WhyWebs Drupal Module Builder

Whywebs Drupal module builder will help you to build your own module in less time and effort.

-build all files needed to start a new module
-Auto build a new content type and new node to each module
-Ability to download the files as a package
--Each package includes your major 3 files under the name you picked
-Build your module depending on your editors php, which also you can use it instead of using external software (ex.sublime..)
-Free and it will always be free
-Always will be new features added to it


With this module you will be able to upload and view SCROM packages using Drupal.


H5P SCORM module has following dependencies:

Quadstat Core

This module does not do anything by itself but is used for the Quadstat Drupal distribution.

Please report all issues here:




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