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Detect Device

Drupal 8 module for detect devices and add cache context per device.

This is a lightweight mobile detection based on the [Mobile_Detect.php]( library.

PHP examples

### Check type device
``` php
$deviceDetector = \Drupal::service('detect.device');


WEBSMS is a cost effective End-to-End Enterprise Mobile Messaging Service with high service level availability.

WEBSMS module provides integration between the service and the SMS Framework module using exposed API by gateway API.

Twilio OTP

twilio otp

At the time of user register, entered mobile number on user register form have to verify using OTP facility before registration.
After enter mobile number user have to click on Send OTP button to get the OTP on entered mobile number and finally enter that OTP on the user register form inside OTP field.



Appnotch Easy Web to App

As a Drupal website developer, you'll now be able to create powerful mobile apps to help your clients:

  • Be Where Their Customers Are...On Their Phone.
  • Make it Easy to do Business.
  • Send Push Notifications.
  • Keep Their People Engaged.
  • Get More Repeat Business.
  • Boost Their SEO Ranking.

What's great is you can help your clients grow their business while earning extra income on the exceptional work you already did.


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