Asset Injector

This combines the two modules, JS Injector and CSS Injector, into a single module for simplicity.

As described from those modules, this functions the same. This module is definitely not a replacement for full-fledged theming, but it provides site administrators with a quick and easy way of tweaking things without diving into full-fledged theme hacking.

Copyright It

Copyright It

Simple module saves you a lot of time to put copyright block for your sites.

This module give you a block copyright under your website name without the need to change it every time you want to change your site name

Region Foter will automaticlly add the block after you enabled it
Date will auto change depending you yor apache Year
Your site name alright will change if you change your site name
centralize the copyright in the center of you region
++ can be change form region to region by changing the block

Domain Traversal

Easy navigation between domains for logged in users.

Depends on the Domain Access module.

This module adds new menu items per domain to easily traverse between the domains. Clicking the link of another domain, as a logged in user with the correct permissions, results in being logged in on that domain.


Aegir Network

This module is in development. Its purpose is to allow inter-communication between Aegir servers (to address the "smart nodes" use case). The point is to centralize information to facilitate management of multiple servers.


Site Entity

Site Entity makes a Drupal site fieldable.



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