Dedupe Content

Dedupe Content, find and check the duplicated content allowing you to remove base on different fields.

URL alias restriction

Drupal is quite talkative in terms of showing off it's content. Often it makes content accessible which we actually don't want to show. That happens for instance very easily, if you're using nodes as content containers only - never really wanting to show the actual node page. Thanks to taxonomy node listings and other automatic node listings often these unstyled content containers land on the Google search index as soon as an Administrator has a look on this page and the page includes some SEO js, which then calls back to home about this URL path.

URL Alias Sync

TLDR; A module to automatically update all path aliases of entities which reference separate entities whose path alias has just changed.

So you've set up your site to use clean URLs using Pathauto, and you have some logical structure to your paths - Great!

But you'll eventually run into a problem if you're intending to use Entity/Term reference fields with your content types (although it may not be so apparent).


Module Sitemap

This module allows you to view all links for all modules that are enabled. It can save the trouble of having to search the whole site or having to go to the module's configuration page for module links.


Interroedit lets you simply append "?edit" to a node alias when you wish to be redirected to the node's edit page.

For example, if node/123 has an alias of my/page, then your browser's address bar might contain "". By editing your address bar to "" and hitting enter, you will be redirected to "".

This could be useful if your template does not render the edit tab.

Path autocomplete

Makes path/link elements autocompletable:

* Link field
* Menu item
* Redirect

These modules do **almost** the same, but too much or too little:



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