360 Review

This module will do thorough review on your current website regarding all aspects like standards, security, performance, seo etc., and provide help tips to improve in those areas. It will show you the report as horizontal bar graph in percentages specific to each section, so that you can easily understand in which areas your website needs improvement.

Swagger.IO Integration

Swagger.IO Drupal Integration

Swagger is a specification for documenting RESTful services. Documentation can be found at https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-spec.

This module integrates with Services (https://drupal.org/project/services) to generate swagger-parsable json documentation. Optionally, the swagger-ui library can be installed to provide a page for displaying the documentation in a user-friendly manner.

Error Handling

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later

This is the error irritates me so many times and couldn't identify what is the actual error. I couldn't see any thing in apache error logs regarding this error. Even if I enabled to display all errors on screen, no luck. Some times we could see only blank screen and nothing display in screen and no errors in apache error log.

These things forced me to write this module which will help developer to be notified when any error occurred in drupal via email.


External Logger

External Logger - WIP

TamTam External Logger module for Drupal is a module that utilizes hook_watchdog() to catch all log events on a Drupal based site. And send the events to a compatible backend. The module is designed to center log messages of multiple environments and sites in a single location. All environments can be grouped to form a practical overview. Saving the developer the time of looking up multiple logs and/or multiple machines.


This module facilitates the movement of content, blocks, and panels between different development environments.

Hosting Autorestore

Site node information


This module allows you to periodically restore a backup of your site. This is useful if you have a demo website and you want that people play with it, add / update / remove content and from time to time, the website is totally cleaned up and reverted to its initial state.



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