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Legal Generator is a module copied from legal_gen, which is not being developed anymore. I did not want to take over the project because I believe there is still some sites being built with Drupal 7.x and may still need that. I wanted this for Drupal 8.x and wish the extend it with more example documents, such as:

Simple Form page

About Basic Form Page module

This is a simple module that when enabled, a form page will appear at /drupalform.
The sandbox is a part of my task in GCI, check it out here:

How to use it:


Simple Comment eMail Notification

Sends a simple notification eMail to the site administrator, if an new comment has been created on the website. Also the eMail sending will be logged and can be checked at /admin/reports/dblog.

The eMail contains the link to un-approved comments and the approved comments on the website. This module does not have any user interface and own configuration options. It is designed to be simple and fit into small business purpose.

If you need more functionality: This module's codebase is minimal and you can use it as an example for your own module.


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