SedaMicro is a lightweight web-based and mobile user interface for audio recording and uploading. It allows direct
app-based recording of lightweight audio files, direct download of created audio files, and storage and publishing of generated content to Amazon S3.

True Crop

This module allows you to generate new images by cropping existing ones. Because the cropped images are first-class file entities, they will appear (and can be reused) anywhere else a regular image file would be.

The module integrates with the Manual Crop module for its user interface.


Static file entity caching

File Static Cache enables static entity caching for file entities.


Entityform FillPDF

This module creates a bridge between the EntityForm module and FillPDF, allowing you to create
PDF forms that have been filled out with the values from a EntityForm Submission.

The repository for this module can be found at:

File MD5

Module helps to uniquely identify the files using their MD5 hashes.

All that this module does - extends the file_managed table with md5 column and, on file saving, set a value for it.

MD5 validation

Module provides an implementation of hook_file_validate() to validate file duplicates. This validation could be disabled here: admin/config/media/file-system.



example settings

When uploading files to the local file store on the server drupal defaults to disallowing symlinked locations outside of the document root.

This is a security feature which is designed to prevent file uploads being crafted to give access to system files.

When files are saved a 'streamwrapper' is called which handles the saving of the file and also does the check for symlinked folders

This module creates a new streamwrapper based on the core DrupalPublicStreamWrapper and overrides the function getLocalPath($uri=null)


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