The Drupal shell. See

Drush switch

Analog "drupal site:mode" drupalconsole command for Drush.

Howto: enable module,
drush switch dev - switch to dev settings,
drush switch prod - switch to production settings

Hosting Migrate Module


This module allows to launch migrate import through the Aegir interface.


This module requires the following modules:

This module requires no additional library.

Search API Fast

Provides drush commands to index fast with search API (using all your CPU cores).
It's an effective multi-process approach by spawning new drush commands that handle queues.

If you have a 10k+ node-set, this is highly useful.

Relies on drush and unix/linux-based systems.

See README.txt for instructions.


This module extends the drush sql-sanitize and drush sql-sync --sanitize commands to sanitize additional database tables provided by Drupal core.

It will perform the following:

Migrate Run

The Migrate Drush Runner


This is a fork of Migrate Tools Drush runner. All credits goes to Migrate Tools team.

Migrate runner

This module allows to run migrations in batches and in multiple threads.


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