The goal of this project is to parse a views_json url and create a file that can be sent to an ftp server. This will be developed for D6 since services is not available. This gets around CORS and provides a way to distribute your view on a cron schedule in a usable format.

Nice ImageField Widget


Nice ImageField Widget module has following dependencies:

Drupal Core Modules

  • Image

Contributed Modules

External Libraries

AmazonS3 Sync

Sync existing files to cloud.

Migrator for AmazonS3 module.

Workbench Access IMCE

Workbench Access IMCE provides a function, workbench_access_imce_path, that can
be used with the directory specifications in IMCE profiles along with the
Workbench Access section assignment to give people access to the same imce
folders as Workbench Sections. It is useful when users need to have access to
the same folders as the Workbench Sections. This way you don't need to create a
role for each user in imce.


A plugin to make Drupal work with Qiniu's storage and CDN services.


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