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Backup And Migrate Sanitizer (GDPR)

This module allows user to remove protected data from Drupal Content Entities. You can remove user mail, password, login, name and surname from database dump and provide this dump to your developers.
Protected data will be changed only in database dump. So this module won't damage data in your database

The development were started at Global Sprint Weekend January 27, 2018

Regular Db Query

This module provide you opportunity to run any SQL query regularly.
I need it module when my watchdog or cache_form sprawled to enormous size

Here you can watch how it works

Drupal Extra

The module enhances the feature of other great contributes modules.
Current enhanced modules are:
- Computed Field, Computed Field Tools
- Field Query
- Views Summarize
- Visitors

The list will be continued.
Mostly are tiny fixes so I can't move it to separate single module.

Once an extra module's fixes is merged to official module, this extra module will be removed out. Please let me know your request if you're one of the author of the module.

Thin Entity

Experimenting with lightweight entities driver.


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