Course Admin

This project is still in sandbox. Grab the code this way

git clone --branch 7.x-1.x course_admin

Extension to the 'course' module. Development prototype! Export, Import, Outline, and Delete Entire Courses. The module works in my use case, but please test and use at your own risk.


Hi, I'm Ivy.
a virtual concierge for your

detailed long answer mindmap question

This is a quiz question type that takes the long answer question and make it possible to add a mindmap to the question... helping the students organize their thoughts first.. requires quiz 7.x.4

Chinese 101

Test test test

Quiz item analysis

This module provides an Item analysis report for any Quiz.


  • Works on Multiple choice questions
  • Filterable by adding exposed filters to bundled view
  • Support for checking only first or all attempts
  • CSV export (with Format CSV enabled)

A new tab named "Analysis" will appear under the "Quiz" tab accessible to users who can access quiz results.


Quiz Pass Rate

Quiz pass rate sanbox project


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