Transmission Control

Thi idea is to have a module that allows you to control transmission-daemon from a drupal site.

crossword generator

This module creates a crossword field type and renders it as a crossword.

Once installed and enabled you will have to create a new content type for exemple 'crossword' and add a new field, a crossword_field with unlimited number of values.
Then create a new content of type 'crossword' and add all the words and clues in the crossword field.

Credits :
Based on Rich East's code found on

Binary Clock


Displays a Binary Clock drawn with jQuery and an HTML5 canvas.

Pending Features

  • Change settings
  • Write module to allow it to be embedded in a block
  • Implement in Drupal 8.


Minelogin is a module for Drupal 7, minecraft password field added in user edit form, required Bukkit with AuthMe plugin.

FP Photo Gallery

Full Page Gallery is used on

This module is to provide a photo gallery to showcase website photos. It uses
a JavaScript implementation of:
This sample gallery has been modified to 'fit' into the Drupal framework using
views, and new features have been added to it, such as a slideshow, a pager,
and arrow key functionality. The gallery involves a row of thumbnails to

Jquery Snow Flakes

Jquery Snow Flakes

JQuery Snow Flakes is a module that adds snow flakes on you Drupal website. Its based on Ivan Razarevic's JQuery Snow falling plugin.

How do i get it.
Just download and install the module and you are done.

To do list
To expose settings to users to be able to:

  1. Set the minimum and maximum size of the snow flakes.
  2. Determine which pages to display the snow flakes.


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