The Drupal shell. See

Node Watch

The Node Watch module provides a report of nodes on the system in order to provide alerts when that count changes based on a configurable threshold.

Environments Tool

Environments is a module for dealing with different server environments, such as development, staging or production.


  1. Define one or more environments
  2. Define one or more tasks for each environment
  3. Export environments using Features
  4. Use the UI or Drush to switch environments
  5. Take a bow

Environment Tasks

Tasks are operations which get executed whenever an environment is entered, for example enabling/disabling modules, changing variable values, etc.


Entity Bulk Delete

Provides a drush command and a queue for mass-deleting entities.


Hosting Drulenium

This module adds Drulenium tasks to be preformed on an Aegir managed site.


The backend of these tasks is in a drush extension called: provision_drulenium


Provision Drulenium

This code extends Aegir back-end with commands to run tests from

This is a drush extension.



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