Domain aggregate compress

This module provide the domain wise setting for the aggregation and compression of css and js files. It works when we do not set any BANDWIDTH OPTIMIZATION. If this setting is checked then it will be not work as domain wise. It will work as it work by default.

Project page

Akuma Domains

Simple module to override built-in Language domains.


Manage external css & jss through Drupal admin UI & Contexts. Files support multiple versions based on prod/stage/dev environments for easier development on production instances.
This module was developed by Interscope Records and designed with Acquia Sitefactory in mind to accommodate building sites in a multisite environment off a shared codebase without the need to push out updates for theme-level updates.

based on Javascript Libraries Manager

Feature List

Domain menu overview

Domain menu overview, domains per menu


This module enables you to have an clear overview per domain what the menu
entries are. In Drupal all of these links are on the same page and thus
it is not clear in which domain it is and the menus will grow
very big in time as well.

Another option is to create separate menus per domain. This could be handy or could be total overkill and very clumsy since you will have to change a lot of code probably.


OpenID Connect Extras

The OpenID Connect Extras module extends the functionality of the OpenID Connect module by adding these key functionalities:

Domain List

To be used in conjunction with Domain Access

This module creates a new block called "Domain List"

This block prints out a simple HTML list with all the active domains and links to them. It also removes the current domain from the list to remove redundancy.


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