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Welcome to ADCI Solutions. Since our founding in 2007 we've specialized in creating quality websites for a diverse range of clients worldwide.

We now have over 30 employees and thousands of projects under our belt.

We establish long-term relationships with our clients by going the extra mile to provide quality results and ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation. Whether you require a professional website for your small business or an enterprise application our experienced team has your needs covered.

As Drupal specialists we make a special effort to give back to the community which has been a key factor to our success. We're proud to have developed modules and themes which are utilized by the Drupal community throughout the world.

Contact us anytime by clicking here, we offer a free consultation and quote for all services that you require so if you need to chat talk to us, we don't bite!

We had been Supporting Partners since `12 and became Premium in `13 and 14`!!!

ADCI Solutions was awarded the 2015 and 2016 Europe DrupalCon design and development project by the Drupal Association.

Also, we have a Drupal Give page here

Please feel free to view the following contributions we've made to the Drupal community.

Drupal contributions

Projects supported

Fenom, Solr Query Builder, BigVideo, Quick Login, Easy booking, Colorized google maps block, Date Popup Timepicker, Stylus CSS Preprocessor, jQuery UI Touch Punch, Context reaction: node template, ChargeBee Integration, Node Translation Access, Google Map Static, Transact Pro payment module for Drupal Commerce, Responsive blog theme installation profile, Responsive blog theme, SEO Starter Kit, Webform marketing, Slack, Jcrop Form Element, Auto image style, Sticky columns, Facebook Reminder, PushRetail for Ubercart, Better form, Gdrive Sync, Social groups, Hangouts, Facebook Post, Adaptive layout tester, Node view count, Mobile Adaptive Test, Layouter - WYSIWYG layout templates, Sky field file, Sky Field - unique custom fields, Bounce reasons, Close Block, Block Upload, Node View Permissions, CTools Auto-modal Admin Interface, Node Field, Image Hotspots, Video Handler, Webform Default Fields, Luxury theme, Simple Meta, Shaken not stirred, Ajax modules install, Active Taxonomy Links

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54.9875933 73.4390428

adcillc, CEO

On for 6 years 9 months
Contributor to Simple Meta, Ajax modules install, Shaken not stirred, and 2 more


On for 6 years 8 months

trim108, Developer

On for 4 years 10 months
Contributor to Node Field, Image Hotspots, Sticky columns


On for 4 years 6 months
Over 5 edits to documentation
Contributor to Date Popup Timepicker, Field SQL norevisions, Simple Meta, and 2 more


On for 3 years 11 months

hoter, Programmer

On for 3 years 7 months
At least 1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Social groups, Webform Default Fields, Facebook Post, and 9 more


On for 3 years 5 months
Contributor to Auto image style, Slide formatter


On for 3 years 4 months
At least 1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Adaptive layout tester

Leonid.adcillc, Developer

On for 3 years 3 weeks
Contributor to Mobile Adaptive Test, Sky Field - unique custom fields, Google Map Static, and 3 more


On for 2 years 5 months

novartema, Web developer

On for 2 years 4 months
Contributor to Node view count, Slack, Better form

usdv, Developer

On for 2 years 4 months
Contributor to Jcrop Form Element, jQuery UI Touch Punch

NiceShal, Web-developer

On for 2 years 4 months

Lera T, Designer

On for 2 years 4 months

stas1k, Programmer

On for 2 years 2 months

hxdef, Web-developer

On for 2 years 2 weeks
Contributor to Facebook Post


On for 1 year 3 months
Contributor to BigVideo, ChargeBee Integration, Solr Query Builder

azenkovets, Developer

On for 1 year 3 months
Contributor to Node Translation Access, Colorized google maps block, Context reaction: node template, and 1 more

kate_adci, Front end developer

On for 1 year 2 months
Contributor to Responsive blog theme, Responsive blog theme installation profile

vezege, Web developer

On for 1 year 1 month


On for 11 months 2 weeks
Contributor to Transact Pro payment module for Drupal Commerce


On for 10 months 2 weeks
Contributor to Node Field, CTools Auto-modal Admin Interface


On for 9 months 3 weeks


On for 8 months 3 weeks


On for 1 month 1 week