Webform Addressfield Extra

Address Field is available as a Webform component through Addressfield Tokens module.


Geospatial Geometries


This is an API for geo developers using PostGIS. PostGIS provides numerous functions to handle, validate, convert and operate with geospatial geometries. This module provides the most widely used calls to this PostGIS functions which you can use from your module.


An examples module is provided as part of the package which calls the API functions through a simple UI. Thus you can learn how to use the API.


Maps for Drupal

This project aims to merge gmap, location projects from D7 into D8+ lifetime

Development goes on GitHub



I needed a simple way to detect a user's timezone in order to display dates in their local timezone without depending on their user profile to save the correct timezone. An existing module, Timezone Detect, implements a Javascript library known simply as "jsTimezoneDetect," which did the job.

Leaflet: Zoom Home

Replaces the Leaflet's default zoom controls with the Leaflet: Zoom home plugin.

Check the README.md file for the detailed installation steps.



Logo Drupal - 2GIS

This module provides integration of 2GIS services with Drupal.

The main module contains the settings form, which includes

  • API key
  • Language
  • City by default
  • Version of the API

Tools for working with API are available in the code of the module. Functions which you can use for your needs.



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