Device Detector

Device Detector is a simple, PHP-based browser and device(Desktop & Mobile)feature-detection module that can detect devices & browsers on its own without the need to pull from a central database of browser information and adds configuration classes to "" tag

Page URL QR Code Block

This is a very tiny module just for displaying a block with QR Code of current Page URL. Its highly configurable from block configuration page. To go there you just need to click on this block's contextual menu. This modules solely purpose is to provide just a page URL block out of the box. No, complexity and no other functionality.



B2BSMS provides a cloud API for SMS communication. This module provides integration between the service and the SMS framework module. Go to admin/smsframework/gateways to setup the gateway.

Parse Push Notifications

The purpose of this module is to enable push notifications to mobile devices via the Parse service. It is intended to be configurable with a set of its own rules (not part of the Rules module) so that notifications can be sent based on actions and roles.

Use cases:


Responsive Image


This module is based on the work of Oleanti.
This module is maintained thanks to Ramsalt Lab

Photoswipe Gallery


Photoswipe Gallery is a module that will use the Photoswipe JavaScript Library which can be found here (github).

As the name already tells, it is a swipeable gallery. It has been build mobile friendly, and it will scale on every mobile device.


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