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8.x-2.x 15-Oct-2014 Payment methods' configuration UIs have been split off to a separate plugin type
8.x-2.x 15-Oct-2014 A "payment authorized" status was added
8.x-2.x 15-Oct-2014 Payment methods can control who can set which statuses on payments
8.x-2.x 15-Oct-2014 Postponed capture support
8.x-2.x 15-Oct-2014 Refund support
8.x-2.x 15-Oct-2014 Hooks have been replaced with Symfony events
8.x-2.x 15-Oct-2014 Payment reference now only opens a new window when it is absolutely necessary
8.x-2.x 08-Oct-2013 The paymentform field has been renamed and moved
8.x-2.x 04-Sep-2013 payment_line_items() has been replaced by the payment_line_items_display renderable element
8.x-2.x 04-Sep-2013 payment_status_items() has been replaced by the payment_statuses_display renderable element
8.x-2.x 22-Jul-2013 Payment method configuration entities have bundles
8.x-2.x 22-Jul-2013 The payment_form_context element has been removed
8.x-2.x 21-Jul-2013 Upgrade of other modules may depend on payment_update_8205()
8.x-2.x 21-Jul-2013 The debugging mode has been removed
8.x-2.x 20-Jul-2013 Payment methods can represent themselves as multiple brands (replaces payment methods' generic titles) (REVERTED)
8.x-2.x 20-Jul-2013 REVERTED: Payment methods can declare additional payment operations
8.x-2.x 20-Jul-2013 Payment depends on Currency
8.x-2.x 20-Jul-2013 The payment_line_item form element has been reworked
8.x-2.x 19-Jul-2013 payment_amount_human_readable() has been removed
8.x-2.x 04-Jul-2013 Payment methods are config entities and payment method controllers are plugins
8.x-2.x 04-Jul-2013 REVERTED: Payment execution is a payment method operation
8.x-2.x 04-Jul-2013 Basic Payment Method is part of Payment
8.x-2.x 04-Jul-2013 Line items are plugins
8.x-2.x 04-Jul-2013 Payments are content entities with bundles
8.x-2.x 04-Jul-2013 Payment statuses are plugins
8.x-2.x 04-Jul-2013 Payment types (formerly contexts) are plugins
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