Stripe elements

Stripe (elements) integration

Facet API Colors

Turns facet links into color boxes.

This is a replacement for old unsupported module, that was removed from

Persistent URL Parameters

Suppose you are generating campaign urls for different media e.g. facebook, twitter etc. Now when user clicks on one of the campaign url shared on facebook/twitter it landed on your site with the query parameters. Now when that user roams around on your site you would like to have that query parameters to be persistent on the urls throughout his/her page visits. This module would give you the flexibility to retain query parameters during user's page visits. Also it will provide the validation check based on predefined parameter set configured from the back-end to validate desired urls.

Commerce Atol Integration

This module provides online registering of checkout receipts, created in your internet shop, via Atol service ( according to the last edition of Russian Federation federal law №54-FZ (

Commerce ekomi

This module provide a integration between ekomi ( and the modules suite Commerce.

The module is developed only for Drupal 7 but then I will do the port to D8.

For the moment the module allow:
- To get your Average rating.
- Generate a new link to rate the order when his status change to completed.

This link can be placed in a mail textbox using a token.

Commerce Country Store

This modules enable the creation of country-specific stores in Drupal Commerce 2.


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