URL alias restriction

Drupal is quite talkative in terms of showing off it's content. Often it makes content accessible which we actually don't want to show. That happens for instance very easily, if you're using nodes as content containers only - never really wanting to show the actual node page. Thanks to taxonomy node listings and other automatic node listings often these unstyled content containers land on the Google search index as soon as an Administrator has a look on this page and the page includes some SEO js, which then calls back to home about this URL path.


Elevator.js [ http://tholman.com/elevator.js/ ] fixes those awkward "scroll to top" moments the old fashioned way.

This module aim to provide your users with a better 'scroll to top' experience



The blogs module in intended for sites hosting multiple bloggers.

It provides a page and block that lists all bloggers having at least one blog post on the site, sorted descening (most recent posting first).

If the user profile has text a field with machine name field_blog_title, this will be used as the blog title instead of the user name. Note that the module will not create this field for you.


jQuery smoothState.js

Provides an API for integrating jQuery smoothState.js with Drupal via the Libraries API.

"smoothState.js lets you add transitions to eliminate the hard cuts and white flashes of page loads that deface the beauty of the user experience."

Note: this module has no UI or admin section available. It's only usable in code, programmatically loading the third-party JS library.


Interroedit lets you simply append "?edit" to a node alias when you wish to be redirected to the node's edit page.

For example, if node/123 has an alias of my/page, then your browser's address bar might contain "example.com/my/page". By editing your address bar to "example.com/my/page?edit" and hitting enter, you will be redirected to "example.com/node/123/edit".

This could be useful if your template does not render the edit tab.


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