Image blocks

This module provides re-usable 'image blocks' blocks that can display images pulled in from specified accounts from social media image providers (currently) Flickr, Instagram.

Each block can (currently) be configured to:

Content Party

content party import / export project

Bullion News Drupal 8

Bullion News is an Widget which displays the Indian Bullion news headlines,
This is a widget which is provided by Commodity Online.

This module displays the Indian Bullion News headlines in a Block.
It automatically creates a Block after enabling the module.
This block can be placed any where on your website.

Invite Users

This module is used to send invitations to multiple people at a time.


Co-create Content

Engage your audience by letting them contribute to the content of your site.

Suggest is a module that allows a visitor (anonymous user) to send a contribution to an already published node.

Site editors are able to see the contributions on the individual node. They can see a diff between the original content and the submitted suggestion. The diff is made against the version of the content that the visitor modified.

Site editors can then choose which parts of the suggestions to implement.

Comments Entity

Drupal core comment module is great for commenting on nodes.

This module provides fieldable comments for any entity even comments itself. Entity Comments integrates with views and rules.


Simply enable the module and go to "admin/structure/comments_entity" and enable Entity Comments on any entity.



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