Cura Childcare Suite

The Cura Childcare Suite is a web-based software solution for playgroups and preschools and focuses on providing childcare organisations with a simple, easy to use system. Cura has the following modules:

  • Attendance Management
  • Billing
  • Risk Management


This module aims for creating an environment to deal with info related to a Scout group. This info includes accountings, secretary, team working, etc.

dsb Portal

Official portal module for searching LOM-CH data in the National Catalog of the Swiss digital school library. The module connects to the REST API to search and retrieve information on educational resources.



Adds the open Javascript library annotatorJS to a Drupal 8 site. Allows users to highlight words or phrases and annotate a web page. Includes the Store and Markdown plugins. Markdown allows for addition of images, links, and other html formatting. Administration allows limitation based on role or content type. Code borrowed heavily from the Drupal 7 annotation module. Written by Sai Grandhi.

Quiz Rubric

This module is an extension for the Quiz module. It adds the ability to score/mark a Long Answer or a Quiz File Upload answer using a rubric. Administrators can specify any number of criteria for the rubric for a question. Markers use radio buttons to select a score for each criteria.


Node Help Text

This module provides the ability to put some help text for each content type.
ex. if you have a specific content type say: "Ride" then it can be configured to display the ride steps i.e how to create a ride to end users.
Normally sometimes we need to put some Text for each node to help end users, this module provides the ability to do that.
Administrator can configure the text in the backend (HTML too) easily, then that block can be configured easily like a normal block.


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