This taxonomy term is used for modules that provide Features (

Hubspot Form Entity

Creates a content type that allows the quick creation of Hubspot Embedded forms

Features Hide

This is a simple development helper that hides example and test features
and test features that clutter up the UI.

Installation Instructions
1. Download the module from
2. Copy to the sites/all/modules directory.
3. Enable the module through the UI by navigating to admin/modules.

Supported Modules
Currently, the following modules have their test/example features hidden:


EU Cookie Law compliance module

Module to display a popup to comply with EU Cookie Law

Coco Articles

This module is part of a set of opinionated but loosely-coupled modules and features that might be useful when creating custom install profiles. For more info about the other modules in this set, visit the Coco Config project page.

Disclaimer: this is very much a work in progress and (probably) not very useful yet.


GitHub Library

This module can to download any libraries from GitHub.
And It has UI for menage these libraries.
Of course only for *.js and *.css files.
In general the module provide UI to hook_library().


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