Block Visibility Groups

Block Group Listing

Block Visibility Groups allows the site administrator to easily manage complex visibility settings that apply to any block placed in a visibility group. The visibility settings for all blocks in the group can be edited on one administration form.

This modules works in conjunction with the Drupal 8 core's block administration system. It is a simpler alternative to modules like Panels.


Multistep Block D7

This is a Drupal7 version of (D6) module.
Implementations are same.

This module allows you to create blocks that, via a list of Drupal URLs, can allow you to create custom wizards and multi-step navigation using existing Drupal pages, views, nodes, etc...

Pathauto Content Type Reset

Pathauto for Drupal 7 allows you to delete all aliases, but not on a per content basis. Pathauto Content Type Reset allows you to delete and update aliases for a specific content type.



Pathauto Content Type Reset currently only has one version for Drupal 7.


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