Environmental Config


Environmental_config is a module that helps you automatically importing environment
specific configuration without any hassle.

It's ideal when you need different settings for a specific module or system
configuration in your development/staging or live server.

It runs with the standard Drupal Configuration Synchronisation and doesn't
require much configuration.

Real life examples of usage


Drupal Projects


Drupal Projects provide a complete enterprise project management solution, give you a flexible approach to defining and managing your projects and the people, schedules, deliverables, and finances associated with them.

Upgrade Utility

Module will serve as utility for performing Drupal Upgrades. Both Minor and Major upgrades.

What all this module can do :
1) Check Drupal core for it's status and possible updates
2) Check all the contrib modules for their current status and possible updates.
3) Select one or more contrib module and update with latest version (through UI)
4) Module can generate a report which can then be used in the migration activity for tracking purpose.


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