E Greetings

A module that sends electronic wishes and greeting cards (e-cards) to a e-mail address or group of address on a scheduled date / time or now. Supports from Drupal 8.x Onwards

Contact Emails

How to access the Manage Emails section

This module provides a more versatile interface and functionality for managing
emails that get sent from Drupal Core Contact submissions. It allows users with
the new permission 'manage contact form emails' to add as many emails as
desired, each with a different recipient or set of recipients (including the
submitter of the form), each a different subject or message.


Comment Alert

Commet Alert Configuration


Comment Alert module allows your site to send an email when a new comment is posted.

You can:

  • Report to the author of the node where the comment has been created.
  • Report to the author of a comment if has been created as comment reply.

Just choose if you want one of the notifications, both or none. This works with logged or anonymous users.


Email Manager

This module intercepts all the implementation of hook_mail(), allows to edit those emails on admin interface and injects the modified emails using hook_mail_alter()

The original idea was coined by kristofferrom and we will take it forward.

The module is still at inception level but we are confident to realize it soon.

We plan to publish a release in Drupal 8.x branch first.


Apsis mail

Interacts with the Apsis mailing list REST api.

  • Provides a subscribe form as a block
  • Allows subscribe and unsubscribe in user edit page



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