IP Locator with Splash

*Most Useful for Multi site purposes* (This module will not work on localhost unless you have setup Virtual IP Address on your local machine.)

This module is for displaying a splash page to users if they have a option available to visit their country's website in a very cool and configurable pop-up. It also supports different type of animations plus what text you would like to be seen by the website visitors.

It also has a configuration page to add new website urls and flush them in case url is added by mistake.

Code Server

Allows limitless communication between Drupal sites.

Code Server provides a framework for calling PHP functions on a Drupal site from code running on a different Drupal site.

See the live demonstration page for some technical details. That page is generated by the codeserver_test module which is included in the project package.


Domain Folder

The Domain Folder module allows the creation of domains with the same domain name using the Domain Access module (e.g. "http://drupal.org/en", "http://drupal.org/ua").

Steps for using:

Client Autorestore


Used in conjunction with Hosting Autorestore it simply displays a message about the time remaining before the next site restore.


  • display info message except if the website is about to be reset (error)
  • uses javascript to make the countdown more accurate (caching)


Hosting Autorestore



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