Message System

Replaces system mails (eg. user registration) with Message module messages - allows for SMS, fields, attachments etc.

Achieves this by declaring Message types for each user mail, then using hook_mail_alter to intercept those mails and send via Message instead.

Some user tokens (eg. one-time-login-url, cancel-url) require a patch to Token module to be replaced properly:

Drush Mandrill Statistics

This project provides drush commands to fetch data from the Mandrill transactional email service, to display email tags and statistics on each tag. Tags represent different types of transactional email sent via Mandrill.


From a command line, run the following:

$ drush dl drush_mandrill_stats

This will download the project and place it in your $HOME/.drush folder. Alternatively, you may also download the release manually from



One Mail Solution : This module should help user, configure his mailboxes @ one place.
Module can service as One stop solution for "Checking all emails"

Initial version will have support for : Gmail, Yahoo

Mailcomment rules

Mailcomment rules provides a direct e-mail rule to integrate with mailcomments. Allowing a more flexible lightweight solution.

This is perfect for support tickets or more.


The Mailcomment module allows users to reply on nodes/comments by e-mail.

This module currently only integratis with either notifications or Message Notify.


Sandbox project for BombBomb integration


Generic message templates designed for use with RNG.

Please post bug reports and feature requests to the GitHub project



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