Address Field India

India Address Field Form Support

This module is a plugin for Address field module. It provides an Indian address form.

Address Data for all Indian states can be downloaded from

The formatted data CSV for this module can be downloaded from


Provides a Location (Country + City) field form.

Mapbox GL

Initial code for integration with Mapbox GL JS.

This is an API only module. There is no UI. Maps can be generated using hook_mapbox_gl_info() and calling the render method.

popup should either be "popup" to display the layer properties in a popup, or the ID of a separate element in which to display the information. e.g. "my-properties-div".

Geolocation Address Link

What this module does

This module contains functionality to allow a Geolocation field and an Address field to be linked together. Each entity type that uses this functionality needs two fields:

  1. An address field to allow the user to input an address.
  2. A geolocation field that will contain the geocoordinates of the address and display them in a map.

Both fields should have the same settings for allowed number of values. If they have multiple values, the first value in the address field will correspond to the first value in the geolocation field, etc. The assumption is that the geolocation field will be hidden on the edit form since it will be updated automatically when the entity is saved.

This module provides:

  • A geocoder service that can be used to retrieve geocoordinates for an array of values structured like the address field. The service will also provide boundary coordinates and can compute a suggested zoom level based on the size of the area covered in the boundary.
  • A configuration setting to select specific geolocation field(s) that should be updated from the values in corresponding address field(s) when the entity is saved. This update will also store the boundary and zoom level in the field(s).
  • An optional formatter, `Geolocation Google Maps API - Map with dynamic zoom`, that overrides the default Google Maps formatter to use the zoom value stored in the geolocation field when displaying the map.

Geolocation Address

Geolocation Address

This module name conflicts with a new embedded module in the Geolocation module. The code that was in this repository was renamed and moved to

Postcode & Geolocation API for the UK

Simple module that allows lookups of addresses


Currently takes postcode and returns longitude and latitude


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