dH Ecology

Add ecology modeling to dH system.

Better News Feed

Better News Feed, allows you to create a block with different feeds.

HTML sucker

The HTML Sucker module allows site builder to create Drupal blocks fetching HTML from other websites.
This could be handy if you need static blocks with content generated externally.


This module requires the following modules:

How to use it

When this module is enabled, users can configure new blocks by going to:
Administration » Configuration » User interface » HTML Sucker Blocks


Did you ever got into situation where you have multiple content editors and thousands of content pages and very pages being edited and pieces of content being accidentally removed, because editor forgot to create revision, or even worse, they don't even know they can.

This module enables auto revisioning functionality, by allowing for site administrator to preselect which content types will be revisioned by default every time content editor make changes on the node.


Share immoclient with external Services.


Let entities throw other entities into certain pools.


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