CKEditor BiDi Buttons

Integrates the CKEditor BiDi plugin with CKEditor for Drupal 8. This plugin provides the bi directional text flow buttons, RTL and LTR .

The CKEditor BiDi plugin makes it possible to change the text direction for an HTML block-level content element like paragraph, table or list. This ability is essential for authoring content in languages that are written Right to Left like those with Arabic and , Hebrew writing systems.

CKEditor Allow Empty Tags

This module creates an admin tab on text format configuration pages that allows the specification of html tags that CKEditor should ignore if empty. Good for use with Font Awesome html [i] tags.

Although a workaround is possible by placing an entity within an html tag, there are occasions where the developer may need a completely empty one. This also avoids the issue of then needing to reposition the tag because the entity's text-alignment/origin is offset.

CKEditor Image Embed

Embed images by CKEditor Embed add-on without uploading them on server (plugin uses dataURI directly in HTML).
Extremely useful especially for inserting icons.

CKEditor Image Gallery

Upload and insert multiple images to your page contents with CKEditor Image Gallery add-on.
Add-on can generate previews by configurable template and compatible with different image preview scripts like ShadowBox, LightBox, etc..

CKEditor File Uploader

Upload new file to your server and insert a link into contents of your page by specified template with help of CKEditor Quick File Uploader add-on.

CKEditor Image Preview Uploader

Upload image and insert a preview linked to original. This add-on is compatible with CKEditor and works with LightBox, ShadowBox and other popular preview scripts.


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