WP-like admin

Make the Drupal admin panel look a little bit like Wordpress.
This is useful for showing the aggregated sidebar menu for content managers and using the admin menu (or smth) for admins.



By default, Drupal 8 will not accept HTML markup as part of a menu title. This module allows you to configure markup to be shown along with specific menu titles (including submenu items).

This can be very handy if you want to show a glyphicon from Bootstrap or an icon from FontAwesome, etc. in front of your menu titles.

This version of the module only works with the v8.0.x releases of Drupal.

The latest version can usually be found on GitHub before here [3].

ZT Megamenu

An outstanding megamenu for D8.


Celestial navigation

Celestial navigation is to serve mainly a "mobile first" admin navigation which compliments the admin theme.

Settings will be implemented to give at least some choices to the user.

Still under heavy development.

Sidr Menu Block

Sidr Menu

Sidr Menu Block integrates JQuery SIDR Framework with your Drupal menus.
Sidr Menu creates blocks per menu which can be configured and placed as normal blocks.


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