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29-Sep-2014 Global menus (primary links, secondary links) have been converted into blocks
8.0.x 28-Sep-2014 The fieldable key has been removed from EntityType annotations
8.0.x / 8.0 28-Sep-2014 ContentEntityInterface does not implement ComplexDataInterface/TypedDataInterface any more
8.0.x 26-Sep-2014 'list_text' field type renamed to 'list_string'
8.0.x 25-Sep-2014 Improved cache tags DX: strings instead of nested arrays, strict validation
8.0.x 23-Sep-2014 hook_cron_queue_info() replaced by annotated classes
8.0.x 22-Sep-2014 Entity HTML route patterns standardized
8.0.x / 8.0-ALPHA14 20-Sep-2014 Flexible page cache policy
8.0.x / 8.0-alpha15 18-Sep-2014 taxonomy_term_load_parents(), taxonomy_term_load_parents_all(), taxonomy_term_load_children(), taxonomy_get_tree() all deprecated in favour of methods on TermStorage
8.0.x 17-Sep-2014 "Text processing" option removed from Text field types, split into formatted and plain field types
8.0.x 17-Sep-2014 drupal_write_record() and drupal_schema_fields_sql() removed in favor of merge queries and entity API
8.0.x 17-Sep-2014 All access-checking logic must now return AccessResultInterface objects, allows for cacheability metadata
8.0.x 16-Sep-2014 Plugin factories check inheritance of plugins
8.0.x 15-Sep-2014 CSS classes being moved from preprocess to Twig templates
8.0.x / 8.x 15-Sep-2014 Exception handling is now modular
8.0.x 14-Sep-2014 Use ConfigurableLanguage configuration entity instead of language_save() and language_delete()
8.0.x 13-Sep-2014 field_filter_xss functions replaced by AllowedTagsXssTrait
8.0.x 12-Sep-2014 drupal_render_page() has been removed
8.x / 8.x 12-Sep-2014 State variable node.cron_last has been removed
8.0.x 12-Sep-2014 hook_path_update() now receives the original alias
8.x 09-Sep-2014 Removed deprecated 'class' key from #theme links and #theme menu_tree heading arrays
8.0.x / 8.0-alpha15 09-Sep-2014 Entity form and view modes moved from Entity module to Core
05-Sep-2014 Node/comment links are implemented as extra fields and can be hidden
8.x 05-Sep-2014 Namespace for PHPUnit tests of modules has changed
8.0.x 03-Sep-2014 Changed ApcClassLoader support (and added support for other class loaders)
8.0.x 03-Sep-2014 drupal_classloader() removed
8.0.x 02-Sep-2014 Several cache bins now use APCu caching by default
8.x / 8.x 01-Sep-2014 Internal Views special language machine codes have changed
8.x / 8.x 01-Sep-2014 views_language_list() has been moved to a class method
8.0.x / 8.0.0 31-Aug-2014 New ThirdPartySettingsInterface and ThirdPartySettingsTrait for configuration entities to store third party settings
8.x 28-Aug-2014 hook_permission() replaced with permissions defined in a $module.permissions.yml file
8.0.x / 8.0-alpha14 26-Aug-2014 COMMENT_FORM_BELOW and COMMENT_FORM_SEPARATE_PAGE moved to constants on CommentItem class
8.0.x 26-Aug-2014 _node_revision_access() replaced
8.0.x 25-Aug-2014 'datetime' theme hook/template renamed to 'time'
8.0.x 24-Aug-2014 Form objects can now specifiy callbacks to themself on #submit/#validate as strings
8.0.x 24-Aug-2014 Installer will create a services.yml file next to settings.php
8.x 22-Aug-2014 Entity "controllers" are renamed to handlers
8.0.x 21-Aug-2014 Global theme variables got replaced by an ActiveTheme
8.0.x 21-Aug-2014 Theme initialization was moved into its own service
8.0.x 19-Aug-2014 Description of a form element can be moved below the input fields
8.x / 8.x 18-Aug-2014 Entity controller admin-form annotation replaced by field_ui_base_route
8.x 16-Aug-2014 Contact categories are now contact forms
8.0.x 15-Aug-2014 Forms no longer support path-based redirects
8.x / 8.0-alpha15 14-Aug-2014 Configuration schema wildcards can now be used to match plugin derivative identifiers as well
8.0.x / 8.0-alpha15 14-Aug-2014 hook_views_data() for entities replaced with EntityViewsDataInterface
8.x 14-Aug-2014 Base field storage for users has now multilingual support
8.x 14-Aug-2014 Base field storage for taxonomy terms has now multilingual support
8.x 12-Aug-2014 Moved drupal_mail to MailManager::mail
8.0.x 12-Aug-2014 hook_element_info() is replaced by annotated classes
8.0.x / 8.0.0-alpha14 11-Aug-2014 Node types cannot opt out of standard permissions


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