Modules that were written for fun.

Drupal Extra

The module enhances the feature of other great contributes modules.
Current enhanced modules are:
- Computed Field, Computed Field Tools
- Field Query
- Views Summarize
- Visitors

The list will be continued.
Mostly are tiny fixes so I can't move it to separate single module.

Once an extra module's fixes is merged to official module, this extra module will be removed out. Please let me know your request if you're one of the author of the module.

Ham radio

Ham radio module - result of BoF at DrupalCon Vienna 2017

First functionality:
- log program with ADIF import/export

Ddate Block

The Ddate Block Drupal Module displaying a date according to the Discordian calendar.

What is Ddate Block?

Dddate block provides configurable blocks displaying a Discordian date.


Ddate Block Drupal Module Configuration Interface

You can configure the module through the Block administration interface. The three options allow you to control the block content.

WebVR (Virtulal Reality) Studio for Drupal

This project is using the technology being developed at Github: WebVR Studio, to create a full virtual reality suite within Drupal. This project will allow you to interactivly manipulate, store, and share VR experiences with your site's users.


dRuPaul Drupal 7 Module

A productivity module for all enterprise-level webmasters and their loved ones.


If you have come this far then either you love productivity, or you love Ru Paul. Or both. Alternatively, you’re just curious and evaluating my sanity. Either way, I think we can agree you have come to the right place.


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