Drupal Multisite Automated

Drupal Multi Site is an Application to Automate Multi Site Creation like wordpress multi site blog. You could provide users a folder based site and sub domain based site as well.

Domain Language Access


Domain Language Access add language restriction. After activation, a new entry in contextual menu on the Domain setting screen named "Languages".
You'll be able to setup default language and only allowed languages.


To use this first release, use the following command line:

composer require "drupal/domain_language:^1.0@alpha"


Config Removal

Multiple configuration destinations are often used to store configuration specific to environment or even to separate on a site-by-site basis.

A common workflow is to leverage "sync" (the default and out-of-the-box configuration destination) as the destination for storing shared/global configuration. Overridden and additional configuration is stored in subsequent configuration destinations. A config import with the "partial" option allows for the secondary destination to bring in only that which is overridden or added.

A deeper dive into this workflow:

Multi Site Configuration

Multi Site Configuration

Multi Site Configuration module help to manage the different configurations for individual domains.

Multi Site Configuration module alter the site configuration page:

Path: /admin/config/system/site-information


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