RESTful web services support for files and images

RESTful web services support for files and images (restws_file)

This module provides support for creating and updating fields of type file and
image. It accepts (multiple) image/file data as base64_encoded strings in the
JSON payload.


Requires RESTful web services (restws).
No additional steps needed, just enable the module in Drupal.

Better Email

This module aims to combine the HTML email modules that we all love, but are somewhat difficult (or requires a lot of work) to make they work together to send out nice emails.

This is not another module to send HTML emails! We already have enough overlap with Mime Mail module and HTML mail modules. This module does not fall into any group. Instead, this module allows you to treat all emails as HTML emails (with the help of Mime Mail module), and to upgrade your entire site-wide email appearance to an always-HTML one


Workaround a bug iOS 8 creates with Drupal's superfish module.

Panel Parallaxe

The Panel Parallaxe module offers parallaxe display for your project.

The Parallaxe contains an fixed image in the background and some text that moves over the background.

Appcelerator ACS

This Module will be an integration and implementation for ACS cloud service (Appcelerator Titanium)

This Module Is not officially from Appcelerator

Need Contributors


This module add contextual classes and responsive classes to HTML body which can be very helpful to style differently on different context. Contextual classes like we have on Drupal 7.
It also add responsive classes on different window widths like:
cbody-layout-mobile, cbody-layout-narrow, cbody-layout-normal, cbody-layout-wide


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