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Webform Submission Multiple Delete

This module provides the ability to delete multiple webform results at once using checkboxes, you can either select all or few as per your need.

How it is different from other modules:
1. It provides ability to select from the submission that you want to delete.
2. It provides ability to select all and delete all results at once.

How to install:
1. Login as admin.
2. Enable the module as explained here.


Adapt Core

A collection of modules used for nearly all websites created at Adapt A/S
Also supplies a sound basic configuration for the included modules.

All development happens on github!

No Workflow

The No Workflow module is a "Feature module" that builds a simple after-the-
fact content review system. The aim of the module is to let your editors do
their work and review their changes after they've been published. Rather than
sticking author submissions in a queue that doesn't get published until an
editor reviews it and publishes, trust your authors to write good content and
address any problems after-the-fact. Eliminate editorial bottlenecks!

Webform Submissions Bulk Delete

This module is used to delete the webform submissions with in the date range you given.

This module will add a Menu tab(Bulk Delete) under webform Results tab, with the help of this user can enter their date range they want.


Date Popup


1. Copy the entire webform_submissions_bulk_delete directory the Drupal sites/all/modules directory.

2. Login as an administrator. Enable the module in the "Administrator" -> "Modules"

How to use:


Features Installer

Install a feature module and disabled it.

Support some modules to rebuild feature:

  • Field Group
  • Profile2
  • Quicktabs
  • Views

Panels Bean Widget

Did you ever wanted to add a bean to a panel but you can't export a bean, don't want to have content on git and dont wan't to lose your modifications on panels in a feature revert? Then this module is for you!

The module provides a widget that works like a placeholder in panels, you add the module to a panel, input the Bean Label (it's called delta on database), and exports with features. It's just like if you were using a machine name in a bean, instead of depends on bean ids.

How to use:

When editing a panels page:


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