Lightspeed eCom

This module integrates the Lightspeed eCom platform with your Drupal site.

This project contains the following modules:


Commerce Swiss Post barcode

This module provides a new rules action to generate Swiss Post shipping labels.

Sponsored and maintained by Kommune3.


Commerce Stacking Dimensions

A user interface that adds a field to selected product types that track how a single product's dimensions should be increased when stacked. For example, chairs, when stacked, may only increase in height and depth by a small fraction of their single size.

Assumes Product A (with a stacking dimension field) increases in the dimensions indicate for each stacked Product A. Does not calculate if Product A fits inside Product B.

Commerce Delete Permissions

This module adds the missing delete permissions to commerce entity types (which was decided not to fix in commerce core).
Currently it supports orders, products, customer profiles. If some contrib module using commerce_entity_access() has the same problem, please file an issue about that.


Commerce Restrict Language

Screenshot showing the options added to the configure Language form by the Commerce Restrict Language module.

Restrict commerce functionality per language/locale. Prices can be hidden and/or the cart and checkout disabled. This might be useful if you have a Drupal commerce site but cannot provide full support in certain languages and yet still want to display your products.


Commerce Braintree Web

Commerce Braintree Web origins from commerce_braintree module ver 1.x.

Project Goal

When PCI DSS v3 became effective on 1 Jan 2015. This module aims to provide SAQ A compliant integration with Braintree.


Hosted Fields integration
Hosted fields allows you to implement more flexible UI then that Drop-in UI does.

Provide PayPal integration to work with Hosted Fields as different payment method.


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