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8.x / 8.0 28-Jan-2014 The variable_get/set/del API is now removed
8.x 27-Jan-2014 Use standard indentation in JavaScript files
8.x / 8.0-alpha9 27-Jan-2014 Supply CacheBackendInterface::CACHE_PERMANENT as Cache::PERMANENT
8.x / 8.0 27-Jan-2014 Configuration override API unified with configuration language API
8.x / 8.0 27-Jan-2014 Language negotiation settings moved to configuration from variables
8.x / 8.0-ALPHA7 26-Jan-2014 Element::properties() replaces element_properties(), must be passed an array
8.x / 8.0-alpha8 26-Jan-2014 language_default converted to CMI
8.x / 8.0-alpha9 26-Jan-2014 drupal_cron_run() replaced by cron service
8.x / 8.0 26-Jan-2014 Installer: 'db_prefix' in database configuration form renamed to 'prefix'
8.x / 8.0-alpha7 25-Jan-2014 plugin.manager.entity service is replaced by entity.manager
8.x 25-Jan-2014 theme_field() receives field values as a FieldItemList object rather than as a plain array
8.x-dev / 8.0-alpha8 25-Jan-2014 Renamed methods in ViewExecutable.
8.x / 8.0-alpha8 25-Jan-2014 EntityType is now a domain object
8.x 25-Jan-2014 Use EntityManagerInterface instead of EntityManager for typehints
8.x 25-Jan-2014 Use symfony request & response objects
8.x 25-Jan-2014 Moved FAPI callbacks for file/image widgets in classes
8.x 25-Jan-2014 Moved file_chmod_directory and file_chmod_file into settings system
8.x 25-Jan-2014 Various sorting callbacks have moved to \Drupal\Component\Utility\SortArray
8.x 24-Jan-2014 bundle_keys removed from EntityType annotation, field_extract_bundle() removed
8.x 21-Jan-2014 Most first/last/odd/even classes removed in favor of CSS3 pseudo selectors
8.x 21-Jan-2014 Dynamic Routes can be defined in routing.yml
8.x 17-Jan-2014 Methods on \Drupal\Component\Utility\Random are no longer static, added optional validation of randomly generated strings.
8.x / 8.0 16-Jan-2014 The language system has been converted to OOP
8.x 15-Jan-2014 EntityManager::getAdminPath() is replaced with EntityManager::getAdminRouteInfo() and FieldUI::getOverviewRouteInfo()
8.x 14-Jan-2014 format_plural() has moved to translation service as formatPlural() and format_interval() has moved to date service as formatInterval()
8.x / 8.0-ALPHA7 14-Jan-2014 element_* functions deprecated; use Element class methods instead
8.x / 8.x 14-Jan-2014 The $reindex parameter has been removed from search_reindex
8.x 14-Jan-2014 drupal_get_form() to initiate an existing or new class name
8.x 09-Jan-2014 Normalize Controller/View-listener behavior with a Page object
8.x / 8.0 09-Jan-2014 Configuration override API simplified, built-in language support included
8.x 08-Jan-2014 drupal_add_css(), drupal_add_js() and drupal_add_library() removed in favor of #attached
8.x / 8.0 07-Jan-2014 Files got creation time tracking, standardized changed time tracking
8.x 07-Jan-2014 drupal.base.css replaced by normalize.css
8.x 07-Jan-2014 Generic CSS moved to new file in Seven theme
8.x 06-Jan-2014 field_attach_preprocess() is removed
8.x 06-Jan-2014 ControllerBase implements ContainerInjectionInterface like FormBase
8.x 06-Jan-2014 ControllerBase implements ContainerInjectionInterface and makes the container() method private
8.x 04-Jan-2014 Setting the "active" class on links is now deterministic and an opt-in feature of l(), LinkGenerator and theme_links()
8.x 03-Jan-2014 Additional $types argument in hook_node_load() removed
8.x 03-Jan-2014 Each image toolkit is able now to provide its own requirements
8.x / 8.0 03-Jan-2014 Entity label() method does not have a $langcode argument anymore
8.x 01-Jan-2014 Improved DX and altered keys for local tasks definitions
8.x 31-Dec-2013 Contextual Links are provided by plugins implementing ContextualLinkInterface and using YAML discovery instead of being defined in hook_menu()
8.x 31-Dec-2013 drupal_mail() now uses 'reply-to:' instead of 'from:' header
8.x 30-Dec-2013 Structure of $config_directories variable in settings.php changed
8.x / 8.0 30-Dec-2013 Modules (or Drupal 7 module-equivalent features) added to core in Drupal 8
8.x 29-Dec-2013 $user->theme and per-user custom theme check removed
7.x / 7.25 29-Dec-2013 Content viewing counter statistics can now be collected asynchronously
8.x / 8.0-ALPHA8 20-Dec-2013 Configuration schemas now optionally used for type casting
8.x 20-Dec-2013 drupal_add_tabledrag() has been replaced by drupal_attach_tabledrag


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