APPrise Mobile API

APPrise Mobile is an app development platform that allows any organization to
have its own proprietary branded app on the public app stores or as part of a
MDM or enterprise solution.

This module provides an interface to the API for APPrise Mobile Clients.

Amp New Relic

The Amp New Relic module is very simple, it disables the New Relic APM on pages that are served via the Amp module.

Block move

Moves blocks to another regions by detected device type.


Mobile detect

REST Export Nested

This module extends core's REST Export views display to automatically convert any JSON string field to JSON in the output. It works with Views Field View.

Theoretically it should work with any field which displays a JSON string without any surrounding HTML.

  1. Install module.
  2. In your view, add a display of type "REST export nested"
  3. Configure view.

When adding a Views Field View field, make sure the output of the field is set to "REST export" or "REST export nested".


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