NVD3 Visualisations

NVD3 Gallery of 12 different charts types

NVD3 Visualisations brings you tools on WordPress & Drupal 7 to generate impressive business quality charts based on the famous open NVD3 framework of JavaScript.

NVD3 Visualisations is a full set of visually interactive charts that you can control by simple options.



This module is a hassle-free tool to expose Drupal content via a REST/JSON interface.

It's designed for mobile apps, particularly for read-only Drupal backends and this means strong READ APIs and rough WRITE APIs.


- entity: https://www.drupal.org/project/entity
- select_translation: https://www.drupal.org/project/select_translation


Run Code

PHP Code Editor

This module provides a Code Editor, which accepts a piece of code(currently PHP only) and displays its output. To get an Idea, think of following editors.

  • W3School's "Try It!" editor.
  • writecodeonline.com's editor.

Inputs are Welcome !

Features to Expect in future:-

Six Mile Examples

Some different Drupal coding examples

Current examples

  • By Reference: Show how loading an entity brings back a reference.

Apachesolr purge content(s)


This module allows an interface to remove the Apachesolr indexed content(s)/document(s) of selected bundle. Administrator/Developer can delete the particular entity id(s)

Why This
Developer can use this module as an example to remove the Apachesolr indexed content(s)/document(s).



This module is designed to showcase common troubles experienced by Drupal sites. Only enable this module on sites specifically intended for training or testing purposes. Side effects may include taking your site offline, consuming disk space, and consuming bandwidth.


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