Path autocomplete

Makes path/link elements autocompletable:

* Link field
* Menu item
* Redirect

These modules do **almost** the same, but too much or too little:


CiviCRM Context

Provides context conditions and reactions on various CiviCRM pages.


  • Contact type or Contact sub-type


Profile2 Panels

Enable in Page Manager

Page Manager (Panels) support for Profile2.

With this module you can take over Profile2 paths with Page Manager.
Now it is possible to theme your Profile2 edit and view pages with Panels.


Views Linker

User Case

The user has searched or filtered on a Views generated page,
clicked on one of the found results, and navigated through to the
page for that result.

After reading the info on the result page, how does the site lead
the user back to the page listing all the other found results?

This module provides a link back to the Views listing page,
which preserves the filters the user applied.


Taxonomy Sections

Create different sections of a website based on PURL ( and taxonomy terms.

  • Allows to specify a vocabulary to create purl modifiers from.
  • Adds a 'default argument' 'A term id provided by PURL' to views.

Each term in the chosen vocabulary has a path field.

Once a user visits a path from a certain term, this path persists.
Views can be filtered based on the term persisting in the url.

Migrate Alias

Migrate url alias for node, users, and taxonomy


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