RDF related modules. RDF is short for Resource Description Framework, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resource_Description_Framework


Publishes site structure as OWL ontology. Enable module and open /owl page.

It publishes entity type and bundles as OWL classes, RDF mapped fields as OWL object properties.

Drupal RDF-mappings are exported as OWL class subClassOf for entity types and OWL property equivalentProperties for fields.

Drupal 8 version ties commerce product variation entity bundles to schema.org/Offer and commerce price to schema.org/price.

Example output:

Drupal Extra

The module enhances the feature of other great contributes modules.
Current enhanced modules are:
- Computed Field, Computed Field Tools
- Field Query
- Views Summarize
- Visitors

The list will be continued.
Mostly are tiny fixes so I can't move it to separate single module.

Once an extra module's fixes is merged to official module, this extra module will be removed out. Please let me know your request if you're one of the author of the module.

Geo hCard Map

Map of hCard elements found in the current webpage. All .cb-popup sub-elements will be included in the map popup for the corresponding .vcard item. See below for an example of a hCard element. The developer must ensure the correct hCard markup in the post templates.

<div id="geo-hcard-map">loading map...</div>

Views Datasource (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of the official Views Datasource.

Patches applied are:

DBpedia Spotlight

DBpedia Spotlight is a tool for automatically annotating mentions of DBpedia resources in text. See http://dbpedia-spotlight.github.io/demo/

The module runs a batch process to analyse ONLY the text contained in the BODY field of each node in order to extract semantic entities by querying the DBpedia Spotlight service.


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