This taxonomy term is used for modules that provide Features (

Meredith CRM

This is a test module for Meredith Digital.

Basketball Platform

The Basketball Platform module introduces the Drupal community to a fully fledged platform for basketball teams, leagues, and organizations.

BMI Add Ons

BMI Imperial and BMI Metric blocks using Quicklinks

The BMI Add Ons module is a sandbox project that provides additional blocks to to the BMI module by by Azri solutions (

It adds a number of blocks that contain forms that help to calculate various health indicators.

In addition to adding a BMI calculator geared towards users of the imperial system of measurement, the BMI Add Ons module provides the following for both users of the imperial and metric systems:

drush fac

Fork of wbressers/2329243, with permission.

  • drush fac
  • drush fac [feature]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type] [component id]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type] [component id] [component type] [component id]

Features Builder Bonus

Based on the API defined in the Features Builder module, this module provide complementary builders:

  • Block
  • Bean
  • Comment
  • Date
  • Enabled Views
  • Languages
  • Scald
  • Semantic Fields



Cover your whole site with features

Features are great until it comes to build the features for what you're developing. You're all good when you have only few features. Things get messy when your site has tons of features.



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