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This organization is a Featured services provider.

LimoenGroen is an experienced Drupal company based in Amsterdam with a strong focus on building sustainable websites. We are specialized in creating accessible, intuitive websites.

Our Agile approach

The approach of LimoenGroen is transparent and interactive. Using workshops and regular demonstrations of in-between results ensures optimal involvement and maximum control of the client.


Acquia partner

LimoenGroen is proud partner of Acquia.

Drupal contributions

We've created and maintain several modules, sponsor Drupal-related events and created several Drupal 7/8 core patches. For more information about the work we contribute, have a look at our Drupal Give page.

Projects supported

User Picture Initials, IP Language Negotiation, Commons Hashtags, Commons Images, Node Inherit Webform Access, Rijksoverheid Cookie Opt-in, Rijksvideo, Rijkshuisstijl (Dutch Government Branding), Imagecache External, Lexicon, TranslateThis Button, Menu Force, Termcase, Read only mode, Profile Complete Percent, Flickr API

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On for 10 years 3 months
Over 100 edits to documentation
Contributor to Comment Upload, User Badges, Comment mover, and 27 more

BarisW, Drupal evangelist

On for 8 years 4 months
Over 5 edits to documentation
Contributor to @font-your-face, Google Fonts, Flickr API, and 43 more

DomoSapiens, Drupal Front-end Developer

On for 7 years 1 month
Contributor to Rijkshuisstijl (Dutch Government Branding), Rijksoverheid Cookie Opt-in, Address Field

dstotijn, Drupal Developer

On for 6 years 11 months
Contributor to pelican, zen_drupstrap, Tidy, and 2 more

Marty2081, Project Manager

On for 4 years 7 months
At least 1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Lexicon, Rijksoverheid Cookie Opt-in, Node Inherit Webform Access, and 6 more


On for 4 years 1 week
1 edit to documentation

dbazuin, Drupal developer

On for 3 years 10 months
1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Read only mode, Relation add, Ref debug

omg-its-maggie, Front End Developer

On for 2 years 1 month

mbroere, Drupal front-end developer

On for 1 year 10 months