Last updated 25 August 2008.

The explosions earlier in the week (ed: 7 July 2005, London bombings) had made transport in London unpredictable, and was down over the weekend, so anyone waiting till the last minute to look up details of when and where the meeting was happening was going to be out of luck. I had been expecting 10-15 people, but on the day I wasn't really sure if anyone would actually make it.

As it happened, I needn't have worried - I'd just cracked open my Sunday newspaper when Dikini (Vladimir "Vlado" Zlatanov), richardg (Richard Grieve), and AtomicMaestro (Mark Leicester) arrived.

Introductions were made, beer was drunk, and lunch was ordered. I'm MegaGrunt (Robert Castelo) a freelance consultant, specialising in Drupal, Dikini is systems administrator for Cardiff University, richardg works for eTribes which specialises in creating online communities for non-profit organisations, and AtomicMaestro works for Efurbishment which offers open source based consultancy.


Over a generously portioned Sunday lunch we discussed plans for a Drupal stand at the .Org village at London's Linux World Expo in October. The first thing we needed to decide was how many people did we need to man the stall?

We worked out that 4 would be a good minimum for a two day event like this, allowing us to take turns at the stall and give everyone time to go and explore the rest of the show.

We all volunteered, so between the four of us there will be a Drupal stand at the show. I'm sure on the actual day there will be a few more Drupaleers lending a hand.


The other event we discussed was In The City, a yearly music industry meet up, which takes place in Manchester a few days after Linux World Expo. None of us felt we are using Drupal in a way that would be relevant to ITC, but we did think of a few other Drupaleers who are working in that field, and we'll let them know about the event.

Thoroughly stuffed, we retired to the sofa to talk about Drupal in general: the immediacy of Drupal/PHP development compared to working in Java, possibilities of simplifying the flow of Drupal hooks and functions, the new dependency system, component modules.

The conversation also went in several non Drupal directions: why Bulgarians nod when they mean no, the difference between a musical and an opera, and the dangers of car navigation systems giving you directions in too sexy a voice while you're talking to your partner on a hands free car phone.

The meeting was thoroughly enjoyable, we couldn't have had better weather, and the beer garden was the perfect place to enjoy a couple of hours of great conversation and company.