This will be the place where we enable Drupal for the next web - web 3.0.

One Time Password SMS

This module gives users the ability to receive two factor authentication codes via SMS. This functionality compliments the TFA app integration of One Time Password.

See the README and documentation for how to install and configure the module.

Picture Block

This module is a fork of the Image Block module with adaptions made to account for the use of the Picture element.

The admin user is presented with two separate image upload fields for desktop and mobile usage and an additional field to allow for the setting of a pixel width to activate a min-width media query.

Tencent WeChat

The Tencent WeChat module integrates WeChat Official Account Admin Platform
(https://mp.weixin.qq.com/) with Drupal.

This module is under heavy development.

Features are separated into submodules.

Submodules and Features

Tencent WeChat SDK module

Load the SDK/Library https://github.com/overtrue/wechat

Tencent WeChat Binding module

User account binding with WeChat OpenId.

RWD Menu

This module provides a themable, CSS3 based slide-in menu mainly for mobile site versions, with no external libraries and only basic JS used to add / remove classes.

There are many similar modules, what makes this one different is that it has a Drupal 8 version, allows customization using a template and own CSS and has no dependencies.


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