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Aegir Site Audit

This module integrates the Site Audit extension with the Aegir Monitoring and Reporting systems. It allows all Site Audit checks to be run regularly against all sites hosted on a deployment of the Aegir Hosting System.


Aegir Reporting

This module provides a reporting framework for the Aegir Hosting System. It builds atop the Aegir Monitoring API to report on the health of hosted sites. It ships with some basic probes, but is intended to be extended, as with Aegir Site Audit.


Aegir Monitoring API

This module provides a monitoring API for the Aegir Hosting System. It integrates with Aegir queue system, and runs probes against hosted sites or servers to gather interesting information (e.g. when cron was last run on a site).


Handy Functions

Handy Functions is a set of handy functions created during personal Drupal development to avoid having to implement them again and again in every new site.



drush nocache

Many times during the development when you get the database from the production server to your local, dev or test environment you have to disable caches, CDN and probably something else.
You don't need to do it manually, there's now a drush command to do it all at once.

Why do not set it in $conf?



Drush Shrink Database

Extends Drush sql-sanitize with an option to shrink the database size by wiping older content.

It only supports Drupal 8 for now.


  • Wipe content in entity tables (base fields, fields and revisions).
  • Currently it provides hardcoded support for node and media entities.
  • More funcionality is planned. See the TODO list.




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