Organic Groups related add-ons.

Filedepot Dropbox

The Filedepot Dropbox module expands on the features of the Filedepot Module. Files can be transferred with any predefined Dropbox folder Path using an Oauth2 connection to your Dropbox Account. You can upload files straight to Dropbox bypassing the local area, or enable complete synchronization with files on both Dropbox and the Local Sever Directory.

Linkit OG

Config options (entity type selection) for Linkit OG module


This module limits the autocomplete suggestions of entities in Linkit to those belonging to the user's groups.


The module depends on:

Gathercontent OG

OG Group Select Screenshot

GatherContent OG implements hooks to add a group selection field to the GatherContent module's create/edit mapping form. If the OG Menu module is enabled this GatherContent OG module will also replace the menu on the GatherContent module's import page with the menu associated with the OG group selected earlier.

Potential Improvements

It would be good to replace the "hand crafted" group selection field with the group selection widget provided by the OG module.

OG Delegate Permissions

This is a placeholder for a contrib module which provides a UI to assign Drupal permissions to Organic group roles based on the solution this blog post describes.

OG Access Group Roles

This module extends Organic Groups' bundled Organic Groups Access Control (og_access) module by allowing authors finer control over who can see their private group content from members of a group.

By using this module, authors can allow only those group members to view their private group content, who have specific group role(s) within a group.
(Administrator members of a group still always have access to group contents access controlled by this module.)


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