Traffic Advisor

Traffic Advisor generates a Google Map with Traffic overlay block that can be placed anywhere on site to show current traffic for location.

Currently you can set single location, we are working on implementing multiple locations.

Great for intranets, events and other projects that need quick way to add traffic map.

* You can achieve similar functionality with GMap and Traffic overlay, however this module is quick way if you only need traffic.

Direction Block

Displays direction from A to B in Google maps using geocoder latitude/longitude.

How to use:

Country Specific Entities

Sandbox project for extending the Country Specific Nodes module to Country Specific Entities.

Colorized google maps block

Colorized gmap module allows to add a google map on the site as a drupal block and customize it. At the colorized gmap block creation page you are able to customize a standard google map (e.g. to colorize water, landscape , etc.) You will see changes on the map after every action.


Leaflet Widget Point

A Geofield widget that provides a Leaflet map widget with the [Leaflet.widget_point] plugin for capturing a point.

Capture a point.
Use base layers defined by Leaflet module.

Installation tips:

Install like any other module you will get a new widget type for geofield called Leaflet.widget_point
Requires Leaflet to be available. Leaflet module installed and Leaflet located at /leaflet
This module requires the latest dev release of GeoPHP as there are issues with parsing GeoJSON in the latest stable release.

Addressfield widget fields

Enables Field fields and extra fields in a bundle to be added to the addressfield widget. It will look like one widget, but they're separate fields. You can add any kind of field, so you can extend the addressfield widget however you like.


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