Page Layout


With Page Layout, you can create new pages (or paths, i.e. /about), and put content onto them, by placing blocks - much like the Block Layout page.
Each page can define multiple variants, where each variant can have their own set of conditions when to be selected.
It’s also possible to overwrite existing pages and content types. i.e. node, by defining a page with path `/node/%`.

Admin Login Path

This is a simple project that alters the route for login to use the admin theme. There is no UI for the module, by enabling it you will have altered the routes for user/login, user/password, and user/register to use the sites administration theme.

Folder Redirect

Folder Redirect
Auto generate 301 redirects for the files within a folder, useful for folder that contains large amount of files & are moved from one path to another.
path : admin/config/search/redirect/folder_redirect

D8 Entity Editor Advanced Link (Linkit)

Linkit field

Adds linkit support for link field in the entity embed dialog.


8.x-1.x only works with linkit 8.x-4.x which is maintenance only.

Home Page Redirect

This module extends the "Default front page" under your "System" > "Site information" to use a path for authenticated users or anonymous users.
It also integrates with the Token module.

How this module works

On install, sets the Default front page to a custom handler that performs a 301 redirect for anonymous or authenticated users.

Force 404

Any non-existant URL containing a valid parent path loads the parent page
returning a 200 instead of a 404. See While
solved for Drupal 8 it is still an issue for Drupal 7. This module checks on
node pages (aliased or not) if the current URL is a "known" router item using
menu_get_item(). If not it returns a 404.


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