Gmap Store Locator

This is a very simple module that provides an entity to add the store locations.

This module allows to configure Google map Marker, Show/hide fields in list and info-window, drag-gable sorting of fields.

It also provides the location map block.

Easy Gmap

Easy Gmap provides a new field type for adding Google maps on your site with a map preview. It works by entering an address or clicking on the map.

Map is displayed for end users in iframe.

You just need to enter Google Maps API key here:



Addressfield Geocomplete

Addressfield Geocomplete integrates the Geocomplete Library with the Addressfield module to provide autocomplete capabilities. The Geocomplete Library utilizes Google Places API to offer this functionality.

Similar Modules


Places API Webform Autocomplete

Places API Webform Autocomplete provides a webform component that uses Google's
Places API to allow the user to search for addresses - the user can select from
one of the suggested addresses, or provide custom input (ie the autocomplete results are only suggestions).


Geolocation Queue

The is an add on module for geolocation module that handles the geolocation of address fields in a queue.



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