Drupal's Marketing resources provides market and promotional material for Drupal. Drupal assists those who publish stories by providing anything from a Drupal logo to informational leaflets or additional text and references for a report.

Individuals who have experience in design, market and/or writing can be of help. Assistance is needed to provide resources as to "why people should choose Drupal for their IT solutions". New and unique Drupal logo's are needed. Even this page might be written better. Please reference how you can add a child page to this section or how you may become a member of the Docgen Team!

If you have any queries regarding this section, please use the Drupal Forum.

You can find marketing collateral in the Bizconnect section of the Drupal Association, also consider joining the Marketing group.


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The German association offers open layout files (PDF and InDesign/Illustrator) and a "beta" guide to fonts and colors.
www.drupal-initiative.de/marketing (text in German and English).