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Route skip to access

See How to skip route if not user access.

This module provides route option "_skip_to_access" to skip route to the next if user does not access to current route.

Example route:

  path: '/path/{my_entity}'
    _entity_form: 'my_entity.edit'
    _permission: 'administer my_entity'
    _skip_to_access: true


Tools and functions to extend the book module and manage books as a single entity rather than just a collection of nodes.

FPP Bundles (Fieldable Panels Panes UI)

Fieldable Panel Panes Bundles (Fieldable Panel Panes UI) - module that helps to create bundles of the Fieldable Panels Panes entity. The project aims to simplify developers life by way of refraining of writing the code for panels creation.



This module will help you get your content types out of features, and back into the database in a state where you can edit or delete them freely.

How to use:
1) Disable the feature (module) that owns your content type
2) Enable this module
(make sure you have permission to administer content types)
3) Visit admin/config/development/unfeaturize
4) check the boxes for the content types you'd like back
5) click the "Unfeaturize" button.
6) Profit.


Open Atrium Folders

A folders and files management solution for Open Atrium 2.


  • Folders with file attachments
  • Folder or folder section as blocks or panel panes
  • Folder download as zip archive


Entityreference prepopulate



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