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8.2.x / 8.2.0 02-May-2017 \Drupal\rest\Plugin\Type\ResourcePluginManager::getInstance() is deprecated in favor of ::createInstance()
8.4.x / 8.4.0 02-May-2017 Disabled methods to inspect headers for JavascriptTestBase tests
8.3.x / 8.3.2 02-May-2017 Renamed migration process plugin to migration_lookup
8.4.x / 8.4.0 02-May-2017 Symfony components are updated to 3.2.6
8.4.x / 8.4.0 28-Apr-2017 Renamed \Drupal\Core\EventSubscriber\AcceptNegotiation406 to \Drupal\Core\EventSubscriber\RenderArrayNonHtmlSubscriber
8.1.x / 8.1 28-Apr-2017 Migration::get() deprecated
8.4.x / 8.4.0-beta1 28-Apr-2017 Content entity types with existing data can now be converted to be revisionable
8.4.x / 8.4.0-beta1 18-Apr-2017 EditorialContentEntityBase - a new base entity class for revisionable and publishable entity types
8.3.x / 8.3.0 18-Apr-2017 Published/Unpublished API for content entities
8.4.x / 8.4.0-beta1 18-Apr-2017 Revision metadata fields are now defined in the entity annotation
8.4.x / 8.4.0 17-Apr-2017 Standardize fatal error/exception handling: backtrace for all formats, not just HTML
8.3.x / 8.3.0 16-Apr-2017 drupal/coder and phpcs are dev requirements for Drupal core
8.4.x / 8.4.0 11-Apr-2017 Image styles will fail more gracefully with unsupported formats
8.3.x / 8.3.0 05-Apr-2017 Custom modules and themes can be installed to correct locations using composer
8.3.x / 8.3.0 22-Mar-2017 Deprecate Drupal\basic_auth\Tests\BasicAuthTestTrait
8.3.x / 8.3.0 14-Mar-2017 SqlBase source plugin class now implements RequirementsInterface, throws RequirementsException
8.3.x / 8.3.0-rc1 06-Mar-2017 The entity reference 'Label' formatter display usernames to users that don't have the 'access user profiles' permission
8.4.x / 8.4.0 04-Mar-2017 New orderby key added to configuration schema for sequences
8.3.x / 8.3.0-rc2 03-Mar-2017 Changes to datetime-wrapper.html.twig and to Datetime and Daterange widgets
8.4.x / 8.4.0 01-Mar-2017 \Drupal\Core\Field\FieldStorageDefinitionInterface::setQueryable() has been deprecated in favor of FieldStorageDefinitionInterface::setCustomStorage()
8.3.x / 8.3.0 28-Feb-2017 Serialized values are now integers or Boolean when appropriate instead of strings
8.3.x / 8.3.0 28-Feb-2017 Route discovery by path falls back to case-insensitive matching to avoid unexpected 404s
8.4.x 28-Feb-2017 Datetime Range custom formatter now uses `#markup` instead of `#plain_text`
8.4.x / 8.4.0 24-Feb-2017 EditEntityFieldAccessCheck deprecated in favor of QuickEditEntityFieldAccessCheck
8.4.x / 8.4.0 14-Feb-2017 422 HTTP errors thrown when a wrong entity is passed into REST
8.4.x / 8.4.0 14-Feb-2017 Configurable plugins should merge default configuration values within setConfiguration()
8.3.x / 8.3.0 13-Feb-2017 Contextual filters for views blocks are exposed as context
8.3.x / 8.3.0 13-Feb-2017 Configuration entity translation migration is now supported
8.3.x / 8.3.0 13-Feb-2017 Default batch redirect now persists query arguments
8.3.x / 8.3.0-beta1 12-Feb-2017 Most global constants in *.module deprecated
8.3.x / 8.3.0 10-Feb-2017 The form elements names for installing a module via the UI have changed
8.3.x / 8.3.0 10-Feb-2017 AccessResultNeutral & AccessResultForbidden can now have an associated reason — REST 403 responses now list that reason
8.3.x / 8.3.0 09-Feb-2017 entity.query service deprecated in favor of EntityStorageInterface::getQuery()
8.3.x / 8.3.0 09-Feb-2017 Node-related constants moved to NodeInterface
8.3.x / 8.3.0 08-Feb-2017 $form_state->get('entity_default_langcode') returns the updated language when changing the language
8.3.x / 8.3.0-BETA1 08-Feb-2017 Plugin class names consistently stored without a leading slash
8.3.x / 8.3.0 05-Feb-2017 Bug fix for encoding generated URLs may change behavior for query param handling with rarely used option
8.3.x / 8.3.0 03-Feb-2017 REST module's "link manager" services (and 'link_domain' setting) moved to hal module
7.x / 7.54 01-Feb-2017 New drupal_is_https() API function added
7.x / 7.54 01-Feb-2017 Drupal 7 adds menu tree render structure to (pre-)process hooks for theme_menu_tree()
8.3.0 / 8.30-alpha1 31-Jan-2017 Entity types can specify collection labels now
8.2.x / 8.2.6 26-Jan-2017 New methods for Javascript testing
8.3.x / 8.3.0 26-Jan-2017 Field Layout is a new experimental module
8.3.x / 8.3.0 25-Jan-2017 REST 400 error responses are now handled consistently
8.3.x / 8.3.0 18-Jan-2017 Url gets a mergeOptions method
8.3.x / 8.3.0 11-Jan-2017 EntityTypeInterface::isSubclassOf() deprecated in favor of EntityTypeInterface::entityClassImplements()
8.3.x / 8.3.0 11-Jan-2017 DateTimePlus throws \InvalidArgumentException and \UnexpectedValueException
8.3.x / 8.3.0 10-Jan-2017 Support marking field storage definitions as required
8.3.x / 8.3.0 05-Jan-2017 Exception subscribers can now handle all 4xx HTTP status in one method
8.3.x / 8.3.0 21-Dec-2016 Denormalization on field items is now called


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