Retrieves stock prices from Google.

Commons i18n

Simple module to make easier support for an other language than english on Drupal Commons.

Yammer Post

Wipro Yammer post module
Introduction - This module helps in posting data to Yammer from your drupal site. Actualy this creates a bridge between your drupal 7 content type to a Yammer group.
Any nodes you create in your configured content type will go to Yammer. This leverages REST API's of yammer and is based OAUTH 2.0.

Descripton -
2)Installation steps -

i) Install and enable the module.

Special Taxonomy Tagging In Body

This Module provides simple way to add special taxonomy tagging with drupal taxonomy category page.
In this module user can add term name with respective vocabulary as per form configuration with special character
and it will be automatically link with category page.In category page all node will be display those node associate with
that term name.

How to use

Community Media Series

With Community Media Series you can create series and automatically create cm_shows and cm_airings based on specified criteria. The idea is to radically simplify creating recurring shows, without having to add each show and its airings one by one.



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