update content language

Update content language

This module is used to update the language Selected content.

Domain Lang

Domain language detection and selection


Domain Lang extends Domain Access module and add ability setup Language detection and selection for every available sub-domain.

After enable Domain Lang module will appears new tab:
where can be setup-ed language detection and selection for requested sub-domain.

Recurly Aegir

Recurly logo and payment page

Automatically manages Aegir sites with Recurly subscriptions / recurring billing / e-commerce via Web services.

This module allows clients to pay for hosted Drupal sites controlled by the Aegir Hosting System. When a new subscription notification from Recurly is received, a new site will be provisioned. If a subscription expires, the site will be deleted.


Provision Extra Config

Backend complement to Hosting Extra Config (TODO Update when promoting to full project).

Hosting Extra Config

Configure additional server-side configuration for Aegir.

This module is strictly for the purpose of doing away with the need to create arbitrary Drush-level modules just to inject configuration into Apache, Nginx, or Drupal settings.php.


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