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7.x / 7.54 01-Feb-2017 New drupal_is_https() API function added
7.x / 7.54 01-Feb-2017 Drupal 7 adds menu tree render structure to (pre-)process hooks for theme_menu_tree()
8.3.0 / 8.30-alpha1 31-Jan-2017 Entity types can specify collection labels now
8.2.x / 8.2.6 26-Jan-2017 New methods for Javascript testing
8.3.x / 8.3.0 26-Jan-2017 Field Layout is a new experimental module
8.3.x / 8.3.0 25-Jan-2017 REST 400 error responses are now handled consistently
8.3.x / 8.3.0 18-Jan-2017 Url gets a mergeOptions method
8.3.x / 8.3.0 11-Jan-2017 EntityTypeInterface::isSubclassOf() deprecated in favor of EntityTypeInterface::entityClassImplements()
8.3.x / 8.3.0 11-Jan-2017 DateTimePlus throws \InvalidArgumentException and \UnexpectedValueException
8.3.x / 8.3.0 10-Jan-2017 Support marking field storage definitions as required
8.3.x / 8.3.0 05-Jan-2017 Exception subscribers can now handle all 4xx HTTP status in one method
8.3.x / 8.3.0 21-Dec-2016 Denormalization on field items is now called
8.3.x / 8.3.0 21-Dec-2016 CKEditors can now load style sheets dynamically via AJAX
8.3.x / 8.3.0 19-Dec-2016 State entry locale.translation_status moved to a separate key value collection
15-Dec-2016 Never use crc32b, md5, sha1, and other weak hashes in Drupal code
8.3.x / 8.3.0 15-Dec-2016 Twig cache directory prefix stored in State instead of container
8.3.x / 8.3.0 13-Dec-2016 Domready event handling split from drupal.js
8.3.x / 8.3.0 13-Dec-2016 The show_revision_ui key has been added to ContentEntityType annotations
8.3.x / 8.3.0 13-Dec-2016 Experimental Workflows module added to core
8.3.x / 8.3.0 09-Dec-2016 Layout is a new experimental subsystem
8.2.x 08-Dec-2016 $modules property on BrowserTestBase and KernelTestBase is protected
8.3.x / 8.3.0 29-Nov-2016 The install profile has moved from settings.php to the core.extension configuration object
8.3.x / 8.3.0 26-Nov-2016 Cache context for determining the Front Page
7.x / 7.54 24-Nov-2016 Modules can now define theme engines
8.3.x-dev 24-Nov-2016 Field's FieldConfigInterface extends Core's FieldConfigInterface
8.2.x / 8.2.4 23-Nov-2016 md_entity destination plugin deprecated
8.3.x / 8.3.0 22-Nov-2016 \Drupal\block\BlockInterface::BLOCK_LABEL_VISIBLE is now \Drupal\Core\Block\BlockPluginInterface::BLOCK_LABEL_VISIBLE
8.2.x / 8.2.4 21-Nov-2016 Entity query allows to specify entity type ID for reference fields
8.3.x / 8.3.0 09-Nov-2016 Added a new URL formatter for image fields
8.3.x / 8.3.0 04-Nov-2016 Visible components (fields, extra fields) in Entity Display config entities store their region
8.2.x / 8.2.0 02-Nov-2016 Comments can be updated via REST
8.2.x / 8.2.2 31-Oct-2016 d6_cck_file process plugin now takes optional 'migration' option
8.3.x / 8.3.0 27-Oct-2016 Internals of the router services got compressed
8.3.x / 8.3.0 25-Oct-2016 Constraint validators should subclass ConstraintValidator instead of implementing ConstraintValidatorInterface directly
8.3.x / 8.3.0 21-Oct-2016 New Twig function added to allow instantiating Attribute objects inside templates
8.3.x / 8.3.0 20-Oct-2016 EditorPluginInterface now extends PluginFormInterface
8.3.x / 8.3.0 19-Oct-2016 New TranslationStatusInterface to ask for the translation status of an entity
8.3.x / 8.3.0 13-Oct-2016 Time Service Added and REQUEST_TIME deprecated
8.3.x / 8.3.0 13-Oct-2016 Renaming of the rollback() methods to rollBack() in the DBTNG.
8.2.x / 8.2.2 12-Oct-2016 TAXONOMY_HIERARCHY_(DISABLED|SINGLE|MULTIPLE) constants deprecated, use corresponding constants on VocabularyInterface
8.2.x / 8.2.2 11-Oct-2016 Migration field plugins and classes renamed
8.2.x / 8.2.0 06-Oct-2016 Simpletest test database prefix changed
8.1.x 06-Oct-2016 Symfony is updated to 2.8
8.2.x / 8.2.0 06-Oct-2016 Added a YAML wrapper to default to PECL Yaml PHP extension
8.2.x / 8.2.0 06-Oct-2016 Modules that provide content entity types can now be uninstalled through the UI
8.2.x / 8.2.0 06-Oct-2016 Outside-In is a new experimental module
8.2.x / 8.2.0 06-Oct-2016 Subforms should receive SubformStateInterface
8.0.x 04-Oct-2016 Fallthrough for unrecognised placeholders to %variable has been removed
7.x / 7.51 03-Oct-2016 Drupal 7 adds a new allow_css_double_underscores variable to allow for double underscores in CSS identifiers
7.x / 7.51 03-Oct-2016 system_region_list() now takes an (optional) new third parameter


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