If the main purpose of your module is to provide additional functionality via JavaScript then you should use the JavaScript tag. If your module's main purpose is to provide some set of features and JavaScript helps make those features richer, do not use the JavaScript tag.



On page search module provide functionality to search on single page. It is
replacement of CTRL+F of browser. Some time user want to search on on page
then this module is very useful in mobile devices.



* Install as usual, see http://drupal.org/node/895232 for further information.

* You likely want to disable Toolbar module, since its output clashes with
Administration menu.


WYSIWYG Custom JavaScript

This module allows custom JavaScript to be injected inside a WYSIWYG iframe and modify the content within it.

It is useful if you have JavaScript that runs on the front end of your site and you want to run the same JavaScript inside the WYSIWYG to make the appearance of the content in the WYSIWYG more closely match the final output.

It requires the Wysiwyg module in order to work, and currently only works if you are using CKEditor as your WYSIWYG editor.

Header and Footer Scripts

This module allows you to add style and scripts in your site or , You don't need to open any file for this purpose.

You will be able to insert Google Analytics or other Web-analytics code, meta-informations, CSS and JS codes to
You will be able to insert html and/or JavaScript codes to footer of your site. Good place for Clicky Web Analytics, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media script.

Libraries in Profiles

This project pre-emptively checks for missing JavaScript/CSS Assets and looks in other locations - the active profile folder and a user configurable extra location.


Drupal 8 is required, Drupal 8.2.x or higher is suggested.


Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See the Drupal 8 instructions if required in the Drupal documentation for further information.

Autocomplete ajax 404 fix

Autocomplete ajax 404 fix

If you get the error as above in the picture while using autocomplete feature either be it in taxonomy, entity reference or masquerade. This module fixes the error.


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