Taxonomy Sections

Create different sections of a website based on PURL ( and taxonomy terms.

  • Allows to specify a vocabulary to create purl modifiers from.
  • Adds a 'default argument' 'A term id provided by PURL' to views.

Each term in the chosen vocabulary has a path field.

Once a user visits a path from a certain term, this path persists.
Views can be filtered based on the term persisting in the url.

Migrate Alias

Migrate url alias for node, users, and taxonomy

Relation Panels Integration

This module provides Page Manager and Panelizer integration and CTools Context Plugins for Relations.


Entity Construction Kit Panels Integration

This module provides Page Manager and Panelizer integration for Entity Construction Kit entity types.

It currently requires a patch for Panelizer to function properly (@see

Since Panelizer does not cache plugin definitions this module can cause performance issues due re-building of the entity construction kit panelizer plugin definitions on every page request. This will need another patch for Panelizer.


Pathauto Regenerate

Ever need to completely regenerate paths per node type or vocabulary based on your pathauto settings and have redirects automatically created? If so, then this module's for you!

Usage is simple. Visit /admin/config/search/path/regenerate, select your desired node types and/or taxonomies, and click "Regenerate". Aliases will be updated and redirects created!

This project is sponsored by: Project Ricochet.

Views slug title

Do you has ever happened to have to retrieve the title of a node over the arguments in views? Or to generate a view with a legible url?

With Views slug title, you will easily be able to use the title of your node as arguments.

This module includes a field similar to "URL path settings" except that views slug title generates only the title.

The character will be replaced or deleted based on the settings configured in "alias url".


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