Instance Field

Instance Field allows you to reuse different field definitions in a content type multiple times and in any order. This is helpful for generic pages that have different field definitions and wants to combine and mix different orders and instances.


No more lame tabs!


Media CKEditor

Media CKEditor provides a bridge between Media and the stand-alone CKEditor module, allowing files to be embedded within a textarea using the media browser.


WYSIWYG Content Lock

Allows you to designate some areas within a textarea to be protected from interference by WYSIWYG editors.

This could theoretically be used to prevent users from messing up carefully constructed layouts.
It provides a new WYSIWYG button "Lock" which allows editors to click on given divs or paragraphs and lock or unlock them.

But really it's just an experiment and demo module for a small WYSIWYG_API + CKEditor plugin.
This will probably never be any more than a sandbox - unless someone can think of a use for it.

Bible Filter

What does this module do?
This Module depends on the Bible module. The filter search the node text for Bible links (for example Gen. 1:1) and convert them to urls to that verse of the Bible. It will also show the verse(s) of the reference.

WYSIWYG CKEditor Plugins

When using the WYSIWYG module with CKEditor, this module lets you specify arbitrary CKEditor plugins that can be recognised by WYSIWYG.


There are quite a few Drupal modules out there exist as shims to allow CKEditor plugins to be recognised by WYSIWYG's CKEditor interface. A good example of this is WYSIWYG Abbreviation, which supports one CKEditor plugin (that happens to be built into that module), and does it really well.


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