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8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta11 09-May-2015 Added CompositeConstraintBase for validating multiple fields
8.0.x / 8.0-beta11 08-May-2015 Rest type and relation links now support configurable domain
8.0.x / 8.0-BETA4 08-May-2015 Entity storage handlers are now required to implement ::hasData()
8.0.x 08-May-2015 Renamed indentation css class to js-indentation
8.0.x / 8.0.x 08-May-2015 Search removes diacritics in indexing rather than relying on database collation
8.0.x / 8.0.x 08-May-2015 New Transliteration method added
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta4 08-May-2015 hook_library_info_build() added: for registering libraries dynamically
8.0.x / 8.0-BETA5 08-May-2015 Route filters / enhancers can be lazy now
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta4 08-May-2015 HTML5-lib is added to Drupal 8 core for the filter system
8.0.x 08-May-2015 Footer regions in Bartik have been removed
8.0.x 08-May-2015 Query destination should be a relative URL instead of a path
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta7 08-May-2015 Menu link UI now an autocomplete, with optional manual path entry
8.0.x / 8.0-BETA7 08-May-2015 Finalized Cache Context API
8.0.x / 8.0-beta8 08-May-2015 Temp store service split into Shared and Private instances
8.0.x 08-May-2015 \Drupal::getContainer() will throw an exception if the container is not initialized
8.0.x 08-May-2015 Added "render" Twig filter
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 08-May-2015 $GLOBALS['script_path'] is removed
8.0.x 08-May-2015 Help component CSS classes replaced with generic classes
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 08-May-2015 The REQUEST_TIME constant can no longer be used in PHPUnit tests
8.0.x 08-May-2015 Removed comment_prepare_thread()
8.0.x 08-May-2015 Update manager service added.
8.0.x 08-May-2015 Config-specific entity type functionality moved to a new ConfigEntityTypeInterface
8.0.x 05-May-2015 Configuration entity can declare which properties need export using annotations
8.0.x 05-May-2015 Configuration data is trusted during installation
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta11 05-May-2015 Updated symfony validator API
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta11 05-May-2015 New base class(es) for link field handlers in Views
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta11 30-Apr-2015 ContentEntityInterface::initTranslation() method removed
8.0.x 27-Apr-2015 DX of responsive image is improved
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 27-Apr-2015 Authentication now only runs once per request
8.0.x 23-Apr-2015 MySQL requirements raised to 5.5.3
8.0.x 21-Apr-2015 Fallback image style for responsive image styles have been moved from instance settings to the responsive image style entity
8.0.x 21-Apr-2015 stylesheets-remove takes the full file path instead of just the file name
8.0.x 21-Apr-2015 Stylesheets-override has been removed
8.x 21-Apr-2015 Add X-UA-Compatible HTTP header
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 18-Apr-2015 Field data tables now used as default base tables in Views
8.0.x / 8.0-BETA7 18-Apr-2015 Page cache moved into a separate module for better performance
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA10 16-Apr-2015 Block plugins subclassing BlockBase::blockAccess() must return AccessResult instead of a bool
8.0.x / 8.0-beta10 13-Apr-2015 New PHPUnit based classes added for testing: BrowserTestBase and JavascriptTestBase
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 12-Apr-2015 Added OptionsWidgetBase::getEmptyLabel() and removed OptionsWidgetBase::getEmptyOption()
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 09-Apr-2015 Removed age() method and introduced currentRevision() and allRevisions() methods
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 07-Apr-2015 user_attach_accounts() and comment_prepare_author() have been removed
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA10 03-Apr-2015 Flood control must be applied upon submit, not when viewing
8.0.x 02-Apr-2015 CSS changes to the system status report component
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 02-Apr-2015 Entity level validation constraints can be added
7.x, 8.0.x / 7.40, 8.0.0-beta10 01-Apr-2015 If the PHP version is new enough, MySQL PDO no longer allows multiple database queries to be executed at the same time
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 01-Apr-2015 Two methods added to the UserInterface
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta10 01-Apr-2015 REST user updates have to include the existing password in some cases
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA10 01-Apr-2015 Added 'no_cache' route option to mark a route's responses as uncacheable
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA10 01-Apr-2015 Added RendererInterface::addDependency($render_array, $cacheable_dependency)
8.0.x / 8.0.x 31-Mar-2015 Libraries can now be attached from Twig templates via an attach_library() function


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