Webform populate

This module is a proof of concept to populate a Webform from existing data.

Node Help Text

This module provides the ability to put some help text for each content type.
ex. if you have a specific content type say: "Ride" then it can be configured to display the ride steps i.e how to create a ride to end users.
Normally sometimes we need to put some Text for each node to help end users, this module provides the ability to do that.
Administrator can configure the text in the backend (HTML too) easily, then that block can be configured easily like a normal block.

Expose Box

This module is an alternative to the collapsible div/fieldset field groups for hiding
and showing content when a link is clicked.

Expose Box is a light weight module that provides a simple js-driven mechanism
for wrapping field content in a "show/hide" box. It does this by providing a new
field group. Bundling fields under the Expose Box field-group will wrap it in the
Box. The Expose Box functions similar to a collapsible fieldset field-group except
for a couple of differences:



This module is intended to provide an own repository of useful functions to provide fucntionality independent of the modules are installed.
It can be considered as a library of useful functions they are using the native API of Drupal.
In most cases there are functions to supply the functionality of a module that not works properly in any situsation.

Concept Recommender Service (a.k.a Xowl Semantic Service)

Content enrichment using Xowl service

Ximdex Platform allow you to aggregate, edit, normalize, identify named entities, enrich content, transform, expand, retrieve, and publish data, from both structured and unstructured sources. You will be able to pull relevant information, share it, analyze it, and visualize it. See our demos at Ximdex Demo

Furthermore we have developed some clients for most popular cms platforms to consume our services. In this case for Drupal.

Bootstrap tabs

A module which allows the editor to quickly create a Bootstrap tabs block in Drupal.


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