Tin Can API

The Tin Can API project is a suite of modules that provide various points of integration with the Tin Can API/Experience API. The module(s) can be used to track many different types of user interaction such as viewing nodes, clicking links and watching YouTube or Vimeo videos via the Media module. The Tin Can API module can also act as a framework to track custom statements.

The Tin Can API module has been tested and works with the SCORM Cloud LRS and the Learning Locker.

Assessment tools

Assessment is a series of Drupal modules that allow you to build grade book and other assessment tools in Drupal. These are being developed actively as part of the ELMS Learning Network: Collaborative Learning Environment distribution but are designed to work in any Drupal LMS.


IIIF Image Field


IIIF Image Field provides an easy way to add IIIF Images to content types, and configure their display. Supports API versions 1.0 or 2.0 (no mixing, as of yet).


This module requires one to serve images from a IIIF-compliant server, such as Loris.

Software dependencies:


Count visits of pages by user with 'count page visits' permission.

Digital Measures

Digital Measures API

This is a Drupal module will act as an API to request data from the Digital Measures platform.


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