On page search module provide functionality to search on single page. It is
replacement of CTRL+F of browser. Some time user want to search on on page
then this module is very useful in mobile devices.



* Install as usual, see http://drupal.org/node/895232 for further information.

* You likely want to disable Toolbar module, since its output clashes with
Administration menu.


Exit Notifier

Some compliance recommendations suggest that a notice be presented anytime someone leaves your site. This module provides generic defaults, but you can edit both the title and the body of the exit box.

Paragraphs Table of Contents

screenshot of page with nested paragraphs and matching table of contents


If you have long pages on your site, then it helps visitors if you can provide in-page navigation, or a table of contents.

If you build your long pages with the Paragraphs module, then you can use Paragraphs Table of Contents to provide the in-page navigation. There is one link in the table of contents (ToC) for each paragraph on the page.

Menu block current language

Menu block current language provides a replacement for core's Menu block that filters out the untranslated menu links.


In order for this module to have any effect, you must replace menu blocks provided by the System module with menu blocks provided by this module.

At the moment this only works with "Custom Menu Links" (Drupal\menu_link_content\Entity\MenuLinkContent) and views menu links (Drupal\views\Plugin\Menu\ViewsMenuLink).

Menu Hide Disabled Parents

Example image

Menu Hide Disabled Parents helps to simplify the menu parent selection on node edit forms. The idea is simple. All menu items with text "(disabled)" are hidden after enabling this module. No configuration is needed.

i18n support

If you have i18n multilingual site this will also hide items not in the current language.

Development sponsored by Data Group Finland.

Favorite Widget

This project uses jQuery Favorite Widget plugin that allows users to put content to their favorites that are stored in a cookie.

For Drupal, there are modules available that allows you to reach this functionality such as Flag. This module however is useful when you want to provide this functionality:


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