This module allows Drupal to send emails through an SMTP server with optional authentication It is designed to have just the minimum required functionality to do that.

Note that for most hosting environments you do not need this
module. Hosting environments like Pantheon require use of modules like
this though.


Schedule Mail

Schedule Mail, adds a new function like drupal_mail to allow modules to schedule an e-mail instead of sending it directly. The mails are sent during cron runs. It also allows the modules to delete a mail from the queue, if is the mail is no longer necessary.

This is an API module, doesn't do anything by itself.

Email Manager

Mail save file

Saves all outgoing mail to a file only. The email does not get saved in the database.

Use this module if you want to have the body of each email saved to a file in a configurable location. If you need anything more advanced than that, use the Mail logger module, or similar.


Send Mails

Send Mail

This module provides an API for users to compose and send mails from drupal site.

Easy Mail Service is simple module to send mails from your drupal site.
It have a interface with to address field,subject field and Message Body field like Gmail, Yahoo and other email service.
In addition with user can specify the From address for the mail.

This module Support Full HTML messages there by we can send styled text in your mails.

It require SMTP Authentication module, by default from address to be taken from site email id.



Mailblock is a module for preventing drupal_mail() messages sent from development and staging sites from going to undesirable addresses. This is a good safety net, provided the site does actually send all its mail through drupal_mail -- the module will actually check that for you when you run the Drupal status report, and you should follow up any Mailblock warnings on that report as a matter of importance.


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