Block Country

This module helps to create country specific Blocks. It Add country setting to block and manages country specific display of block.

Block will be only visible for the selected countries. It detects and gets User's country from Ip2Country information and based on this it manages block visibility.

forWhereiAm - Standard

Quick Overview

This module creates a widget for displaying all the latest announcements made on the forWhereiAm platform by your organisation (and any of its associated branches) for a given user's location. This module interacts with the forWhereiAm API and implements the server-side flow.


Location Views Filters Ajax

Provides the ability for location views exposed filters to work with ajax.

NOTE: You will need to patch the view module in order to allow #ajax for exposed filters.
Here you can find the patch:

After you enable to module and create a view with exposed filters (Country, Province),
the selection of Country -> Province will work with ajax.


Small ads

Drupal 8 successor to D7 Offers & Wants, which supports local communities to share and exchange their stuff and skills.

Ready rolled 'feature' type module allows permitted users to post ads and browse by category.

Smallads is its own entity type which is planned to have a remote storage controller pointing to REST API service. The entity comes with several fields already - image, geolocation, expiry date. Some handy views and blocks are provided also.


taxonomy geo formatter

Geocoder autocomplete provides an autocomplete widget for taxonomy via the Google Geocoder API. Save hierarchically like


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