Block Token

The Block Token module allows you to create the tokens for blocks on site.

Froala WYSIWYG Editor


An efficient & light-weight module to replace textarea fields with the modern browser/device friendly Froala WYSIWYG Editor.

This module currently only supports v2 of the editor, which is currently a release candidate, and due to be released shortly.


Before installing this module you must download/install:

Visual Content Layout

Visual Content Layout is a Drupal 8 Module developed to manage text filters HTML content layout and visual elements like iconography, accordions, tabs, non table columns, images, list, CTA’s, etc.

The HTML output of module is based on Bootstrap components and grid system.


Provides an field formatter, who has hidden the path of images.

AP Style Date

Field Display Configuration

Output Date fields as AP Style

git clone --branch 7.x-1.x <your user name> ap_style_date

Varbase Editor

This Feature is sponsored and developed by Vardot.




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