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Forcontu Test project Billy W

Test project for educational projects

Goal Custom Module

Goal Custom Module

Goal Custom Module form submit example

Meredith Customer (Code Challenge)

Brian Williams Submission for the Meredith Code Challenge.

See README.txt for details on installation, usage, design choices, and suggested alternative methods.

Ajax Easy

Ajax Easy is a custom way to return whatever you want .
shipped with sub module "ajex easy node " is more of an example how to create custom module that uses custom JS to expose a path argument to ajax ...

the big idea is for custom modules to use:

HOOK_ ajax_easy(&$data)

where you set your custom menu path in the module admin config (hit help)
then feal free to pass 1 -2 arguments to the menu path
gab the values in YOURMODULE_ ajax_easy(&$data) and return what you need ! raw html or JSON for you JS Devs out there.


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