Commerce Events

Sector Events

This module aims to add events functionality for the Sector Distribution.

composer require drupal/sector_events

Coming soon.

Commerce RNG

Example implementation of integrating RNG with Commerce.

Makes the following assumptions:

  • The Commerce product type is called 'event'.
  • For RNG only a single identity type is configured.


Event management and recommendations.

This suite of modules is under active development and is not recommended for production use yet. API's will change rapidly.

Entity Events

Module which dispatches events for entity create, update, delete.

Provides abstract classes for event listeners for you to extend in your own modules to 'do stuff' on entity operations. Can use as a replacement for hook_entity_[update/insert/delete] from within your module file.

Abstract classes:


Extend these classes with your own module subscribers.

Workflow SMS Notification

This module integrate Workflow module with SMS Framework to send sms notifications on workflow state change.


This module requires the following modules:
Workflow 1.x branch
SMS Framework 1.x branch


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