Store Locator

Front end

This module help you to create your own store locator with the help of google jquery store locator library.

You just need to install this and add your store information under the store location content type.

After adding your stores please visit to this url

Make sure your jQuery version should be >= 1.7

Country Selector

This module is essentially a helper module that allows the user to store their location in a cookie for other modules to use.

A couple of blocks are provided - a block with a country selector dropdown form, and a block that displays the selected country as a link to a country selector page.

Other modules can retrieve the user's set country with the country_select_get_country() function which returns the 2 letter country code.

Future development looks towards incorporating support for country flag modules amongst other things...

Quicktabs Remember

Quicktabs Remember

This will be used to remember user's last visited quicktab.
There is an option to remember logged in user's last tab on current quicktab whenever you create any quicktab.
Please select that and see whenever you revisit the page, it will remain on the last used tab.

It stores the information into the database, so you can revisit the page from any browser.

Field Location

Create a field

This module provides the Location field with map and an autocomplete for locations (Google Map API). With described tools you're able to instantly find a location and draw a polygon - its coordinates will be the value of a field.

The module depends on Google Maps Instances and provides an example instance which can be used for a field.



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