Google+ Autopost Domains API

Google+ Autopost allows posting of content to Google+ Streams using
Google+ Domains API.

This module does not provide full functionality as what available from Google+ Domains API. Though it allows users to post content to streams on Google+ page and is only visible to users belonging to same domain.

Check for Instructions and procedure.

E Greetings

A module that sends electronic wishes and greeting cards (e-cards) to a e-mail address or group of address on a scheduled date / time or now. Supports from Drupal 8.x Onwards

Awesome Media

This module provides a better experience handling of multimedia content.
Easily integrated with content types.


AppCtrl is the full D8 expression of Smart Service Systems for Buildings.

The service interaction for this module is developed from the general model...

[BigDATA] <-->[TARGET] <--> [CMS]


AlAdhan API Prayer Times and Hijri Calendar

Screenshot of the block rendered by the modue

A Prayer Times Module powered by the AlAdhan API (

You can set the following parameters to compute prayer times:


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