CCK (Content Construction Kit) related modules and plug-ins.

Inline Entity Form Multiple Bundle

This module add a select element in entity reference fields that use an inline entity form widget that use more than one bundle. This select element change the edit form of the inline entity form when is changed.

Note: at the moment, this module requieres a patch to inline entity form:

Human Decimal Formatter


A tiny module that provides a simple decimal field formatter that displays decimal digits only if exist (because humans are not computersTM).

For example 3.00 will render as 3 (no digital digits) but 3.23 will render as 3.23 etc.

Initially I found it helpful to propose this formatter on core but until this happens it would be better to add this here as a separate module and get feedback from the community.

Scaffolding was made with Drupal Console.

[D8] SignatureField

[D8] SignatureField allows you to collect HTML5 canvas based signatures in cck and in your custom modules via fapi. Currently it displays the collected signature as a image and in the back end it stores it as an BLOB. The D7 version of the module is it in

TableField Extended

This module is based on TableField module which displays the tabular data.

Input form allows the user (Website administrator) to specify the number of rows/columns and allows entry into each table cell using text fields and they are extended with option for any user to dynamically Add/Remove row or Add/Remove column.

This module will allow your users to create and insert data in dynamic tables.

How to use it?

Button Link Formatter

Button Link Formatter

This modules adds a link formatter that transform a link field output in a "button like" Bootstrap anchor.


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