Designed originally for a craft fair style site, this module adds a field type for setting up a grid. The intent is to design a floor plan using the grid and sorting it so the values of the grid is where you would like to add your users. Once done a floor manager tab is added to allow for adding users to the grid.

Booking and Availability Management

This will be the core API that will power the Drupal 8 version of https://www.drupal.org/project/rooms


Webform Check-In

Inline editing of a flag for a Webform submissions table.
The flag is as a Webform component, so it can be displayed on the several results views (submissions table, Excel export, ...). Submissions editing are exposed as a tableselect.

A possible use case is to check presence of attendees for an event.
Multiple check-in access points is supported (concurrent editing of the same submissions list).

FullCalendar API


This module provides Drupal API integration for the excellent FullCalendar jQuery plugin. Simple, no-nonsense theme functions and AJAX integrations for FullCalendar events.


OpenLucius Events Extra's

This module offers extra functionality for Events in the OpenLucius distro:

  1. Let users choose: ‘Attending’ or ‘Not attending’.
  2. Send email reminders to all users that did not make a choice yet.
  3. Let users provide a reason: ‘Why are you not attending?’
  4. Show a Google map with location of Event.

Install instructions

Download and install this module as usual.



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