Redirect Import

Redirect Import allows to export and import URL redirects serving by Redirect module. It may be usefull when transfering large amount of redirects from dev site to production one.

Bulk Alias Checker

Bulk Alias Checker


This module checks whether the aliases exists or not in drupal application through CSV import, and CSV format have been attached with this module.


* Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See:
for further information.


More Global Variables

This is a small module that gives users some global variables that can be then printed in any twig template. For example, if you wanted to print the current page title as the last menu in a breadcrumb, you could print {{ global_variables.current_page_title }} in breadcrumb.html.twig. It can also be printed in any other template - html.html.twig, page.html.twig, node.html.twig, field.html.twig, etc.

Pathauto Slug

An alternative approach to Pathauto - using the pathauto alias field as a slug - ie. can't contain forward slashes. Any entered value replaces entity label tokens (eg. [node:title]) in any pathauto patterns.

This can be used to eg. enforce hierarchical pathauto patterns using menu path tokens, eg.:


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