Typed Example

Typed Data Example module.

Forcontu Test Projects

Project for education only

Get Lat Long by Address in xls

This is developer use module, Where we can import xls with Addresses and get respective Latitude and Longitude as a downloadable output.


Wodo is a turn based facebook game that i have developed. You can see the example here: https://apps.facebook.com/wodo_io/ or https://wodo.io

This module shows how to use drupal as the backend engine for the game.



This is an example module for crawling news per topic from different sources like twitter, google news, reddit etc. and create a timeline using timeline.js https://timeline.knightlab.com/

How it works?
1. User first flags some topics
2. Module crawls those topics for the user on each cron job
3. It saves the data with their popularity
4. Then creates a timeline from the saved data, filtered by their popularity

Paypal automated payments

This is an example module for automated paypal site income sharing according to users' page views, user points etc.

How it works?
1. Users add their paypal account
2. Admin enters the amount to share with the content contributors
3. The module distributes the amount amongst contributor according to their contribution quality and makes payments massively to each user's paypal account.


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