Wrap Word

The Wrap Word module allows a user to create a text format that wraps a word (determined by position) in HTML tags.

For example:

This is a test.

can become

<span>This</span> is a test.

by specifying a span tag to wrap the first word.

The module also allows the user to specify classes for the HTML tags.

At present, the current tags are supported:


and the current positions are supported:

Formatted Field tokens

The Formatted Field tokens module adds chained tokens allowing one or many field values to be rendered via the default or specified field formatter.

The format is:


(e.g. [node:field_image:0,1:image:image_style-thumbnail]).


Recommended modules



Collapsible Wysiwyg

Adds collapsible text regions that can be edited directly in the wysiwyg editor.

Currently supports CKEditor.


Drupal QuillJS

Implements http://quilljs.com on Drupal

Direct upload

This module supports direct file upload in CKEditor using copy/paste or drag and drop. Requires CKEditor 4.5 and the uploadwidget plugin.

This module is included in Scald Galaxy for quick demonstration and testing.



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