Modules that were written for fun.

Font Awesome Iconpicker

Integrates with drupal. Exposing a new element and widget like text field.



This module adds a field to upload and display 3d objects from OBJ files and images using the ThreeJS library.

This module provides a


Provides a way to display PHP variables in a pretty way.

By default, the module display the output in the message zone, just like the other common debugging modules.
If you enable the submodules (see below), you'll be able to "dump" in other locations like in a Drupal Block, the Drupal's watchdog or in the console.

Make sure to have the required Symfony libraries to get this module working.

See the examples below on how to use it, it's very easy to use.



Pronounced (in a Pittsburgh accent) DAAAAAAAAYYYYYNNNNAAAAAAA
Is short for Drush Assign Author Nodes to Another Author

This was created in the even that you bulk delete a user from a bunch of sites (say an employee that no longer works for you). You can run drush ucan which will remove the user from the system and give all their content to anonymous. Well, there's no good way of assigning those nodes to someone else via drush.



Inspired by a scene from the film "Being John Malkovich," the Malkovichification module transforms all rendered text on all non-admin pages of the website to repetitions of the word "Malkovich" (or another word of your choosing). The module preserves the markup and styling of the page when Malkovichifying the output.

Users can also change the replacement word from "Malkovich" to any text of their choosing.


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