The Drupal shell. See

Drush User List

Drush User List provides a drush plugin to list users on a site.


  1. Download and place in your ~/.drush/ directory
  2. Run drush user-list to list all users on a site
  3. Optionally, use the --roles and --status options

Credit to Manuel Garcia for the initial Drupal 6 implementation in

Drush Download File

Drush Download File is a drush plugin that allows you to download files and place them in locations. This is behavior similar to what a make file can provide except you won't need to write a make file in order to get a file and put it in the right place.



Have a csskit drush command to have conversions, enhancements on CSS.



Integration of psysh into Drush so that you can have a Drupal REPL.

Entity Enqueue

Entity Enqueue provides utility functions to enqueue entities to be processed later using Drupal's Queue API. It will not process any entity enqueued, you have to write the corresponding queue worker callback as always according the Queue API.
Its convenience stems, apart from saving a few lines of Queue API calls each time you create a queue item, from providing matching Drush commands for each possible function.



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