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MMG Shuttlerock


# MMG Shuttlerock

[Shuttlerock]( is a social content platform used to integrate various social media platforms into a single resource. These sources can include photos, products, and comments, all of which can be voted upon or shared. The contest feature is particularly interesting, as it allows users to share their stories and experiences with others. Content can optionally be operated.

Varbase Editor

This Feature is sponsored and developed by Vardot.



co-browsing, co-surfing,

Browse your website together with the client - fast, safely and without installation. is a innovative tool for communication with client. Find out what customers expect, get their trust and build positive relationships.

Menu access key

This module provides an UI to configure access key that can be used to bypass Drupal's menu access system.

Features Shortcuts

This module will offer shortcut sets as a exportable feature, therefore allowing the packaging of moderator and user toolbars and shortcuts.

This is no original work, it just ports a existing patch to a module. Credits go to: discipolo @

Webform Submission Multiple Delete

This module provides the ability to delete multiple webform results at once using checkboxes, you can either select all or few as per your need.

How it is different from other modules:
1. It provides ability to select from the submission that you want to delete.
2. It provides ability to select all and delete all results at once.

How to install:
1. Login as admin.
2. Enable the module as explained here.



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