Alias Language Negotiation

Experiment about accessing content in another language using path aliases.

Typical setup:
Alias Language Negotiation setup

Relative to Absolute URL

This module helps to convert relative paths to absolute URL.

There is also provision in admin to control to convert relative paths of Images, CSS, JavaScript and Hyperlinks to absolute URL. Refer attached screenshot.

External Redirect

This module allow to create external path redirects - from main domain aliases. It also can handle internal redirects.

Internationalization Path Translation

Have you ever wondered how to translate the paths of pages created by page manager, for example?
Let's suppose we have a scenario with a multilingual website and we create our events/!city page in English using page manager and now we need to translate the path to Portuguese.
Now it's possible to create those paths by going to admin/config/regional/i18n_translation/path and using * as wildcards.
You simply have to add events/* on the English version and add eventos/* on the Portuguese, for example!

URL patterns special chars

With this module you can use URL patterns like: "url?key=[term]".

The module will parse the URL and if it finds a potential encoded query string it will try to go to that URL.

Check Link

This module is intended to solve a very simple problem: if you have "secured" pages to which you want to link, but a user is not logged in, the menu will hide it. If you point a user to user/login?destination=the-page, the link will disappear for logged in users.

Point your users to checklink?destination=the-page to allow the link to show, but redirect users appropriately.


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