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  • By Reference: Show how loading an entity brings back a reference.

Apachesolr purge content(s)


This module allows an interface to remove the Apachesolr indexed content(s)/document(s) of selected bundle. Administrator/Developer can delete the particular entity id(s)

Why This
Developer can use this module as an example to remove the Apachesolr indexed content(s)/document(s).



This module is designed to showcase common troubles experienced by Drupal sites. Only enable this module on sites specifically intended for training or testing purposes. Side effects may include taking your site offline, consuming disk space, and consuming bandwidth.

Appcelerator ACS

This Module will be an integration and implementation for ACS cloud service (Appcelerator Titanium)

This Module Is not officially from Appcelerator

Need Contributors

M00 (a template for contributed projects/modules)


A template project designed as a starting point for other contributed modules. It aims to provide one of each of the features and capabilities you might require for contributed modules, ready to be adapted for a real project.

To adapt for your new module project, simply clone then replace the string 'm00' everywhere with your project/module machine name. The project name 'M00' and machine name 'm00' are chosen to afford easy find-and-replace substitution, where the 'm' stands for 'module'.

Drupal 8 Examples for DrupalX

This is a sandbox for Drupal courses at


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