Commerce add to cart matrix

add to cart matrix frontend

Commerce add to cart matrix allows you to configure a new way of displaying the add to cart form.

All the possible variation combinations can be displayed in a table and allow instant add to cart for all of those.

The variation combination can be configured from the field formatter.

Commerce Price Multicurrency Formatter

This module extends the funtionality of commerce_multicurrency module to price fields that are not products. Any non-product entity that has a price field can now be converted to user currency settings. Just select formmatted amount and tick "Commerce Multicurrency: Display the price in a specific currency." under display settings. Keep in mind that commerce_multicurrency already takes care of commerce_price and custom price fields in products.

Sendwithus commerce

Drupal Commerce integration for Sendwithus

See for more information.

Kill Adblock

An image describing working of kill Adblock module

Detects if a user is using ad blocker plugin like Adblock plus, Adblock, uBlock Adblocker Plus on the following web browsers and display a banner to disable the ad block or white-list your website. so that you focus only on your core business and generate good Ad revenue.

My Test 1


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