Location Region

This module will extend Location with regions.
You will be able to select Country -> Region -> Province for countries that are supported.

Supported countries:
- France

AJAX is not supported yet.

If a country doesn't have regions, the Location will fallback to default Country -> Provinces selection.



Provides a simple HTML5 geolocation service. User's location is returned in a callback via jQuery.

Geolocate module provides a more mobile friendly user geolocation service for Drupal. Most other geolocation solutions in Drupal seem to use a stored field, which doesn't make a lot of sense on the real time web. (Eg. why would you want to update the user's profile each time their location changes?)


Location Gmap Image Formatter


This module allow you to render Google map images for your Location CCK Fields.


This module requires the following modules:

Gmap Marker Regen

Gmap module uses a non standard way of storing the file id. It creates a managed file record. However, there are no file usages written to the file_usages table. During garbage collection files in public://js/ are deleted. The logic in Gmap module core looks to see if the variable gmap_marker_file is set. If so, it proceeds without if the file has been generated in the past AND if it still exists.

Location cookie

Uses a web service via javascript to add cookies of the clients location.

A light weight alternative to other ip location modules with the downside of the location cookies not being available with the first page visit.

The actual cookies that are set depends on the web service that is selected on the admin page. The admin page allows you to test the service and see what cookies will be set.
Admin page: admin/config/people/location_cookie

A good use case is using the location cookie as a views contextual filter (this is what I use it for).

China Address - 中国收货地址

This module is mainly aimed at Chinese users, the purpose is to provide a lightweight "receiving address" solution.

Road Map:

7.x-1.x Pure and Lightweight js version (Form API)
7.x-2.x Fast and Full Interface API version




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