GDPR Export

This module allows a user to export all his data, so that your site is compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation (Art. 15 & 20).


Reserve is the D8 port of Room Reservations. Whereas that module was specifically for reservations for Rooms (it included a node bundle called "Rooms"), Reserve intends to allow booking of any fieldable Content Type (node, user, term, etc). Rather than provide a room bundle, it has a custom field (Reserve Category) which can be added to any bundle to allow it to be reservable. It also provides a booking calendar for each reservable bundle. Examples: rooms, cameras, tutors.

Contrib Team for Drupal Diversity & Inclusion

Learn more about the Drupal Diversity & Inclusion their project. We have begun our initial migration from the Github repository. This will take some time and is considered a work-in-progress.

Anonymous Comment User Info

Provides anonymous user info on comments.

When a comment is authored by a user, the users 'compact' view mode will be rendered. By default this view mode includes the user picture/avatar. For comments posted anonymously, there is no built-incapability to show info related to the account, because these anonymous accounts are not user entities. This module provides a way to show user info for anonymous users. You have the option of using a comment display mode in combination with a Twig template.

CKEditor Flash

Watson Conversation

This module integrates Chatbot API with Watson Conversation, providing a plugin to push Drupal content as Watson entities.

As Watson Conversation doesn't currently support fulfilment through webhook, this module can't benefit of Chatbot API utilities. However we are working on a Botkit middleware able to connect to Chatbot API so you can use it in conjunction with Watson middleware.


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