If the main purpose of your module is to provide additional functionality via JavaScript then you should use the JavaScript tag. If your module's main purpose is to provide some set of features and JavaScript helps make those features richer, do not use the JavaScript tag.

Bootstrap CDN

A simple module to add js/css through Bootstraps CDN service depending on conditions like pages or roles.

[D8] Add link to copied text

Note: This module is included at https://www.drupal.org/project/addtocopy

D8 Add link to copied text
This is a drupal 8 version of https://www.drupal.org/project/addtocopy

Loading animation

This module shows a loading layer on page loading events. These may be triggered by form submission or clicking a hyperlink.

Hyperlinks may be excluded from trigger by adding a "no-loading-animation" class. Further "javascript" and "#" hyperlinks are automatically excluded. Loading and animation may be aborted by pressing "ESC".

It is possible to change the loading animation image and customize the layout by overriding the library.


Link Data Attributes

Link Data Attribute

The Link Data Attribute module provides a simple way to include HTML 5 data-* attributes to any Link field on site building.

With this module, links can be easily added with a data-* attribute that can be used on your JavaScript and/or your CSS files.
A quick reference to HTML-5 data-* attributes usage.

Code Snippet GeSHi

The module provides integration of the Code Snippet GeSHi addon with CKEditor.


VisJS (8.x-1.x)

This sandbox has the Drupal 8 version of https://www.drupal.org/project/visjs. It will be abandoned when #270661: Drupal 8 port port is merged or when an 8.x branch is opened.

Supporting organizations:
Turner Broadcasting


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