Plugnpay module

Small ads

Drupal 8 successor to D7 Offers & Wants, which supports local communities to share and exchange their stuff and skills.

Ready rolled 'feature' type module allows permitted users to post ads and browse by category.

Smallads is its own entity type which is planned to have a remote storage controller pointing to REST API service. The entity comes with several fields already - image, geolocation, expiry date. Some handy views and blocks are provided also.



Zoho SalesIQ

Integrates Zoho SalesIQ chat with your drupal site.


  • Register to an account on Zoho SalesIQ
  • Copy the embedname of your chat widget. Can find it here:
  • Goto to the configuration page admin/config/development/zoho_salesiq and paste embed name.

Configuration options

With this module the following configuration options are available:


Commerce NetCommerce Reconciliation

This module will reconcile the transaction that didn't get the callback from NetCommerce.

In case an order is paid on NetCommerce and the callback is not executed on website,
the order remains as not-completed, even if the payment was made successfully.

This module will check all transactions that are in 'pending' or 'failed' state with NetCommerce.
If the payment was made, the order will be set as Completed.


Stock Info

The Stock Info module provides the means to present investor relations information about a specific publicly traded stock that is listed on one of the major international stock exchanges. Currently the module uses to acquire quote data.

The Stock Info module provides a stock quote block for the configured stock and a stock information page with a chart and graph of the stock's performance. Currently the graph is a daily graph but that may be enhanced to allow for other levels of granularity.

More to come...


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