Drupal 7 module to restrict scripts on specific nodes

This Module is useful when you want to add a snippet of JS throughout the site and restrict it on specific nodes.

Can help folks trying to add surveys across the sites, and avoid the survey on a specific Node. Hence the Name Script-ator

Oil Crude Price Block

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* Introduction
* Requirements
* Installation
* Permissions
* Usage


Crude Oil Block is a lightweight module which allows administrators to create
blocks which display Crude oil price like
* Wti Oil Price,
* Brent Crude Price and
* Natural Gas Price .

Transliterate Twig Filter

The module adds a twig filter for transliterating (diacritic) strings. For example:

{{ 'Hällo' | transliterate() }} becomes => Hallo

YAMLForm Migrate

This module provides a migration source plugin and a migration template to migrate Drupal 6 webforms to Drupal 8 YAML Forms. It should be installed in the normal way before the D6 to D8 migration is built.

The migration reads the webform tables in the D6 install and creates YAML forms by converting each webform component into its YAML component.

As part of the this migration the webform source plugin will attempt to add a YAML form reference field to the webform content type and attach each migrated YAML form to the relevant webform node.

Contact Remove Defaults

By default, if you are logged in to a website with the Contact module enabled, the form is pre-populated with the logged in user’s name and email address.

This module removes the default values for authenticated users, so that the fields are blank when the contact form is viewed.

GitHub mirror:

Audience Pixel

The Audience Pixel plugin easily installs and enables the tracking code on your Drupal website.


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