Inline Image Attach

What will this module do?
This module will take images the were uploaded via the wysiwyg and attach them to an image field.

This will allow the user to use images that were placed in the WYSIWYG in a photo gallery, teaser image, or any other way that fieldable images are commonly used.

Steps to configure
1. Enable the module
2. Go the the modules configuration page (/admin/config/content/image-attach)
3. Set whichever fields to use for each content type

First Paragraph

First Paragraph provides a field formatter for body-style fields which allows only the first paragraph of text.

The core 'trim' functionality can lead to unpredictable teasers and truncated text. This module allows editorial users to know that whatever they set as their first paragraph, that is what will come out on the teaser listing.

This also avoids editors having to split the body into two fields.

This module was sponsored by Full Fat Things.


CKEditor extras

Placeholder for additional and custom ckeditor plugins.

Image Resize Filter Drupal 8 Sandbox

Sandbox project for porting the image resize filter to drupal 8.

Resizes images based on width and height attributes and optionally link to the original image.


The original plan is to provide two filters: one to creating an image derivate and the other to link the derivate to the source (original) image. For now, only the latter has been implemented.


Filter field list

This module provides Filtering functionality on Field list ( admin/reports/fields ) page, where user get Flexibility in term of used data available in entire site along with Used in bundle & (Data count).



Integrates the Ace Editor with the WYSIWYG module.

Yes, I know. Ace isn't a WYSIWYG editor but the wysiwyg module provides a nice API for assigning editors to input formats.

Unlike the ace_editor module, wysiwyg_ace allows you to assign multiple Ace configurations to formatted text fields.


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