Linkit Upload

Linkit Upload is an extention to Linkit. It adds the possibility to upload files from the Linkit modal when the 'Managed files' search-plugin is enabled.

Once the file is uploaded, it's available in the Linkit Search plugin.

Localized Page Manager Paths

Localized Page Manager Paths enables Panels users to have fully translated dynamic page paths.

Block Visibility Groups

Block Group Listing

Block Visibility Groups allows the site administrator to easily manage complex visibility settings that apply to any block placed in a visibility group. The visibility settings for all blocks in the group can be edited on one administration form.

This modules works in conjunction with the Drupal 8 core's block administration system. It is a simpler alternative to modules like Panels.


Multistep Block D7

This is a Drupal7 version of (D6) module.
Implementations are same.

This module allows you to create blocks that, via a list of Drupal URLs, can allow you to create custom wizards and multi-step navigation using existing Drupal pages, views, nodes, etc...

Pathauto Content Type Reset

Pathauto for Drupal 7 allows you to delete all aliases, but not on a per content basis. Pathauto Content Type Reset allows you to delete and update aliases for a specific content type.



Pathauto Content Type Reset currently only has one version for Drupal 7.


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