If the main purpose of your module is to provide additional functionality via JavaScript then you should use the JavaScript tag. If your module's main purpose is to provide some set of features and JavaScript helps make those features richer, do not use the JavaScript tag.

Varbase Total Control Dashboard

A dashboard is what's missing for better Drupal administration experience.

This module is best used with Varbase distribution.

Varbase Total Control Admin Dashboard

Font Awesome CDN

The aim of this project is to provide a simple interface for site administrators to integrate the new Font Awesome CDN embed code, without the need to edit theme files or create custom modules.

Simple Lazyloader

Simple Lazyloader is a module, which provides integration of jQuery Lazyloader (https://github.com/tuupola/jquery_lazyload) with some basic options such as:
- activate/deactivate the lazy load;
- apply lazy load to all images;
- apply lazy load to specific content types, custom block types, views, webforms, taxonomy terms, etc.;


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