calculated is the best resource for understanding trade potential in League of Legends.


Drupbot :

This is a chat bot module.This will be like a Drupal assistant and will help in getting information about the website,technology and will also be a source of amusement.It will dance, chat with you and also give suggestions.


1)Animated and attractive UI using sequence of GIF.
2)An AI level 2 scripting to match patterns of chat and provide nearest response.
3)Will provide additional help.
4)Will provide information from web.
5)Will answer FAQ.
6)Character switching.

Multiplayer Memory

Multiplayer Memory

Multiplayer Memory is a simple "Memory Game" with multiplayer highscores.

You can offer a fun pastime to your users, to give them a chance to come back your site and share it through the multiplayer ranking.
You can easily change the images of the game with the pictures of your brand.


This module does not require other modules.




This is a youtube quiz webform component.
This webform component allows the end user to choose between Youtube video's.

Users can select one of the youtube video's.
The votes will be available in the statistics and xml export of webforms.



(coming soon, claiming namespace for now)


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