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7.x / 7.60 04-Oct-2017 cache_form expiration is configurable in Drupal 7
7.x / 7.54 01-Feb-2017 New drupal_is_https() API function added
7.x / 7.54 01-Feb-2017 Drupal 7 adds menu tree render structure to (pre-)process hooks for theme_menu_tree()
7.x / 7.54 24-Nov-2016 Modules can now define theme engines
7.x / 7.51 03-Oct-2016 Drupal 7 adds a new allow_css_double_underscores variable to allow for double underscores in CSS identifiers
7.x / 7.51 03-Oct-2016 system_region_list() now takes an (optional) new third parameter
7.x / 7.50 07-Jul-2016 Robots.txt now allows search engines access to CSS, JavaScript and image files
7.x / 7.50 07-Jul-2016 Drupal 7 now includes an .editorconfig file
7.x / 7.50 06-Jul-2016 Performance improvements for drupal_get_filename(), which will now trigger a PHP warning when it can't find a file (unless the new $trigger_error parameter is set to FALSE)
7.x / 7.50 06-Jul-2016 Added support for full UTF-8 (emojis, Asian symbols, mathematical symbols) on MySQL when the site and database are configured to allow it
7.x / 7.50 06-Jul-2016 PHP callables can be used in more places in the Ajax system and form API (for PHP 5.4 and higher)
7.x / 7.50 01-Jul-2016 Users are now logged out automatically when following a password reset link
7.x / 7.50 28-May-2016 Drupal 7 core is now protected against clickjacking by default (X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN)
7.x / 7.50 28-May-2016 New "administer fields" permission added for trusted users
7.x / 7.36 31-Mar-2015 Added new form API functionality to prevent arrays from being submitted to text-like fields
7.x / 7.36 31-Mar-2015 Added methods to avoid loading jQuery and related JavaScript libraries on all pages when they are not needed
7.x / 7.36 30-Mar-2015 Added a user_has_role() API function to check if a user has a certain role
7.x / 7.33 04-Nov-2014 Added entity_view_mode_prepare() to allow entity-providing modules to invoke hook_entity_view_mode_alter() correctly
7.x / 7.27 16-Apr-2014 form_set_cache() now validates the passed-in form build ID
7.x / 7.27 16-Apr-2014 Modules which use custom Ajax form page callbacks require updates for Drupal 7.27
7.x / 7.25 29-Dec-2013 Content viewing counter statistics can now be collected asynchronously
7.x / 7.23 06-Aug-2013 Human-readable labels have been added to image styles
7.x / 7.23 06-Aug-2013 The default ordering of CSS files has changed for sites using right-to-left languages
7.x / 7.22 12-Feb-2013 The Field API's memory usage has been optimized (includes recommended changes to contributed modules to leverage the changes)
7.x / 7.22 27-Dec-2012 The Locale module has changed its handling of comment field language
7.x / 7.0-unstable-5 11-Dec-2012 .clear-block CSS class has been changed to .clearfix
7.x / 7.17 10-Oct-2012 Added hook_taxonomy_term_view() and standardized the process for displaying taxonomy terms
7.x 16-Jun-2012 Options list callbacks now receive addition context
7.x / 7.15 10-Jun-2012 Entities now have generic language support
7.x 28-Mar-2012 Use of $user->cache and {session}.cache deprecated in favor of $_SESSION['cache_expiration'][$bin]
7.x 08-Feb-2012 hook_node_search_result() now returns an associative array
7.x / 7.12 31-Jan-2012 DrupalCacheArray set method has changed
7.x / 7.12 25-Dec-2011 db_select 'conditions' parameter added for menu_build_tree()
7.x / 7.9 13-Dec-2011 $uri is no longer an available variable in node.tpl.php
7.x / 7.0-unstable-8 01-Dec-2011 Reset button is removed from the system settings form
7.x / 7.9 27-Nov-2011 hook_image_effect_info() now has optional dimensions keys
7.x / 7.8 08-Nov-2011 Database field {files}.pathinfo renamed to {files}.uri
7.x / 7.9 27-Oct-2011 Alternative OpenID authentication method for invalid OpenID accounts transition
7.x / 7.9 27-Oct-2011 Change in Openid discovery methods registered by hook_openid_discovery_method_info()
7.x / 7.6 07-Oct-2011 New #ajax 'prevent' property added.
7.x 04-Oct-2011 New functions to dynamically set active trails
7.x / 7.0 03-Oct-2011 Data must be truncated in PHP before written to varchar fields
7.x / 7.9 30-Sep-2011 404s for static resources are now handled through drupal_fast_404()
7.x / 7.8 29-Sep-2011 "Run the clean URL test" UX has been improved
7.x / 7.12 28-Sep-2011 hook_mail_alter() implementations may cancel mail sending by setting $message['send'] to FALSE.
7.x 20-Sep-2011 Field types should be defined by one module and implemented by a separate module.
7.x 12-Jul-2011 Entity label callbacks now receive $entity_type as second parameter
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