Under construction

BitBucket sign-in (quasi OpenID Connect)

BitBucket doesn't support OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect. Nevertheless... this module mocks the OIDC flow to provide an openid_connect client plugin for BitBucket.

Transmission Control

Thi idea is to have a module that allows you to control transmission-daemon from a drupal site.

crossword generator

This module creates a crossword field type and renders it as a crossword.

Once installed and enabled you will have to create a new content type for exemple 'crossword' and add a new field, a crossword_field with unlimited number of values.
Then create a new content of type 'crossword' and add all the words and clues in the crossword field.

Credits :
Based on Rich East's code found on codepen.io

Binary Clock


Displays a Binary Clock drawn with jQuery and an HTML5 canvas.

Pending Features

  • Change settings
  • Write module to allow it to be embedded in a block
  • Implement in Drupal 8.


Minelogin is a module for Drupal 7, minecraft password field added in user edit form, required Bukkit with AuthMe plugin.


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