Cacheable forms

This module was created primarily to address issues related to the cache_form table in Drupal.

1. Ajaxified forms throw an error if the the form was served from a cached page after the corresponding record in cache_form was deleted
2. cache_form table size can grow to be extremely large in enterprise websites

Editor CKEditor Widgets

Editor CKEditor Widgets integrates with CKEditor to provide common embeddable widgets.


Editor CKEditor Widgets has two dependencies.

Contributed modules


CKEditor Entity Link

This module allows to insert entity links when using CKEditor. The idea of this module is based on D7 version of CKEditor Link, however implementation is quite different.


Twig Input Filter Sandbox

This is a simple input filter that runs the text as if it's an inline Twig template.

Currently the only context data provided is the langcode.

CKEditor Media Widget

The project started out as trial to understand and use CKEditor Media module. After many hours of learning I found myself rebuilding this module. This is using all the work what has been done on Media WYSIWYG and uses CKEditor widgets support.

This module is NOT duplicate of Media CKEditor module since it uses WYSIWYG module approach.



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