Branchee Block

This module allows the site builder to choose a menu with some options, and output a block that contains the menu with applicable branchee ( markup.

Branchee is a lightweight mobile navigation plugin with built in transitions. The menu is generated from a basic unordered list.

trio mobile sms integration

It’s the promising solutions for SMS alerting, advertisement, and etc. With a single click, you can send out few thousand SMS from a pc or computer using our SMS web system, easily access via web browser.


vibrate module popup in mobile view

Vibrate module provides you functionality to vibrate your mobile user's mobile based on your selection with custom popup.
Selection could be home page or any node id.
Once user access your site a popup box with customized text will appear with respect to selected node and mobile will vibrate.

Original idea is inherited from


Push Notifications to Drupal 8.x

NOT multilanguage support, NOT Privatemsg integration.

Offline Application

Offline application is a module that allows you to make content from your website available offline. You can configure nodes, views and the menu that will be used as the 'offline app' version of your website. Further configuration includes manifest for adding the content as an app on your homescreen.

Supports Application Cache API, even though it has been deprecated, but has the best support on all major browsers. Service Workers integration is following soon though.


Slick video

Drupal slick video carousel

Provides a simple integration between Slick carousel and Video embed field. If you need more robust solution, please consider Slick media.



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