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Drupal 8

This module will provide interface to export the database and files of the project.

Currently, it is supporting Database export functionality.

Features :

It will export the database if your server have disabled the exec command. However, if your server do not enable the "mysqldump" command then it will not allow to export the database.

Installation :


This is a POC about implementing Jackalope PHPCR API as remplacement of traditional RDBS drivers (Mysql, Mariadb, Postgresql).


Typeit is javascript utility.

Typeit does work which you have to do with typeit javascript.

The advantage of using this module is you don't have to code js and you can simply enable the module and config it.

After enabling the module , Configure it from

How to config it?

Dbal connection


If you are using a composer library that needs a DBAL connection, this module provides a factory service that lets you inject that into your services.



RethinkDB for Drupal

The work contribution done in Github

This is an ORM for RethinkDB. Which mean the module does not intend to replace
the default DB drivers but to create entity representation of your RethinkDB in
your Drupal installation.


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