '/admin/config/user-interface/non-clickable-menu-items' where collected all selected menu items.

Support: GreyBox Technologies



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