Domain Lang

Domain language detection and selection


Domain Lang extends Domain Access module and add ability setup Language detection and selection for every available sub-domain.

After enable Domain Lang module will appears new tab:
where can be setup-ed language detection and selection for requested sub-domain.

Recurly Aegir

Recurly logo and payment page

Automatically manages Aegir sites with Recurly subscriptions / recurring billing / e-commerce via Web services.


Simple Sync

Provides an easy way to synchronise site configuration between multiple environments such as development, test and live versions of a site. Check out the video.

Example: you can copy the entire permissions configuration from one site to another with a single click.


Provision Extra Config

Backend complement to Hosting Extra Config (TODO Update when promoting to full project).

Hosting Extra Config

Configure additional server-side configuration for Aegir.

This module is strictly for the purpose of doing away with the need to create arbitrary Drush-level modules just to inject configuration into Apache, Nginx, or Drupal settings.php.


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