Hooks Examples

The Hooks Examples project contains at the moment one module containing Drupal hooks implementation examples in a custom module.

Absolutely nothing to do at this time with the great and really useful Examples for Developers module!

I wrote this code only to share it with other developers.

AngularJS Block Example

An example module creating a block that uses AngularJS

My first sail3module

This module is my first module contributed for drupal comunity.

Node Help Text

This module provides the ability to show help text for each content type created on a site. It Is especially useful for sites with many content types, as it saves the time having to create a help block for each content type.

Example: if you have a specific content type say "Ride" then it can be configured to display the ride steps for creating a ride to end users.

Normally sometimes we need to put some Text for each node to help end users, this module provides the ability to do that.



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