Demo Framework Scenario - Drupal PM

The Demo Framework highlights powerful features created by the Drupal community and is intended to be used as a starterkit for promoting enterprise-ready Drupal solutions.

This project is a Demo Framework Scenario for Drupal PM module. Read more about Demo Framework here.

Drupal PM Demo (dfs_pm)

Project Management scenario focussed on showcasing the power of Drupal PM (Project Management).


PM Demo

This is a new submodule for Drupal PM, which sets up demo content.

Poor Man's CI

Poor Man's CI is a project that aims to have continuous integration on cheap host servers where you can't have jenkins or similar softwares running. This module is intended to be used with git hooks, sending the modified files via FTP to your server and triggering a custom build with a url call.

This module is built to be used with FTP/sFTP and git.

Beta Signifier

Beta Signifier on form elements


This module allows to display a Beta Signifier on specific form elements or on specific pages in order to draw the user's attention on certain features that are not yet fully mature.


Beta Signifier on a form element

The Beta Signifier will show up on form elements where #beta is set to TRUE using the Form API, for instance:


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