CKEditor Site Search

This module uses the settings and features of native CKEditor Site Search Plugin plugin for the searching the selected word(s) within your website.


Drupal 8.x
CKEditor module (Core)

CKEditor Google Search

Integrates CKEditor's Google Search plugin to Drupal. This enables Drupal's default WYSIWYG text editor capable of google searching the selected words.

This module uses the settings and features of native CKEditor Google Plugin plugin for the searching.

Views entity embed

Views entity embed module allows you to embed views using Embed module.

Twitter Filters

This module adds two text filters to be used in any text formats on your Drupal site.

The following text filters are added by this module.
- Twitter @username converter
- Twitter #hashtag converter

If "Twitter @username converter" is enabled for a text format, any @username will be converted to a twitter profile link with the class twitter-atreply.

Form mode field extra

This module will help in adding custom classes and field wrapper prefix and suffix in form mode
You can use a different setup for different form mode.

How to use
1. Go to "Manage Form Display" of a node type
3. Click on settings of any field
4. Enter prefix and suffix wrapper elements or Enter CSS Class
5. Click "Update" button
6. Remember to click "Save" button after making necessary changes.

1. Title override for every form mode


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