Modules Manager

Modules Manager is similar to Wordpress plugins manager in the sense that it allows you to view and install modules available for download directly from Simply select modules from the list and clicking install! This effectively speeds up your installation process since you no longer have to cut and paste individual links into the module installer to get your site up and running!

Reset content

This module will help you to take something like a snapshot. And whenever you want you can remove all new (Contents) has been added after this snapshot.
We don't have any plan to support taking a snapshot of anything are not an entity!
So, Views and variables will not be reset.


* [ ] Set a timer to reset content. (Useful for demo sites).
* [ ] Allow altering the cronjob to do any custom code when the time is up.
* [ ] Support taking more than one snapshot and save these snapshots as titles.

Conditional refresh

The module creates a repeated AJAX callback that checks if there is an updated version of the page that is viewed. If there is one, it offers two options:
1) Show a message to the user so that they can refresh.
2) Force refresh the page.

Out of the box this works for nodes only.

But there is a hook that can be used in custom modules, in order to extend for other pages too (like frontpage, ctools page manager pages, taxonomy term pages, or any other page).

Entity Generic

Entity Generic is a set of extra features for core Entity system.
These features are experimental, not for production use.
The work is in progress.


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