WhyWebs Drupal Module Builder

Whywebs Drupal module builder will help you to build your own module in less time and effort.

-build all files needed to start a new module
-Auto build a new content type and new node to each module
-Ability to download the files as a package
--Each package includes your major 3 files under the name you picked
-Build your module depending on your editors php, which also you can use it instead of using external software (ex.sublime..)
-Free and it will always be free
-Always will be new features added to it



When you're using hook_update_N() in the big team there's a high possibility that updating one module may result in numeration conflicts. RI module is developed to avoid that by widening the function name scope.


Module allows you to write the functions with the name format CODE_ri_N, where CODE is your custom prefix, e.g. JIRA ticket abbreviation, and N is any numeric value. Then these functions can be executed via drush like drush updb using the below commands:


The Beancount module provides a entities and taxonomies for bookkeeping, financial, and enterprise-management purposes.

It comes with feeds importers that activate automatically when using the Quickbooks Webconnector and Quickbooks XML modules to import data from Quickbooks.

Module Blacklist

This module is intended for site administrators. The module allows site administrators to block certain module from being installed, based on a blacklist set on settings.php file.

QA Accounts

Most projects with a QA and UAT workflow need a way to let testers access privileged user roles on dev and stage environments that they might not otherwise have access to in production.

This module offers a dead simple solution: it automatically creates a dummy user account for each role on the site when it's installed, where the username and password are both set to a known value. By only installing this helper module on dev and stage, it's easy to provide testers with access to these environments via static accounts.

Time Slot

Allow people to select time slots
Therefore create time slot entities
Therefore allow to manage time slots

Other constraints:
- create time slots by predefined patterns
- strong views support

Funded by:



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