Referral Landing Pages

This module is getting developed to create landing pages for referral module. Someone clicks on referral link of the user, can have multiple landing pages.

Xternal auth client

No good description of this module yet..... soon... very soon....

Logo image style


Logo image style allows the site builder to use image styles to render the theme logo. The used image style can be set on a per theme basis.


Asset Injector

This combines the two modules, JS Injector and CSS Injector, into a single module for simplicity.

As described from those modules, this functions the same. This module is definitely not a replacement for full-fledged theming, but it provides site administrators with a quick and easy way of tweaking things without diving into full-fledged theme hacking.


This module provide possibility to synchronize entities between drupal and any third-party services.

There are similar modules:

But this modules synchronize different Drupal instances, instead of current module which synchronize Drupal entities with entities from other third-party services (crm/analytics/etc.).


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