Lazy Mega Menu

Lazy Mega Menu makes use of (and requires!) the Responsive Menu module and allows for “Mega Menu” content to be added to top level menu items.

Because it loads the content “lazily”, not as part of the main html source, it means you do not have huge blocks of identical content at the top of every single page. This should help with SEO, if that’s your kind of thing.

Group content field

Add opportunity to manage group content under target entity.

Based on

Private Messages

This module is my vision on how to manage simple private messages dialogs in D8.

Similar modules


Integration Groovehq Custom Profile module


Provides functionality for using Drupal as a static site generator.

Note that 8.x-0.x branch is unstable and experimental, and MUST only be used in development (not in production).


  • The drupal/smith project will use semantic versioning as soon as D.O. supports it.
  • in the meantime versions should be interpreted as 8.x-MAJOR.MINOR-or-PATCH
  • this implies that the 8.x-0.x (i.e. 0.x) branch is unstable.
  • an upgrade path will be provided when the first 8.x-1.x release is added.

Blank Front Page

Blank, empty, raw, plain front page (home page) where one can easily set blocks etc.


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