Coming soon responsive template

The Coming Soon modules allows you to easily add a coming soon page to your website, with a fully responsive template, that can customize to fit your needs, from changing the background to adding the collect of subscribers system.

This module keeps the user login page accessible, so admins can log in and keep working on the site freely. While all other anonymous visitors will be redirected to the coming soon page as long as the "end date" - which is configurable in the back office - is greate then the actual date.

FullCalendar Persistent


This module makes FullCalendar rendering persistent with regards to views
(i.e. a cookie is remembered for the user's FullCalendar view's
defaultView and/or starting date)

This is useful when you have exposed filters for a FullCalendar view and
would like the FullCalendar to not only retain the exposed filters (in
the settings of the view) but would also like the FullCalendar to show
the at the same spot of the FullCalendar (Month/Week/Day view) and
starting date.


Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling is a configurable module that lets you set a calendar (days and active hours) and receive reservations requests for the available dates, for different offices.

Preprocess Event

This module adds an event dispatcher to the preprocess hook. This way
your modules can subscribe to preprocess events to add extra functionality. This will advocate a more event driven development instead of the old hook function based development.

Date Restrictions MinMax Weekdays

Date Restrctions Min/Max Weekdays is a lightweight plugin for date restrictions. This adds restriction type for min/max on date restrictions.

Relative date: Weekdays type support restrict date by weekdays. This type calculate mininum or maximum date for only selected weekdays.



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