This taxonomy term is used for modules that provide Features (

Get Lat Long by Address in xls


This module is useful to fetch bulk Lat & Long for each addresses. Where user can import xls sheet with set of addresses and fetch respective bulk Latitude and Longitude as a downloadable output.


Meredith CRM

This is a test module for Meredith Digital.

Basketball Platform

The Basketball Platform module introduces the Drupal community to a fully fledged platform for basketball teams, leagues, and organizations.

BMI Add Ons

BMI Imperial and BMI Metric blocks using Quicklinks

The BMI Add Ons module is a sandbox project that provides additional blocks to to the BMI module by by Azri solutions (

It adds a number of blocks that contain forms that help to calculate various health indicators.

In addition to adding a BMI calculator geared towards users of the imperial system of measurement, the BMI Add Ons module provides the following for both users of the imperial and metric systems:


drush fac

Fork of wbressers/2329243, with permission.

  • drush fac
  • drush fac [feature]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type] [component id]
  • drush fac [feature] [component type] [component id] [component type] [component id]

Features Builder Bonus

Based on the API defined in the Features Builder module, this module provide complementary builders:

  • Block
  • Bean
  • Comment
  • Date
  • Enabled Views
  • Languages
  • Scald
  • Semantic Fields



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