FBOAuth Extras

FBOAuth Extras provides additional functionality to the Facebook OAuth module, including:

  • Facebook dialogs (feed, send and share)
  • Facebook Friend List Import


Similar users by terms

The Similar By Terms module can only support nodes, this "Similar users by terms" support users. Most of the code copied directly from the former.


Group Entity Access

Group users and entities, a kind of organic groups

Running Club

The Running Club module is a module created to help manage the members of a club and post results of events to the website.

It has a number of features which will allow website administrators to manage a club of people, with their personal details and emergency contact details. It also allows event nodes and result nodes for events to be created. There is also a contact feature that allows members of the club to be contacted via mass email.


This module takes a Teamtrehouse https://teamtreehouse.com/ username and uses it to pull in their JSON data to populate a pie chart in a block which can be placed on a page in your Drupal site, great for Portfolio's and CV's. The form for entering the username can be accessed from the site configuration page at /admin/config


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