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Mautic Drupal 6.x and 7.x integration module

This Drupal 6 module lets you add the Mautic tracking gif image to your Drupal website and embed Mautic forms in Drupal content.

Mail Tester

This is a simple module that uses the simplicity of to help you improve the quality of your email system.

If you want to know more about Mail Tester, please check their FAQ.


Mandrill Mime Types

Add the ability to administer the file types Mandrill can mail.

Mandrill only provides certain mime types for mailing. This module allows you to set your own mimetypes.

When this module is installed it overrides all Mandrill defaults mimetypes.

Features Include:

Configure mimetypes that can be mailed from the full suite of Drupal mimetypes





Duplemail - Email Address Username Filtering

The purpose of this module is to provide for duplicate email address checking for domains that allow extraneous characters to be placed inside usernames and be treated as different email addresses. For example:


Mandrill Webhooks

Mandrill Webhooks exposes an endpoint, receives data from Mandrill webhooks and makes it available via the Drupal hook: hook_mandrill_webhook($data).
This module also allows for administration of Mandrill Webhooks from the Drupal site via the API.

The endpoint implements the recommended authentication from Mandrill



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