Organic Groups related add-ons.

Commerce Order Orgranic Groups Integration

Checkout with Group Pane

This module allows you to configure Drupal Commerce orders with an Organic Groups audience field, which allows you flag an order as belonging to a particular group, company, or organization.

In addition, the module provides several related features:


OG Default Group

Provides default for OG reference field where only 1 group is available

Features Organic Groups Roles Permissions

Adds support for exporting Organic Group roles with related permissions in features.

Module and code is based on features_og_roles_permissions.


Download, unpack and enable the module.



Grant is a module to manage permission information. Any entity type can be used to represent a ressource.

Grant internal permissions

"Internal permission" means real Drupal permissions like being a member of a an [organic group]( with a specified role. Via [rules]( events of the grant module, drupal permissions can be granted or revoked.


OG Rules Permissions

Provides a Rules action that can set an OG permission.


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