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This organization is a Featured services provider.

From strategy through to development, we design and deliver complex web content management platforms and business process applications using Drupal and other Open Source technology.

The majority of our work has been in the following sectors: Publishing, Membership Organisations, Charities, Public Sector and Travel. Our focus is on the technology and finding ways for it to add real value to organisations.

Our mission is to build a large, remarkable technology company that surprises and delights its clients with brilliant software and service.

Drupal contributions

Cameron and Wilding's founders have been involved with Drupal since 2006. Back then they created an online language learning social network together. Then in January 2010 they formed the company to focus on Drupal design and development professionally.

We have supported the community in a number of ways since the beginning. Part of that has included shutting the company down for a couple of days, twice a year for 'Drupal Give Back Days'.

In addition to this we do a lot of volunteer community work including the London Beer and Chats, which we've been arranging for over 3 years now:

We started the 'A Bit of Everything Drupal' evenings to get more people involved with Drupal and committing to core. You can find out more here:

Another way we have tried to encourage more people into Drupal has been through lecturing for a couple of universities including Brighton and Southbank. This has led to one of the lecturers now planning on running a whole course in Drupal from next September, which we are helping with.

We were involved with Drupalcamp London 2013, which was a great succes:

We are of course Drupal Association members. We also sponsor community events, including camps and cons, and have spoken at Brighton Drupalcamp, London Drupalcamp, Oxford Drupalcamp and the first ever Drupalcamp Pakistan.

Projects supported

Drupal PSR Cache, Drupal PSR-3, ApacheSolr Views VBO

ncameron, Director of Technology

On for 8 years 10 months
Contributor to Term Queue

Kazillian, Director of Operations

On for 8 years 9 months

itarato, Drupal developer

On for 6 years 3 months
Over 10 edits to documentation
Contributor to GraphMind, Neo4J Connector, Bubbletimer, and 20 more

eddie_c, Drupal Developer

On for 5 years 4 months
1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Term Queue Port to D8, Term Queue, Migrate Test, and 2 more

Indydas-dupe, Drupal Developer

On for 3 years 10 months


On for 3 years 8 months


On for 2 years 10 months