Textarea Limit


The Textarea Limit module adds in character limiting to selected textarea widgets. Widgets are selected on the respective form display edit form(s). A global character limit can be used, configurable via an admin form or a local limit can be set.

Biblio Wysiwyg

No more typing out citekeys! This module aims to provide a plugin to insert and edit Biblio citations much like footnotes. Verified to work with CKEditor 4.4.7.

Code Snippet GeSHi

The module provides integration of the Code Snippet GeSHi addon with CKEditor.


File Entity Input Filter

Adds an input filter that can be used on any text format that replaces links to file entities with links to the actual file itself.

This could be useful in a number of circumstances. My original use case was that I was using LinkIt to output links to files, but I wanted to link to the internal file directly, not the URI of the file entity in Drupal.

Nothing special is needed--simply output site-relative links to any file entity, and this input format will replace the link destination.


Lite integrates the LITE track changes plugin for CKEditor with Drupal.


Lite has two dependencies.

Contributed modules



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