Yandex Market XML

Module implements an export of any XML view in YML format for

Plaid Client

Accesses the Plaid API on behalf of Drupal users.


BNM currency rates from
Install as a simple drupal 7 module.
it will create table for currencies and for rates
You'll find a block named bnm currency rates
On first attempt to display currencies, this will pull xml data offers xml data in 3 langs: en, ru, md. md means moldovan, it is same as romanian,
so in multilanguage site feel free to use either md or ro (drupal's moldavian lang offers 'mo' instead of 'md'
module takes care of it.

Bitpay Currency Converter

Provides currency exchange rates into Bitcoin using the Bitpay exchange rates from

Commerce License Billing Paypal

Add a recurring Paypal payment method as a payment a Commerce License. Requires Commerce License Billing.

Warning, this module is in development and right now only works under some specific conditions. Use at your own risk.

Clerk IO

Module for integration with

Still unstable


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