crossword generator

This module creates a crossword field type and renders it as a crossword.

Once installed and enabled you will have to create a new content type for exemple 'crossword' and add a new field, a crossword_field with unlimited number of values.
Then create a new content of type 'crossword' and add all the words and clues in the crossword field.

Credits :
Based on Rich East's code found on

Binary Clock


Displays a Binary Clock drawn with jQuery and an HTML5 canvas.

Pending Features

  • Change settings
  • Write module to allow it to be embedded in a block
  • Implement in Drupal 8.


Minelogin is a module for Drupal 7, minecraft password field added in user edit form, required Bukkit with AuthMe plugin.

Jquery Snow Flakes

Jquery Snow Flakes

JQuery Snow Flakes is a module that adds snow flakes on you Drupal website. Its based on Ivan Razarevic's JQuery Snow falling plugin.

How do i get it.
Just download and install the module and you are done.

To do list
To expose settings to users to be able to:

  1. Set the minimum and maximum size of the snow flakes.
  2. Determine which pages to display the snow flakes.

Devel Generate Ipsum

New dictionaries for Devel Generate.

Some are useful, like 'American Names' and 'Fillerati Ipsum'.
Other are just funny, like 'Pirate Ipsum'.

This module depends on this patch:


Online Gaming


The online gaming module intends to serve as a backbone for integrating drupal with online games giving users access to many of the features involved with online gaming. The idea is use drupal to handle heavier functionality of gaming. Firstly, the user should be able to purchase the game, upgrade, and/or subscribe as necessary. Character maintenance and possible creation could all be handled by a drupal back end. If a game is free to play, items could also be purchases/maintained through drupal.

On the clients end, these things would also be accomplished, in a game engine such as the unreal engine, unity, or cryengine. This would be accomplished using endpoints and an api.

Once the user is logged in, drupal would transfer the client depending on game modes selected. The client could be transferred to an MMO or MMORPG type server, or to a Multiplayer type for team fighting(ie ctf, domination, demolition, etc) or co-op style gameplay. This module will be a catch all for helping people to create multiplayer games.

The server style would be set up to integrate with services such as amazon services so that servers would only be created and destroyed as needed and use tcp for faster access.


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