Book Search and Replce

Book Sar (search and replace) uses Views, Views Bulk Operations and Views Bulk Operations Search and Replace modules in order to deliver a view specific to working with books. Using this combination you can easily search through books, filter to the list you want, then replace body / title text values accordingly. It also adds in the ability to bulk revert items back 1 revision in their revision history.


UniCal Client


This module is solely for displaying calendar sites created in UniCal. You may
install this module on any drupal site you wish, and reference a SITE from the
MASTER install.

Canvas API

This is a simple module that helps implement the Canvas LMS API where it makes sense. Right now this provides:

  • A js function that will automatically resize the parent window if Drupal is iframed into Canvas LMS

This is not for LTI integration, if you are looking for that, check out . If your looking for something more future looking that utilizes both of these, check out


Gist Embed


This is a very simple project that provides a Link field formatter to embed Github Gists.

online exam

This module is for online examination built with angular js and drupal node.

Task management Module

This is a module that manage the workflow in a team during a project.
- Adding projects
- Adding Statuses for task
- Adding Priorities for task
- Adding Task type
- Adding Task(Assigned to, deadline)
- Adding comments to a task(time, text)
- Adding files to a task
- Edit comments
- Delete files of a task
- Edit task(type,priorities,status)


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