Advance Currency Converter


Advance Currency Converter
This module was created for currency conversion. In this module we can select the
multiple currency which we are used in our websites. It provide a currency conversion


* Any currency can be enabled or disabled.
* We can select the Google Finance API or database to convert the currency.
* If we use Database so you can get the graph of the currency trends.


This module provides local based ip geolocation based on SypexGeo City database. It is fully free and has frequently updates.

How to use


At first you must download and install module as usual. Then you need to download SypexGeo PHP library and SypexGeo City database. You can do it in two ways:

First way - manually:

Addressfield french

This project provides an addressfield format plugin for french addresses.

An Ajax plugin for the address module for France.
With this module you can search for a city by postal code.
You also have a latitude longitude information stored in the sub_premise field to use it for other modules like GeoField or Getlocation.

Media entity CARTO

CARTO integration for Media entity module.

Allows end users to store references to CARTO maps in Media entities and provides a formatter to embed those maps easily in a Drupal site.

Related Modules

To generate your CARTO maps from the data stored in your Drupal site, you can use the CARTO Sync module.


This module allows to Synchronize your Drupal data with CARTO. This gives the ability to create amazing maps and process your spatial data using the tools provided by CARTO.


To synchronize your data, all you need to do is to create a view using a CARTO Sync display type and then synchronize it with CARTO from the CARTO Sync dashboard page. Automatically your data will be synchronized with CARTO and you would be able to do almost everything with them.


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