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8.2.x / 8.2.0 19-Sep-2016 New \Drupal\Component\FileSystem\FileSystem component
8.0.x 19-Sep-2016 Remove TranslationManager dependency from LanguageManager
8.3.x / 8.3.0 15-Sep-2016 Anonymous users can register via REST
8.2.x / 8.2.0 15-Sep-2016 Changes to migration highwater support
8.2.x / 8.2.0 15-Sep-2016 Migrate source and destination plugins can react to Migrate events
8.2.x / 8.2.0 14-Sep-2016 Path fields must be marked as computed so that deleting aliases works
8.2.x 14-Sep-2016 Migration providers are automatically determined in most cases
8.2.x 13-Sep-2016 Changes to file migration configuration
8.2.x / 8.2.0 17-Aug-2016 Content Moderation is a new experimental module
8.1.9 17-Aug-2016 Deprecate FormattedDateDiff::getMaxAge()
8.3.x / 8.3.0 15-Aug-2016 Removed cache MemoryBackend's constructor
8.3.x / 8.3.0 12-Aug-2016 Added subqueries to DBTNG conditions
8.3.x / 8.3.0 08-Aug-2016 Disabled region for blocks has been removed
8.2.x / 8.2 05-Aug-2016 Per-table prefixes deprecated
8.3.x / 8.3.0 03-Aug-2016 Statistics module now has an overridable backend
8.2.x 02-Aug-2016 drupal_log_error() logs a backtrace now, Error::decodeException() return value changed
8.2.x / 8.2.0 01-Aug-2016 Accessing entities via REST no longer requires additional REST-specific permissions
8.2.x / 8.2.0-BETA1 01-Aug-2016 Redirect and message field values added to the contact form.
8.2.x / 8.2.0 29-Jul-2016 Introduce AccessResultReasonInterface
8.2.x / 8.2.0 29-Jul-2016 SelectInterface::rightJoin() deprecated
8.2.x / 8.2.0 28-Jul-2016 Additional RPC endpoints: user/login user/login/status user/logout user/password/reset
8.2.x 28-Jul-2016 Plugins can provide multiple forms
8.2.x / 8.2.0 27-Jul-2016 Opt-in CORS support
8.2.x 25-Jul-2016 A collection route is automatically provided for custom entity types
8.2.x / 8.2.0 20-Jul-2016 FileCacheFactory now takes passed configuration into account before default configuration
8.2.x / 8.2 20-Jul-2016 Adding support for the database operator "NOT BETWEEN"
8.1.x 19-Jul-2016 Javascript end-to-end testing added
8.1.x / 8.1.8, 8.2.0 19-Jul-2016 Migrate process plugin internal_uri changed to link_uri
8.2.x / 8.2.0 19-Jul-2016 FilterPluginBase::hasValidGroupedValue() has been added
8.2.x 19-Jul-2016 The comment view mode can be configured in the formatter form
8.2.x / 8.2.0 19-Jul-2016 Updating entities via REST now returns the updated entity in the response
8.2.x 15-Jul-2016 Date-only fields ignore time zone configuration now
7.x / 7.50 07-Jul-2016 Robots.txt now allows search engines access to CSS, JavaScript and image files
7.x / 7.50 07-Jul-2016 Drupal 7 now includes an .editorconfig file
7.x / 7.50 06-Jul-2016 Performance improvements for drupal_get_filename(), which will now trigger a PHP warning when it can't find a file (unless the new $trigger_error parameter is set to FALSE)
7.x / 7.50 06-Jul-2016 Added support for full UTF-8 (emojis, Asian symbols, mathematical symbols) on MySQL when the site and database are configured to allow it
7.x / 7.50 06-Jul-2016 PHP callables can be used in more places in the Ajax system and form API (for PHP 5.4 and higher)
8.1.x / 8.1.4 05-Jul-2016 SQLite requirements raised to 3.7.11
7.x / 7.50 01-Jul-2016 Users are now logged out automatically when following a password reset link
8.2.x / 8.2.0 30-Jun-2016 FileCache can be disabled completely now
8.2.x / 8.2.0 28-Jun-2016 MigrateIdMapInterface::lookupDestinationId() deprecated
8.2.x 28-Jun-2016 getMigrationTags() method added to \Drupal\migrate\Plugin\MigrationInterface
8.1.x 25-Jun-2016 ControllerBase now has a logger method
8.2.x 25-Jun-2016 Add support for authorization in views REST
8.2.x 24-Jun-2016 Added support for a 'initial_from_field' field schema specification key
8.2.x / 8.2.0 24-Jun-2016 New cache backend configuration order, per-bin default before default configuration
8.2.x 23-Jun-2016 REST plugins no longer have to specify a serialization_class
8.2.x 22-Jun-2016 '_theme: ajax_base_page' route option obsolete: no longer required to use a route in an AJAX context
8.2.x 19-Jun-2016 REST config converted to config entities
8.2.x 17-Jun-2016 Config entities readable via REST: GET support


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