The Drupal shell. See


The Drush Decomposer - Overrides Drush commands with the Composer equivalent, if applicable.


Allow setting multiple variables, including arrays and complex structures in a single drush command using JSON files.

This will also let you directly import variables exported via drush --format=json vget SUBSTRING

Configuration Split

The Drupal 8 configuration management works best when importing and exporting the whole set of the sites configuration. However, sometimes developers like to opt out of the robustness of CM and have a super-set of configuration active on their development machine and deploy only a subset.


Migrate drush

Two useful drush commands:

  1. An entity migration skeleton generator.
  2. A migration runner. Very simple, disregards potentially parallel running migrations (solution: do not do that), resets migrate status automatically (option to keep status).

These were useful for myself and I hope they will be useful to others. Bug reports and fixes are welcome. Feature requests probably will be closed. This intends to be a simple tool.


Google PHP Client Library

This module simply provides Info for the Libraries module to load the Google APIs PHP Client Library. This way, any module can simply load the library via Libraries API and do whatever it needs to do without having to worry with the library every time and end up using only a part of it.

The module also includes a drush command to install the library easily and automatic download of the library if the module is downloaded via drush.

Drush Task for Rules

An example rule using a drush task as an action

Trigger drush tasks from actions taken on the website!

What? Are we in bizzaro-land here? Normally drush is the tool you use to do things to your Drupal! But what if you wanted Drupal to do something to your drush?

Now you can!

This module provides a new "Drush Task" that is an action that can be triggered by "Rules".
Once it's set up (there can be some glitches, and it may not work on all hosting environments) you can run drush commands when things happen!


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