The easysitemap module helps to create, update, view your sitemap.xml of your website.


Burger is a minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation.


Atlas theme toolbar


This module changes the style of the core Drupal 8 toolbar making it a lot prettier.

This module is made to work with the Atlas admin theme but can be used with any themes.


- Browser testing
- rtl support
- Look into using libraries for web fonts.

Domain Traversal

Easy navigation between domains for logged in users.

Depends on the Domain Access module.

This module adds new menu items per domain to easily traverse between the domains. Clicking the link of another domain, as a logged in user with the correct permissions, results in being logged in on that domain.


Url Redirect

* Url Redirect is a simple, flexible module for allowing user(s) / role(s) to redirect from one
path to other.
* Url Redirect is also handy to add / edit / delete url(s) , specify role(s) / user(s) for url
redirect, set a message for url redirect, enable / disable.



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