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# How to use

* Install the module.
* Change your menu.html.twig to look something like the provided menu.html.twig.
* Edit the menu item and remove the link.

Vietnamese path

Allow convert url Vietnamese to English.

AmazonS3 Sync

Sync existing files to cloud.

Migrator for AmazonS3 module.

Domain Path Rewrite

Auto-rewriting and redirection for Domain Path.



  1. Install Domain Path module and its dependencies.
  2. Optionally install Redirect module (to be able to manage domain-specific redirects).
  3. Go to Modules and enable Domain Path Rewrite.
  4. No additional configuration needed. It will just magically work!

Features | read more

  • Automatic domain path redirects
  • Automatic cross-domain URLs rewrite
  • Domain-specific redirects support


Add Menu Child Tab

This module adds a tab to each node allowing the editor to create a new page with the current page as its MENU parent (this is not the same as a BOOK parent). This is useful in cases where your main navigation menu is very large, and asking the content creator to scan through a huge select field is not acceptable.

In the initial going, only nodes of type "page" will be addable.

Akuma Domains

Simple module to override built-in Language domains.


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