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8.x 17-Apr-2013 taxonomy_get_vocabularies() removed
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta16 28-Sep-2015 !placeholder removed from t() and format_string()
8.x 06-Sep-2013 "Administer Users" permission are separate from "Administer Account Settings"
8.x / 8.0 10-Oct-2012 "Default language" negotiation option swapped for "Selected language", provides more flexibility
8.x 20-Nov-2012 "History" (last viewed / new markers) functionality has been moved into a separate History module
8.0.x 30-Sep-2015 "Limit allowed HTML tags" filter also allows attributes that have been whitelisted
8.x 11-Sep-2012 "Modules" navigation item renamed to "Extend"
8.x / 8.x-alpha4 16-Sep-2013 "pattern" is now "path" in *.routing.yml files
7.x / 7.8 29-Sep-2011 "Run the clean URL test" UX has been improved
8.0.x 17-Sep-2014 "Text processing" option removed from Text field types, split into formatted and plain field types
8.0.x / Beta 12 03-Jul-2015 "Translate user edited configuration" permission now considered restricted"
8.0.x / 8.0-BETA13 30-Jun-2015 #access now supports AccessResultInterface objects
8.x 21-Aug-2013 #autocomplete_path is replaced by #autocomplete_route_name and #autocomplete_parameters for autocomplete fields
8.x 29-Jan-2013 #autocomplete_path now passes the search string as a GET argument instead of appending to the URL
8.x 26-Feb-2014 #collapsed property of #type details has been renamed to #open (and negated)
8.x 15-Aug-2013 #theme_wrappers are now able to have a unique set of variables per wrapper hook
8.x 06-Jul-2013 #type 'markup' removed
8.x 19-Jan-2013 #type 'user_profile_item' is now #type 'item' in hook_user_view()
8.0.x / 8.0-BETA8 11-Mar-2015 #type => pager instead of #theme => pager
8.0.x / 8.0.0-BETA8 13-Mar-2015 #type => status_messages instead of #theme => status_messages
8.x 30-Apr-2012 $edit argument removed from hook_user_update/insert/presave()
8.x 26-Jun-2013 $entity->rdf_mapping property removed
8.x 07-Jan-2013 $entity_type argument removed from Field API functions and hooks dealing with a single $entity
8.x 26-Nov-2011 $form['#node_edit_form'] removed
8.x 31-Jul-2014 $form_state is now a classed object
8.x 16-Oct-2012 $form_state['clicked_button'] removed in favor of $form_state['triggering_element']
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 08-May-2015 $GLOBALS['script_path'] is removed
8.x 30-Apr-2013 $is_https global removed
8.x 13-Sep-2013 $langcode parameter removed in field_form_get_state() and field_form_set_state()
8.x 11-Apr-2013 $options argument for xmlrpc() changed to a headers array
8.x 15-Jun-2012 $type parameter removed from entity CRUD hooks
7.x / 7.9 13-Dec-2011 $uri is no longer an available variable in node.tpl.php
8.x 29-Dec-2013 $user->theme and per-user custom theme check removed
8.x 25-Jun-2012 $_GET['q'] removed; must use current_path()
8.x 17-Jan-2013 '#group' Form API property works on details, fieldset and container and can be used on any custom element by module developers.
8.x 25-Jun-2012 'clean_url' configuration setting removed; clean URLs are autodetected each request
8.0.x 25-Aug-2014 'datetime' theme hook/template renamed to 'time'
8.x 28-Nov-2012 'dialog' key added to (and then removed from) #ajax settings
8.x / 8.0-dev 11-Apr-2013 'Hidden' field widget is added to Drupal 8 (then removed again in favour of form display configuration)
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta8 09-Mar-2015 'html' => TRUE option is removed from l() and link generator
8.0.x 15-May-2015 'list_boolean' field type renamed 'boolean', only stores 0 and 1
8.0.x 26-Sep-2014 'list_text' field type renamed to 'list_string'
8.0.x / 8.0.0-beta11 21-May-2015 'Messages' region renamed to 'Highlighted' for all themes
8.x 12-Mar-2014 'show' variable removed from admin_block theme hook
8.x 08-Jan-2012 'site_frontpage' variable default value changed to 'user'
8.x 08-Oct-2014 'template' is now the default output option for hook_theme()
8.x 17-Dec-2013 'theme callback' and hook_custom_theme() replaced by theme negotiators
8.x 13-Dec-2011 'theme_default' variable changed to 'stark'
8.x 01-Jul-2013 *-rtl.css files are eliminated in Drupal 8. Use [dir="rtl"] in stylesheets to target right-to-left language styling instead
7.x / 7.0-unstable-5 11-Dec-2012 .clear-block CSS class has been changed to .clearfix


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