Simplenews Status Reset

Simplenews Status Reset Screenshot

Simplenews Status Reset is a tiny module, that allows to reset the sent status of an already sent Simplenews newsletter issue to "not sent". This allows to resend a newsletter (e.g. to a different category) without duplicating the node or changing the status value by hand in the database.



Simple integration with SparkPost for sending emails.


This Module lets users subscribe to site wide content updates

Commerce Puntuarte

Commerce Puntuarte is Drupal Commerce module that displays the Puntuarte product reviews widgets for eCommerce sites using Drupal Commerce shop.

This module sends an email automatically when an order has been completed allowing the customer to leave a comment and rate the purchase.

govCMS Dissemination Limiting Marker (DLM)

What is this used for?

As for paper–based information, all electronic–based information needs to be marked with an
appropriate protective marking. This module adds the option for a user to set a default Email Protective Marking, such as [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED], appended to the end of the subject line for all outgoing emails sent using drupal_mail() on your site.



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