CKEditor Upload Image

Integrates CKEditor's Upload Image plugin to Drupal. This enables Drupal's default WYSIWYG text editor capable of uploading images that were dropped or pasted from clipboard into the editor as inline image. The upload is implemented in a non-blocking way, so while the image is being uploaded the user may continue editing the content.

This module uses the settings and features of native DrupalImage CKEditor plugin for the uploaded images made via drag and drop or clipboard paste.


CKEditor IndentBlock

This project integrates the CKEditor IndentBlock plugin with the CKEditor in Drupal 8 core.



Replacer is a Drupal 8 module designed to provide a filtering mechanism by which content can be filtered on the fly. You define "filters" which consist of regex search patterns and replacement values, and select the entities and content types against which you wish the filter to apply.

Replacer does not permanently alter the content! All content continues to be stored in its original form. It simply provides a filter layer in between that content and the browser.

CKEditor List Style

Bulleted List Properties


This plugin adds numbered list and ordered list properties dialogs (available in context menu).

They allow setting:

  • list type (e.g. circle, square, dot for bulleted list or decimal, lower/upper roman, lower/upper alpha for numbered list)
  • start number (for numbered list).


Right click on any numbered or ordered list in CKEditor to open the context menu.


Scald Linkit

Right now, when you use Linkit to create a link to an atom, that link points to the atom's detail page. This isn't ideal for the large majority of cases; when a site editor makes a link to something in their Scald media library, they'll reasonably expect that link to take users straight to the image/file/video/etc. This module provides Linkit configuration settings for Linkit to make that behavior possible.


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