Code Server

Allows limitless communication between Drupal sites.

Code Server provides a framework for calling PHP functions on a Drupal site from code running on a different Drupal site.

See the live demonstration page for some technical details. That page is generated by the codeserver_test module which is included in the project package.


Domain Folder

The Domain Folder module allows the creation of domains with the same domain name using the Domain Access module (e.g. "", "").

Steps for using:

Client Autorestore


Used in conjunction with Hosting Autorestore it simply displays a message about the time remaining before the next site restore.


  • display info message except if the website is about to be reset (error)
  • uses javascript to make the countdown more accurate (caching)


Hosting Autorestore


Hosting Autorestore

Site node information


This module allows you to periodically restore a backup of your site. This is useful if you have a demo website and you want that people play with it, add / update / remove content and from time to time, the website is totally cleaned up and reverted to its initial state.


Domain aggregate compress

This module provide the domain wise setting for the aggregation and compression of css and js files. It works when we do not set any BANDWIDTH OPTIMIZATION. If this setting is checked then it will be not work as domain wise. It will work as it work by default.

Project page

Akuma Domains

Simple module to override built-in Language domains.


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