CKEditor Description List

Description list plugin into WYSIWYG

This modules adds description list plugin into your WYSIWYG. It provides dl, dt and dl html tags.


CKEditor Module - core
Description list plugin :

Noopener Filter

This project adds a filter that enables it to add rel="noopener" to all WYSIWYG added links.
This is done in order to prevent window.opener from being exploited.
For more information on this subject check out:

CKEditor Non-breaking space Plugin ( )

Minimal module to insert a non-breaking space ( ) into the content by pressing Ctrl+Space or using the provided button.

Empty Tags

Inspired by Empty Paragraph Killer this is also a filter module, which will trim out any empty tag defined in its configuration.

Why do you need this module?

There are a few scenarios in which you will find this useful:


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