Mobile View Mode

Provides view mode switching mechanism for entities when in mobile devices.

enterprise wechat

Integration with with Weixin (wechat) is a popular mobile app in China, which have 6500 million active users. Enterprise wechat is only used in China; the document and the description of this module use Chinese.

PLEASE NOTICE that enterprise wechat the product itself is only available in Chinese, so the module authors will publish manual and usage notice under Chinese.



Burger is a minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation.

iFrame Resizer

A page with scollbars which iframes in another page which also has scrollbars

This module makes the iFrame Resizer javascript library available on your Drupal site. With it enabled, you can "keep same and cross domain iFrames sized to their content with support for window/content resizing, in page links, nesting and multiple iFrames."

Responsive image batch

Responsive Image Batch

What Is This?

Responsive Image Batch is an opinionated helper module for Drupal 8 to speed up creating responsive image styles by providing a single interface for the following tasks:

  • Calculate image sizes in various breakpoints and multipliers.
  • Name and create multiple image styles and assign image effects to them.
  • Map image styles to a "responsive image style". This maps image styles to the breakpoints and multipliers of the picture element.

This module is opinionated in the following ways:

Two Factor Authentication


TFA login is 2 factor authentication module used to introduce second factor of authentication to default drupal login with help of miniorange auth API.

List of second factor authentication :

  1. Login with QR Code Scan
  2. Softtoken
  3. OTP on mail

Note : It requires miniorange authentication APP


This module requires following modules as dependencies-



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