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Last Call is a Drupal focused web development company. Their varied client base includes national brands and local retail stores. Last Call has been a major supporter and organizer of the Western Mass Drupal Camp since its inception. We take community contributions very seriously and our company website was one of the first production Drupal 8 websites, launched well before release with all work contributed back to Drupal 8 core.

Career Opportunities

See here for open positions.

Last Call offers a variety of competitive benefits, including:

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision;
  • Vacation, personal, and sick time;
  • Opportunities for business travel both domestic and international;
  • Short- and Long-term disability coverage, AD&D, and Life insurance;
  • Regular upgrades to company-issued technology

Last Call also enjoys weekly CSA farm shares from late spring through fall, and frequently volunteers or sponsors community events throughout the year. We also contribute heavily and regularly to Drupal by attending many events and holding monthly company Sprint Days. See some of our contributions below.

Drupal contributions

Projects supported

Commerce Authorize.Net Card Present, Commerce Point of Sale (POS), Commerce AutoSKU, Canvas Field, UberPOS

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42.369798499999995 -72.5127775
42.3192144 -72.629702
45.5628772 -122.6215902
37.802933 -122.449285
42.32509 -72.641201
42.3191056 -72.6296906
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39.3330221 -76.6315436

justin.wellman, Project Manager

On for 10 years 6 months

icylace, Junior Developer

On for 7 years 9 months
1 edit to documentation

Kelly Albrecht, CEO

On for 7 years 6 months
1 edit to documentation
Contributor to UberPOS, Link


On for 5 years 3 months

rbayliss, CTO

On for 4 years 10 months
Contributor to Commerce AutoSKU, Commerce Point of Sale (POS), UberPOS, and 9 more

tidrif, Senior Developer

On for 4 years 8 months
Contributor to Commerce Authorize.Net Card Present, Commerce Point of Sale (POS)

jiff, Senior Web Developer

On for 3 years 3 months
Contributor to Web Services Client for Feeds, Panels Grid System, Entity Verification Code

seddings, COO

On for 2 years 9 months

electropoetics, Project Manager

On for 2 years 4 months

Hannah.Cle, Administrative Assistant

On for 1 year 8 months


On for 1 year 8 months

MrColinP, Creative Director

On for 1 year 8 months

ageis, Systems Administrator

On for 1 year 3 weeks

juliaaro, People and Process

On for 10 months 3 weeks

jahaimon, Developer

On for 10 months 1 week