Mandrill Webhooks

Mandrill Webhooks exposes an endpoint, receives data from Mandrill webhooks and makes it available via the Drupal hook: hook_mandrill_webhook($data).
This module also allows for administration of Mandrill Webhooks from the Drupal site via the API.

The endpoint implements the recommended authentication from Mandrill



Develmail configuration settings

This module allows alteration of every outgoing mail to a single email address.

Detailed description

Intercept any outgoing email sent by drupal_mail by redirecting it to a single email address. Every TO, CC or BCC email address will be ignored if this module is enabled. Develmail is most likely to be used to try out new mailing functionality or to prevent mails from sending out in a development environment.

Send File to Kindle

'Send file to Kindle' lets your site's users send documents to their Kindle devices.

Entityform E-Mail Confirmation

This module provides elements for Rules, which will allow you to setup confirmation of emails, that are sent to your website by using entityform.

This module isn't "plug and play", after enabling it, you will need to create rules that will do the magic. It only provides:

Action: Generate confirmation URL
Event: User visited confirmation URL

Sending of confirmation e-mail will happen in Rules - after event of saving new entityform submission:



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