Domain List

To be used in conjunction with Domain Access

This module creates a new block called "Domain List"

This block prints out a simple HTML list with all the active domains and links to them. It also removes the current domain from the list to remove redundancy.


Generate Domains from a template in a Jiffy!

Rapid deployment of domain access based sites with an extensible site structure hook. Set up a number of site templates that encompass nodes, domain paths, and menu structure. Provide that array in a hook an rapidly create cookie-cutter sites stepping through the relevant setup screens.

Developed for a Domain Access/Domain by path microsite system. Domain Path compatible, as well.

Hostmaster Tweaks

This sandbox module is a collection of personal modifications to Hostmaster, Aegir's front-end, and its related extensions.

Feature Repository

Feature Repository is option of feature server. It is available in drupal 7 only. It provides two content type Project page and Release Page. Project page for save the feature information and release page for upload features.
Feature Repository Features
1. This module uses for feature repository server.
2. Frepository module required to the child site to check and update the latest feature.

Domain Site Verification

A simple module which extends the site_verify module to work with the domain module.

Install as any other module. There are no configuration pages, the only user-visible change is an additional dropdown on the site verification add/edit form.



Domain munin stats

This project aims to use munin api module for collecting data from domain access enabled sites and display it within munin graphs



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