Provision Extra Config

Backend complement to Hosting Extra Config (TODO Update when promoting to full project).

Hosting Extra Config

Configure additional server-side configuration for Aegir.

This module is strictly for the purpose of doing away with the need to create arbitrary Drush-level modules just to inject configuration into Apache, Nginx, or Drupal settings.php.


Screen shot of subsite node configuration options

Subsite lets you make any node or set of nodes look like a different website by overriding the theme, branding, main menu, and more. Perfect for event and campaign micro-sites etc, subsite has been designed to be used by editors as part of the editorial process. Configuration for each subsite is stored with the node in a field which means it supports content revisions and works with your usual content workflow.


Domain as entity

Expose multiple domains of the same site (no real multi-site) as fieldable entity.

Domain Theme Switch

Domain Theme Switch

Domain Theme switch

Domain Theme Switch module help users to set the theme for different domains.

Domain Theme module have configuration setting page

Configuration page path: /admin/config/domain/themes



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