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This organization is a Featured services provider.

MD systems was founded in 2000 by Miro Dietiker and today consists of an interdisciplinary team of engineers and communications specialists.

MD Systems is the most active Swiss contributor to Drupal. This includes Drupal 8, the well known TMGMT and Shared Content modules as well as more than 30 other modules that enhance the user experience in Drupal.

MD Systems is working for small start-ups as well as large Swiss corporations with international, multilingual websites.

  • We are branch and industry independent
  • We do NOT focus on specific tasks. We work on Websites, Modules as well as the necessary IT environment if necessary
  • We can maintain the environment for the Customer --> hosting, and performance optimizations (Network, Hardware, Software, Archiving, Backup)
  • We train our customers as well as their customers and consultants.

Drupal contributions

MD Systems is extremely involved with Drupal. The statistics speak for themselves.

So what do we exactly do:

  • We build Drupal, heavy involvement with core development (D7, and currently D8)
  • We add functionality to Drupal --> Module development (30+ under active maintenance)
  • We build the Swiss Drupal Community and basically run all DUG meetings in switzerland (we Sponsor them too).
  • We organize, and Sponsor, 2 CodeSprints per year.
  • We are the cofounders of DrupalEvents, a Swiss association furthering the goals of Drupal in Switzerland.
  • We participate in product, method and strategy presentations at most larger Drupal events, globally, every year.
  • We help organize DrupalCons (Munich, Track Chair of Business Track)

Projects supported

Views Custom Cache Tags, Entity Reference Revisions, Inmail, Mailmute, Contact Storage, Collect, Paragraphs, Monitoring, Cue Field, ShareMessage, Salsa Commerce, Shared Content, Past Log, Drush Scenario Builder (DSB), Entityform block, Commerce WinBIZ, TMGMT Translator Google, TMGMT Translator Microsoft, TMGMT Translator Gengo, TMGMT Translator Supertext, TMGMT Translator Nativy, OneHourTranslation Translator, Salsa Entity, Translation Management Tool, Commerce Datatrans, Commerce Saferpay, Ultimate Cron, Simplenews Linkchecker, JW Player, Mail System, Menu link (field), New Relic RPM Integration, Dynamic properties, Commerce Worldpay, Maillog / Mail Developer, Webform Ajax, LoginToboggan Prevent preauth, Search API, Heading Normalizer, Multivariate, Salsa API, Views Showcase, Feedback & Suggestion Tab, Galleria, Simplenews Scheduler, Translation Overview, Simplenews Roles, Advanced Poll, Views Calc, Simplenews

Contributed to fixing 321 issues in the past 3 months

47.3939059 8.473602099999999
47.3528886 8.3613353
47.387028275258096 8.525730051837714

pivica, Developer

On for 9 years 9 months
Over 10 edits to documentation
Contributor to Mediabox, GMap3 Tools, Multivariate, and 14 more

Berdir, Lead Developer

On for 7 years 8 months
Over 100 edits to documentation
Contributor to Privatemsg, Translation Management Tool, Salsa Entity, and 81 more

Arla, Drupal 8 Developer

On for 7 years 7 months
At least 1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Inmail, Past Log, Collect, and 16 more

miro_dietiker, CEO

On for 7 years 7 months
Over 5 edits to documentation
Contributor to Simplenews, Monitoring, Past Log, and 39 more

NicoH, Mediamatiker

On for 5 years 10 months

Denchev, Developer

On for 4 years 4 months
Contributor to Monitoring

s_leu, Web developer

On for 4 years 3 months
Contributor to Scribble, Salsa Entity, ShareMessage, and 21 more

corvus_ch, Drupal Developer

On for 3 years 5 months
Contributor to Shared Content, Collect, phpseclib, and 11 more

jzech, Office Manager

On for 2 years 10 months

LukyLuke_ch, Drupal developer

On for 2 years 9 months
Contributor to Past Log, Salsa Entity, Mail System, and 5 more

cbr, Drupal 8 Developer

On for 2 years 3 months
Contributor to Simplenews Scheduler, Currency, Payment, and 1 more

Anushka-mp, Drupal 8 Developer

On for 1 year 2 months
Contributor to Monitoring, Simplenews, Translation Management Tool, and 10 more

sasanikolic, Drupal 8 Developer

On for 8 months 2 weeks
Contributor to Translation Management Tool, Simplenews, Paragraphs, and 10 more

mbovan, Drupal 8 Developer

On for 6 months 3 weeks
Contributor to Collect, Simplenews, Monitoring, and 11 more

LKS90, Drupal 8 Developer

On for 6 months 3 days
Contributor to CAPTCHA, Monitoring, Translation Management Tool, and 39 more

edurenye, Drupal 8 Developer

On for 5 months 6 days
Contributor to Monitoring, Translation Management Tool, Simplenews, and 9 more

giancarlosotelo, Drupal 8 Developer

On for 4 months 1 week
Contributor to Monitoring, Translation Management Tool, Collect, and 11 more

juanse254, D8 Developer

On for 4 months 6 days
Contributor to Translation Management Tool, Monitoring, Inmail, and 4 more