Project Estimation


The complete estimation tool, find the project time-line estimation by step wise Development phase:

1. Pre-development
2. Development
3. Closure


No Dependent Modules yet.

Amazing Comingsoon: Maintenance-page template

Coming soon screen shoot 1

It will provide a amazing maintenance page with animation & time countdown.


First step... More to come!

Task management Module

This is a module that manage the workflow in a team during a project.
- Adding projects
- Adding Statuses for task
- Adding Priorities for task
- Adding Task type
- Adding Task(Assigned to, deadline)
- Adding comments to a task(time, text)
- Adding files to a task
- Edit comments
- Delete files of a task
- Edit task(type,priorities,status)

PM Timetracking Auto Duration

Overrides the default functionality of PM Timetracking by setting duration and billing duration fields automatically.


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